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Waiting For Her - FEB 11

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Dinner at Donna's where Monica tells them about Elle moving in.

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Days passed and the tour was going great. It was Sunday and Donna had invited everyone to her house for a big chicken dinner. By the time Monica, Kara, Kelly and Luke arrived there was a full house.
“Thanks for inviting me.” Luke said to Donna when she greeted them at the door.
“I’m glad you could make it. How’s your hand?”
Luke held up his heavily bandaged hand. “Not bad. It hurts when I move my fingers but that’s a good thing. Means they’re working.”
Donna smiled, “You and Kelly go on in and get comfortable. If you want to head downstairs and watch some TV until dinner that’s okay.” The young couple liked that idea. However, first Kelly made sure to introduce Luke to Alicia, Jamia, and Christa.
“Cute kid.” Alicia said after they had gone downstairs.
“Reminds me of Gerard.” Jamia said with a smile.
Monica who had walked into the kitchen caught the remark,” I think so too.” She took a seat across from the sofa. “So how are the pregnant girls feeling?”
Jamia laughed, “This pregnant girl fills ready to pop.”
Alicia gave a slight smile, “I really don’t feel any different. I mean I’m not feeling sick anymore.”
“You make that sound like a bad thing.” Christa said with a frown.
Alicia struggled to explain, “At least when I felt sick I knew it was cause I was pregnant. Now I just feel like I did before.”
Monica understood, “Don’t worry about it. In a few months you’ll feel different.”
“Yeah” Jamia cut in, “You’ll feel big and unattractive.”
They all laughed. Donna joined them.
“So where’s Don?” Monica asked.
“He had to work today. One of the other salesmen called in sick. He made me promise to save him some chicken.”
“I don’t know. I’m pretty hungry.” Alicia said rubbing her stomach. “I might eat four or five pieces.”
Kara who had been sitting quietly got up. “Think I’ll go annoy my sister.” She walked out of the room. The woman watched her leave.
“Is something wrong with her?” Jamia asked
Monica sighed, “Something has happened that upset her.” She took a deep breath, “I’m meeting with Liv in the morning at a lawyers office. She’s making me Elle’s legal guardian.”
There was a shocked silence. Finally Donna spoke. “I don’t understand. Why is she doing that?”
“Liv is going to California with a friend. She’s leaving Elle with me and she thinks if best if I’m her legal guardian.”
“Sounds like she’s planning on being gone for a while.” Alicia said, “That’s good.”
“Yeah, but I still don’t get it. Why legal guardian?” Jamia asked sitting up slightly. The babies were really kicking again and it was hard to find a comfortable position.
“Well, if anything would happen while she’s gone I will have the right to handle it.” Monica answered.
“So she’s not even gonna keep in touch?” Alicia asked.
Monica shrugged.
“What does Gerard say about this?” Donna asked.
“He says he’s happy. That he wants Elle to live with us.”
“But he’s not here.” Christa said, “How do you feel about it?”
“I love Elle. I love the idea of her moving in with us.”
Donna nodded, “She should be living with you and Gerard. This way you two will have a better case for getting custody of her full time. You will be able to point out that her mother deserted her.”
Monica shook her head, “Liv’s not deserting her.”
“Well yeah she is.” Alicia cut in, “She’s up and leaving you with her child and going to California.”
“Not permanently.” Monica said frowning. “I’m sure she’ll come back.”
“You really don’t know her Monica. I’m surprised she’s not done this before now. Liv is a selfish woman. I’m just surprised she hasn’t asked for money.” Donna said unable to contain her distain for Liv. “Elle will be so better off with you.”
Monica sighed, “I really don’t understand her but I’m sure she isn’t going to abandon her child.”
“That’s because you always try to see good in everyone.” Alicia said,
Donna agreed, “But what you don’t get is that there is no good in Liv. Those of us who really know her aren’t surprised. I just hope she stays gone.”
Jamia nodded, “Donna’s right. Liv always puts herself first. I’m sorry to say it but she might just be doing this to get attention.”
“Gerard’s attention?” Monica asked, “You think she’s doing this to get his attention? Hell, I should tell her she doesn’t have to go to all the trouble. She always has his attention.” Monica stood and walked out of the room.
“Shit, I shouldn’t have said that.” Jamia said sadly.
“It’s okay, Hun. I was thinking the same thing.” Donna said.
“Me too.” Alicia nodded.
Christa shrugged, “I don’t know her but I know Ray’s opinion of her.”
“Ray is right.” Donna said looking over at her. “Liv is a she devil. My son could never see it but we could.”
“Do you think he ever will? I mean truly.” Jamia asked quietly,
“I hope so for Monica sake. I hope so for his sake.” Donna answered sadly.

“Hey Baby, you in bed?” Gerard asked.
Monica smiled, “Yeah, just gave Kelly a pain pill and settled in for the night. It’s morning for you, isn’t it?”
“Yeah. Kell’s still having a lot of pain?”
“The trip to your mom’s made her stiff and sore. I don’t think she should go to school tomorrow but she wants to cause Luke is going to go.”
“How’s he doing?”
“Much better. He and your mom really hit it off. She showed him lots of your art work after dinner.”
Gerard laughed, “I can just imagine her doing that. So did you tell them about Elle moving in with us?”
“Yeah, your mom is thrilled. Of course she launched into how bad Liv is for leaving her child.”
He heard something in her voice that worried him. “Monica what’s wrong?”
She leaned back on her pillow, “Nothings wrong. I don’t know maybe I’m just stupid. I should hate Liv, I really should.”
“No Monica that wouldn’t be you.”
She angrily interrupted him, “Oh yeah, cause I’m so fucking nice, right? Too nice for my own good.”
He tried to explain, “Don’t you know that your kindness is one of the things I love so much about you? Yeah, by all rights you should hate Liv but you don’t. You’re a good person, Monica. Don’t try to be anything other than yourself.”
She sighed, “I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I’m so happy Elle is moving in but.”
“For one thing I wish Kara wasn’t so upset about it.”
“She doesn’t want Elle to move in?”
“She really likes Elle so I know that’s not it. I think it has to do with me. She thinks I’m too nice where Liv is concerned.” She decided to tell him the truth. “She thinks that Liv is going to come between us and I’ll get hurt.”
Gerard scoffed, “How could Liv come between us? Shit, she’s going to California with a guy.”
“Because I think Kara believes that Liv will come back. That she’s just doing this to get your attention. Hell Jamia and the same thing.” She took a deep breath, “And they think that you will be waiting for her.”
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