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Its a Date but with everyone for safety.

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getting ready.

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Gerard's POV

Everyone was in their own little spots on the bus. The guys and I were in the front of the bus and Jade and Steph were talking in the back. We were talking about what we were going to do tonight. The girls were taking about the same stuff, because we heard then talking and squealing about it.

"Dude are we gong to the hotel?"Frank asked.

"Yeah, we are." I said smiling and remembering what happened last night.

"Why are you so smiley?" Mikey asked.

"Because I asked Jade out to dinner."

"It was about time you did something." Frank said.

"Were are you going to take her?" Ray asked.

"Um. probably to that nightclub right around the conner from the hotel."

"That's cool." Bob said.

"Do you think she would like it?"

"I think she would" Bob said."

"Me too." Mikey said.

"Hey I was thinking that you guys could come with. Just incase something happens,I want Jade to be safe. and then you guys could have some fun too."

"Yeah good idea." Bob said.

"Besides we always stick together."

"Yeah that is true." Ray said.

"What are you going to wear?" Ray asked.

"Probably black skinny jeans and a black top."

"What do you think she will wear?" Frank asked.

"I have no fucking clue, I'm not Jade."

"Yeah you aren't... Or are you?"

"No Frank Im not." Smiled and roled his eyes.

"I know."

About 20 minutes later, we arrived at the hotel. Mikey and Frank went to check us in and see if there was another room available. And there wasn't. That means that Mikey had to share a bed with Steph and I had to share a bed with Jade. It was a lot better then having to share one with Frank. Let me tell you that that is never happening again. Never in a million years will that happen again. Last time we did that, he took all the covers and he took up the whole bed. He couldn't just stay on his own side of the bed. I ended up on the floor a few times. I ended up getting only two or three hours of sleep.
About 15 minutes later, we are all getting ready, We changed our clothes and took showers and everything. We all were wearing a black pair of skinny jeans and black shirts. When we were finished, we meet outside the room.

"Ready?" I asked.

"Yes" Everyone said.

"All right then, lets go."

We all went and got into the car. I liked the car, it was way better then what I expected it to be. It was a Chevrolet Corvette. One of the cars that I have always liked! We we got into the car and as soon as we got into it, we all became super hyper. When we arrived at the nightclub, it was packed. We got in but it took a while. We are in there now an dancing to the music. There was so MCR's music. We thought it was just a little weird how it came on right when we walked in. So here is the fan update: There no fans that have come up to us yet. I hope it can stay that way too.
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