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ScottJean. Sequel to "Scott Summers, The Chosen One." Scott's back and better than ever. But when Magneto learns of Scott's new 'abilities' he wants them bad. And he's willing to do ANYTHING to get...

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A New Power
Chapter 2: Blackout


The first week of Scott's return to Bayville High seemed like forever to the young leader. While things weren't as bad as the first day, he still faced ridicule from guys like Duncan and aroused the suspicions of Principal Kelly. Given the circumstances Scott felt he handled them well despite the things they would say and the looks they would give him. He owed much of this to the rest of his friends, especially Jean. It had also become known throughout the school that they were dating since Jean kissed Scott on the cheek on his first day back. Much of the school thought of them as the freak couple of Bayville and kept their distance. However, Scott and Jean largely ignored this, for they had waited too long to let some stupid comments get in their way of being together. Through tribulations like that, their relationship grew stronger and they became more comfortable with it, but it was by no means easy. However, now it was Friday and all of the X-men put aside the rough week in hopes for the weekend.

"Ah, finally," sighed Scott, "This crappy week is over."

"I hear that!" exclaimed Kurt.

"Same here, but I heard Logan is gonna make us do overtime in the danger room all weekend," said Kitty.

"Vhat?! Vhy?" asked Kurt.

"Seems Beast made some new obstacles and he wants us to test them," said Kitty.

"Well, do you know what they are?" inquired Scott as they reached his car and began to pile in.

"No, but Rogue said they didn't look too friendly," replied Kitty.

As this conversation continued, none of the unsuspecting teens were aware of somebody watching them from afar. Their observer was none other than the ragin' Cajun himself, Gambit. From a safe distance outside the school boundaries and with powerful mental blocks to avoid detection from Jean, he watched the unsuspecting X-men as they began to head for home. He then took a communicator out of his pocket and contacted Magneto as they left.

"Yo Mags, it's Gambit checkin' in," said Gambit in to the radio.

"What's your status?" responded Magneto.

"They's heading back now. Should we take em?" asked Gambit.

"Not if he's surrounded by the rest of the X-men," replied Magneto.

"Then what do we do?"

"We wait until he's either alone or with only one other person, preferable the girl," responded Magneto. "Keep trailing them until they're out in the open, but don't breach the institute. We don't want to risk sudden exposure just yet."

"Right," said Gambit as he put the communicator away and got up. Then he hopped up on his motorcycle located on the side of the road and sped off in pursuit.


Sure enough, when the rest of the team got home Logan was waiting for them. Soon they prepared for what promised to be a harsh new exercise in the Danger Room.

"So, you want to do anything special tonight, Scott?" asked Jean suggestively.

"Well, if it's all right with you, I was hoping to take you to a movie," replied Scott with a grin.

"Really...What kind of movie did you have in mind?" asked Jean.

"There is that new horror flick I know you've been dying to see," replied Scott.

"Oh," said Jean in a mock-disappointed tone, "What make you think I wouldn't rather see something a bit more...Romantic?"

"Come on Jean," responded Scott, "I know you don't have every 'Halloween' movie on DVD for kicks."

"Ah, so you do know my likes and dislikes," joked Jean as she walked up to him.

"Yes, but I also know sometimes you just like a little excitement in movies," replied Scott in a softer tone.

"Maybe...I like excitement in more ways then that," said Jean in a deeper and more intimate tone.

"Is that so?" asked Scott with a large grin on his face.

Soon their lips came together in a deep kiss. They easily lost themselves in the heat of the moment as they completely forgot about any Danger Room session. They were so lost they didn't notice Logan entering the room.

"Interrupting something?" said Logan with a wolfish smirk.

Immediately the two teens snapped back to reality with bewildered looks on each on of their faces.

"Get a room you two, AFTER the session. Now come on," said Logan as he walked out towards the main control room. That left the two blushing teens to follow suite.

'Leave here at 8?' said Scott through his mind-link with Jean.

'You bet!'


Needless to say Beast's new programs in the Danger Room lived up to their concerns from earlier. New grid lasers combined with specially concealed cannons for surprise made the session that much harder and longer for the whole team. Even though the ammunition were mere paintballs for this session, it was still a hard task. By the time it was over, each one of the X-men had paint stains all over his or her uniform, some more then others.

"Man, I'll never get these stains out of my uniform!" groaned Kurt as he left the Danger Room with the others.

"Look who's talking blue boy. You didn't get nearly as much punishment as I did," replied Kitty who had been hit the most despite her phasing powers.

"Relax guys," reassured Scott, "Where there's a problem, there's a spell to help fix it up. So don't worry, you'll all have clean uniforms by the morning."

"Man why couldn't you just use that magic stuff to blast through this session so we wouldn't be so messed up in the first place?" asked Evan who was trying to rub some of the paint stains from his tainted skateboard.

"Come on guys," replied Scott, "Where's the fun in training if I just use a simple spell to make all the defenses come apart all of the time?"

"Who said training was fun at all," added Evan.

"Lighten up Spyke, even if I wanted to a spell like that would come with a price," responded Scott.

"Vhat do you mean by that?" asked Kurt curiously.

"Any big spell I cast drains me like running for 10 miles nonstop in 120 degree heat. Remember, there's no such thing as a free lunch in life guys," said Scott as they all headed up the elevator to the base floor.

"Bummer," said Kurt as he heard this revelation.


As the evening set in Scott and Jean prepared for a nice Friday night date. With all of the frantic and stressful events of the past week they looked forward to a little fun for a change.

"Come on Scott! Let's get going, I don't wanna miss the previews!" shouted Jean up the stairs, as she grew impatient.

"I'm coming, hold on," said Scott as rushed downstairs. "You look great," said Scott as he approached her.

"You don't look so bad yourself," replied Jean as she smiled back at him. "Are we ready to go?"

"Yep, just need to get my keys," said Scott. Then he just snapped his fingers and like magic, they appeared right in his hand.

"Man I don't think I'll ever get use to that," said Jean in response.

"I don't expect you to," replied Scott with a grin.

Jean then linked her arm with Scott's as they made their way out to his car.

"So what kept you?" asked Jean as they got in.

"Hey, I had to get those stains out of the uniforms like I promised. It took a while, even with magic," replied Scott.

"You weren't lying about that magic laundry powers were you?" said Jean with a laugh.

"Yeah, but it took longer than I thought. I'm still learning you know," admitted Scott sheepishly.

"I know..." replied Jean, "I know."

As Scott began to drive they sat in silence for a brief period. Jean could tell something was on Scott's mind. Without his glasses he was no longer to hide what he was feeling anymore. It was both a blessing and a curse for him.

"Is something wrong Scott? You look a little distant," said Jean.

Scott chuckled slightly at her observations. "Guess I can't hide anything anymore without my old shades."

"I'm afraid not," she responded. "So tell me...What's on your mind?"

Scott didn't say anything for a brief moment. "Well, mainly it's just been so overwhelming since I got back. I mean with school and everybody seeing me again after being told I'm dead."

"But that's not what's troubling you," said Jean with a skeptical look.

Scott just laughed. "You really know me too well Red. You're right, it's not just that. In fact, it's hardly that at all. It's just that...Ever since I got back...And you and I've...Been together. Jean I just can't tell you how much it means to me. Even with all the stuff that's happened, not just recently but in general, I can honestly say I've never been happier...And it's thanks largely to you."

Scott just smiled warmly at her in thanks, causing her to blush at his tender words. She just smiled back as she leaned over and kissed him on the cheek.

"Thank you Scott...And for the record, I've never been happier either."


As they arrived at the movie-theater, the couple eagerly got in line for the movie. However, they were unknowingly being watched every step of the way from a distance.

"Yo Mags, Cyke's with his girl here at the movie theater. Should we take em now?" said Gambit in to his communicator.

"Not yet. We have no idea what kind of new powers Cyclops possesses. We'll just have to use the indirect approach," responded Magneto through the link.

"Aww and Gambit was just itchin' for a fight."

He waited until the couple was well out of sight before he made his move. He carefully approached Scott's car, weary of an alarm of any kind. Then, he pulled several small devices from a bag he was carrying. They looked like normal grenades, but they weren't. These ones were packed with a very powerful knock out gas. Carefully, Remy hid them on the floor and in the back seat of the car. He then made his way back to a normal looking van parked across from Scott's car.

"Is it done?" grunted Sabertooth who was sitting in the driver's seat next to Colossus.

"You bet," replied Gambit, "Now we wait."


A couple hours later the movie let out and crowds began to poor out of the theater. Among them, were Scott and Jean.

"I don't know about you, but I think that movie was great in my book," said Jean as she and Scott walked out the front doors.

"I thought it was pretty good too, but I don't think it was that scary," responded Scott.

"So says a guy who once fought an ancient demon all by himself and won," laughed Jean.

"Well, there's not much I can do about that," responded Scott with a smile.

"I guess not," said Jean as she linked her arm with Scott's as they headed for the car. "So where to now?"

"I don't know, you hungry?" asked Scott.

"Not really, but what do you say get something anyway?" smirked Jean.

"Sound's good to me," said Scott.

It seemed neither of them wanted the night to end just yet. They wanted it to continue, for it seemed that all their problems and dilemmas that had plagued them and the team just disappeared in the carefree ambience of a nice night together. Then, the unsuspecting couple got in to the car and was about to drive off.


All of the sudden, a mysterious gas erupted from the small canisters that were hidden in Scott's car.

"What the?" was all either of them could get out as the gas soon took effect and knocked the both of them out cold.

Then two ominous figures came out of the back of the van and picked up their unconscious bodies. The ominous figures were none other than Sabertooth and Colossus.

"We got em," said Gambit in to his communicator as the doors closed in the back of the van.

"Excellent," responded Magneto, "Bring them to the base, and make sure they stay unconscious. I have big plans for them."


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