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It's Cosy In Closets At School

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Chapter 5. Frank wantes to know why Gerard is upset, and they spend a little alone time in a closet.

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I don’t own anything here except the plot. That includes My Chemical Romance. Sadly...I never will. This is all FICTION!! It never happened.

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Gerard was still not sure how to accept the fact that he could never be with Julie. He didn't want to hurt his brother, not on purpose anyway. Gerard was aware of Mikey's feelings, or at least that’s what Gerard thought. Mikey wanted to stay friends with Julie, but Gerard’s mind was saying otherwise. It's not like Mikey never told Gerard about his personal life, even if it was only to Mikey's knowing. Mikey and Gerard would talk about girls, but no names were ever mentioned.

Almost as if he was being tested, to see who he loved the most. Julie, or Mikey. He couldn't possibly choose. Gerard wasn't too sure of Mikey's his feelings for Julie. They have known each other forever, Mikey should have made some kind of move. Julie didn't want to wait forever. Gerard didn't want to wait forever. Mikey didn't want to wait forever. Sooner or later something would slip, unfortunately Gerard's feelings couldn't be bottled up anymore. As he hurriedly searched for Julie through the school crowd, trying to find traces of black through the sea of bright colours. He soon gave up. She must have headed off to class early.

"Gerard!" A squealing voice from behind jumped on his back, obviously his over hyper active friend Frank.

"Get of me." Gerard mumbled.

"Now now, don't give me that tone. I need a ride to my locker." Frank protested. "Now giddy up!"

"Frank get the hell off me!" Gerard screamed.

Frank groaned. "Fine." He said sliding off of her Gerard's back. "What's the matter?" Frank asked concern in his voice.

"Nothing." Gerard snapped about to walk off.

"Liar liar pants on fire." Frank protested running in front of him.

"Frank no one even says that any more." Gerard groaned.

"Yeah, well that's why I say it. Only Frank Anthony Iero is permitted to say that." Frank said in sarcastic, yet tough voice, sticking his chest out with both hands on his hips.

"Are you done now?" Gerard asked, clearly annoyed.

"Whatever. Now tell good old Frankie what's wrong." Frank said draping his arm over Gerard's shoulder as they walked through the halls.

"Nothing is wrong!" Gerard screamed roughly pushing Frank off of him.

"Okay, firstly, when someone says 'Nothing is wrong' really loud. Then there is something is wrong. And secondly, that really hurt." Frank said clutching his shoulder Gerard pushed moments ago.

"Listen, man. I'm sorry. I just have a lot on my mind right now." He said. He did actually have a lot on his mind. One person, the girl he was in love with. And now his brother, who possibly had the same feelings.

"Like what?" Frank egged him on.

"You know. School and parents and stuff." Gerard said still looking for Julie, half of his attention focused on Frank.

"Yeah right Gerard. What's bugging you?" Frank asked pushing him into Julie's locker. Gerard's attention snapped back to Frank as he felt the pressure of Julie's locker behind his back.

"Nothing man. Don't worry about me." He continued lying.

"Don't lie to me Gee!" Frank said angrily.

He wasn't going to give up that easy. "Are just going to keep on asking me continuously until I tell you?" Gerard asked, already knowing the answer.

"Yup!" Frank yelled crossing his arms.

"Well too bad. I'm fine for the last time." Gerard said walking away as he heard the bell ring. "I have science. I'll see you later." Gerard said emotionless.

"But-" Frank started before Gerard took off. "Damn it!" Frank yelled as the frustration kicked in.


Gerard sat silently in science. Waiting for the bell to ring. He had decided today would be the day he told Julie. His teacher was talking about Bunsen burners. Gerard never realised this, but




After numerous drawings in his notebook that day, school had finally come to an end. He was feeling rather immature that day, he had ignored everyone. Julie was meant to be coming over. That was there usual plan. She'd come over, Mikey would be hyper, Julie would talk to Gerard, Gerard would blush. The usual schedule in other words. Gerard ran, skipped actually, through the halls of the school

"GERARD ARTHUR WAY!" Came a voice from behind. Gerard quickly turned around and noticed his rather short friend running behind him. Flinging his arms about and clutching to Gerard.

"Do you enjoy smothering me?" Gerard asked pushing Frank off him.

"It's kind of fun..."Frank said innocently.

Rolling his eyes, Gerard began walking towards the door. Only to have Frank spin him around by his shoulder. "Damn it Frank!" He screamed in his face. He was beyond angry now. Gerard saw the look in Frank's eyes, he was scared. Gerard was never much of a fighter, even if his life depended on it who couldn't fight. He wasn't going to get violent. "Just, leave me alone." He whispered walking backwards.

"No." Frank said smartly.

"Frank. Don't push me." He said angrily.

"Pushing? That wasn't pushing Gerard. This is pushing." Frank said pushing Gerard into someone's locker.

"Stop. It. Now." Gerard said in a clearly annoyed tone.

"Fine. Be like that." Frank said as Gerard walked away from him. "Wait! I was kidding." Frank said running back up to him.

"Leave me alone." Gerard mumbled.

"No." Frank said pushing him into a utility closet and stepping in with him. Closing the door behind him, Frank then pushed Gerard up against the wall. "Now tell me what's wrong." Frank said firmly.

"I told you, Frank. Nothing."

"Stop lying!" Frank yelled. "You left me all alone at lunch. I had no one to share my peanut butter sandwich with." Frank said pouting.

"I don't care about your damn sandwich Frank!" Gerard said hysterically.

"Don't talk about my sandwich like that!" He screamed back.

"I don't have time for your crap Frank." Gerard said through clenched teeth as he pushed passed him and was about to open the door.

"Where are you going? It's nice and cosy in here." He said moving closer to Gerard.

"Get off me!" Gerard screamed pushing Frank off him, and Frank's left food landed in a bucket that was situated next to a broom.

"Crap!" He screamed kicking his foot around. "This is your fault!" He said pointing at Gerard, making him roll his eyes.

"How is it my fault?!"

"Okay. Okay. Clam down." Frank said brushing off Gerard's shirt. "If you tell me what's wrong...I promise I’ll leave you alone...And I'll stop stealing your red pens." Frank said smiling innocently.

"You've been taking them?!" Gerard screamed angrily.

"Yeah, well. They're really smooth on cardboard." Frank said looking down at his feet.

"Whatever. I'm leaving." Gerard said pushing past Frank and out the door, only to have Frank run up to him, as you could her the sound of the metal bucket against the floor.

"Tell meeeeee." He whined.

"No!" Gerard screamed running outside. Everyone had gone home now, except for Frank and Gerard. They were now walking down the street, with the bucket still attached to Frank's foot. After about 10 minutes of continues pleading. Gerard had decided to give in.

"Alright I'll tell you!" Gerard yelled throwing his hands up in frustration. "But at my house."

"Yay!" Frank exclaimed jumping up and down and clapping his hands together. The jumps had made Gerard look down, because of the sound the bucket was making. People walking down the street had turned their attention to the two boys.

"Frank. People are looking, man." Gerard said nervously.

"You mean the ladies." Frank said slyly.

"Yes…There are ladies looking." Gerard paused, and Frank began smirking. "Because you still have the bucket stuck to your foot!" He yelled.

"Oh." He chuckled softly. "Sorry." He said trying to kick it off again.

"Just come to my house." Gerard said grabbing his arm and dagging him along the street.

Like it? Hate it? Let me know, yeah? I hope you guys review…And I was hoping for more reviews in the last chapter. BUT. It’s okay. So. The drama is starting. I hope it's not too much or less. Let me know please!



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