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Some fans Go way too far!

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~still Gerard's POV~

We were still dancing, then Jade and I stopped and went to sit down at the conner of the room to talk. Mikey, Steph, Ray, Bob, and Frank decided to keep dancing.Frank, Bob, and Ray found these girls that they were talking to and they were just talking then they were starting to dance. Once we left them, we couldn't see them what so ever. Jade and I were talking about many different things, the subject always changed. Then a fan came up to ask for an autograph and I was more then glade to give her one. Once she looked at Jade, she gave her a dirty look, and Jade gave one back. Then came the fun part.(sarcasm) I have had this inability to talk so I was having a hard time with this. I hated it so much, i needed to work on being able to speak up...

"I can't believe you are going out with this, this thing." She said.

"Yeah," I said trying to find the right words.

"You deserve way better then this, I mean just look at her."

"Um." Oh crap this isn't going that great.

"You need somebody that isn't a slut. You need a girl that likes you for who you are, not the Gerard that is on stage."

" I don't know." Shit, I lust ruined this.

"You think that this whore liked you for you? Please don't tell me you did? She is a slutty ass whore."

I didn't say anything and looked down. Then looked up at jade. I noticed that she was about to cry. She started to and also got up to run.

"Jade wait!"

She ran out of the building.

I looked at the girl. "Thanks a lot bitch." Now I was able to talk and Jade was no where to be found. Great. So as I went the same way as Jade did, I called the Mikey and told them what happened just a bit. I mainly told them to help look.

Mikey and Steph went to see if she went to the hotel. Ray, Bob, and Frank went down a few streets to see if she was there. She wasn't anywhere to be found. So I went to the car and drove down a street. She wasn't there. So I went down another, and another, and another. Still couldn't find her. So I decided to go down one last street, and somebody was walking. It wasn't her. I started to cry. My eyes watering thinking that I would never see her again. With tears running down my checks, I was still driving. Then there was somebody else walking and it wasn't her. I was becoming even more worried, and started to speed up a little more. About five minutes later, I turned onto another street and there she was. I rolled down the window.

"Jade please, come in the car we need to talk."

"What is there to talk about? You agreed with everything that girl said."

"No I didn't, I was trying to say something, but I couldn't. I have an inability to talk at times. Please come in the car or else I will come get you."

She kept walking.

"Fine." I stopped the car, got out and put her in the car. She was freezing. You could see how bad she was shivering. We drove in silence with the heat on all the way. She was still freezing. As we approached the hotel, Mikey called. I told him that Jade was found and he told everyone and they were all happy. Mikey also told me that Steph and him were going to sleep in Frank's room so that we can talk. That was a good idea. I would be able to talk to her. I would also be able to tell her that I don't think that she is a slut or a whore or anything. She was the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Anyway, we were in our room, and I told her to talk a hot shower to warm herself up. As she took her shower, I went out in the hall to tell all the guys (Steph to) what had happened at the night club. They were just all happy that she was found. The we went back into our rooms, and Jade was done with her shower. She was sitting on the bed gracefully. She was about to turn on the TV but stopped when I walked in. She walked up to me.

"Hey, I', sorry for running away from you."

"It's okay, just promise me that you will never run away from me again."


"Good." Hugged her tightly and gave her a kiss on the head. Then went to the bed an lied down next to each other.
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