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I Know Someone Who Likes You

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Chapter 4.

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I own nothing in this story. I never will. Well, except the plot. And my computer...And all of my My Chem CD's...And my printer...I own a lot of things. But not the chracters in this story. Referring to all the guys in My Chemical Romance. All of this is FICTION! Meaning it never ever happened.

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That weekend had gone pretty quickly. Apart from all the broken vases and popcorn that set on fire...They all managed to have fun. But, school was just around the corner, /literally/, and Mikey and Gerard were walking to school.

"Mikey!" Julie yelled throwing her arms over him and pulling him into a hug. Gerard wanted that to be him. It's not like they haven't hugged before, it's just, well he can't really explain why just a hug from her would mean so much to him. Simple signs of affection is what he wanted.

"Julie!" Mikey said laughing.

"Hey Gerard." Julie said waving a bit and quickly hugging him.

"Hi." He said quietly.

"You guys are late. God, you must take forever in the bathroom, right?" Julie asked skipping through the school gates.

"We do not!" Mikey yelled.

"So, you were playing Dungeons and Dragons...And got carried away or something?" Julie said laughing.

"You don't like Dungeons and Dragons?" Gerard asked; his stuttering problem was starting to fade. He was actually amazed himself.

"It's so lame! I can't believe you guys actually play that." She giggled as they all stopped, only to have Frank run up to them.

"Greetings fellow school attenders." Frank said, waving slightly with a big toothy grin.

Julie couldn't help but burst out laughing. "Dear God, something is terribly wrong with you people."

"What?" Frank said annoyed.

"Well Mi-"

"Nothing!" Mikey yelled, cutting Julie off. "Well I'm off. People to meet. Assignments to hand in." Mikey said cheerfully.

"Dragons to slay." Julie butted in.

"Whatever." Mikey muttered walking off.

"I'll tag alone!" Frank said running to join up with Mikey.

"Wow, I hang out with serious losers." Julie said joking.

"Losers?" Gerard said pouting.

"Aw. I was kidding." Julie said pulling Gerard into a quick hug, and unfortunately. Gerard had little time to embrace her. Gerard giggled, and once again blushed. "Come with me Gee. I need to get some books from my locker." She said smiling, Gerard suddenly knew what was going to happen.

"O-Okay." That's right. He stuttered.

"Thankies!" She yelled pulling Gerard to her locker in one of the school hallways. Their hands met as Gerard was being dragged, it was almost saddening for Gerard. This was probably the only human contact they will ever have with each other. They had made it to Julie's locker, and Gerard watched as she pulled out numerous books and shove them into her bag. Gerard couldn't help but stare at her, until she looked up and smiled at him. He quickly averted his eyes to across the hall.

"Are you okay?" Julie asked as Gerard still starred across the hall.

"Yeah. I'm f-fine." He said smiling.

"Okay then." She said awkwardly. "So my birthday's coming up. I might be having party. So you definitely have to come." She said trying to change the subject.

"Oh, yeah. Sure I'll c-come." He said looking down at her a quick smile.

"Awesome." She said leaning against her locker. "Gee?" She said making eye contact with him.


"Can I ask you something?" She asked looking down, almost as if she was embarrassed.

"Yeah. Of course you can. Anything." Gerard said truthfully.

"Oh. No, never mind." She said about to walk away.

"No. Come on. T-Tell me." He said softly.

She hesitated for a minute before speaking. "Well, you and Mikey are close, right?" She asked looking up at him, and Gerard returned with a nod. "Well, I was wondering if he...You know...Likes a-anyone or something?" Julie asked blushing. She actually stuttered for once.

"You like Mikey?!" Gerard said, a little too loud.

"Don't yell!" She said clamping her hand over his mouth causing people to glance over at them for a few seconds.

"Sorry." He whispered.

"It's okay."

"I. I, err." Gerard, like usual, was lost for words as he was starting to feel the effects of a broken heart.

"Please don't tell him." She said with pleading eyes.

"I won't. don't w-worry." He says honestly. "But, I really need to tell you something Julie. I've been waiting forever to tell you." He says putting a hand on her shoulder out of concern.

"Not now Gerard." She says shrugging his hand off.

"But I-"

"Do you think he likes me?" She asked. "I bet he doesn't. I mean why would he like me? Of all people. I'm just his friend right. God, I'm so stupid! Why would anyone like me? No one does, right?" She said.

"I have to go. I'll see you...Whenever." She said sadly before walking to class, not giving Gerard a chance to answer her. Gerard's head pounded with the questions she had just thrown at him.

(By the way the answers are in Gerard's P.O.V.)

Do you think he likes me? Yes.

I mean why would he like me? Why wouldn't he like you?

Why would anyone like me? There are way too many reasons why.

No one does, right? I know someone who does. Me

Okay! Was it a really long wait for this update?...And a super sorry if it was! Anywho, did you like it? I wanted a bit of drama...But not too much. Thanks for the reviews so far...So if you guys want the story to keep going, please review somore more! Becuase they mean heaps to me. Thanks for reading too.


Lovers xx

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