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I’m addicted to the way I feel when I think of you

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It had been three weeks since the surgery and Kristin's vision was still lightly blurry, but much better than the second day. She could focus on things near and far, but would need a second to focus it. Her heart was racing as she was getting ready. The Grammy's were tonight and the boy's were presenting an award. Pete had insisted Kristin come with him since the other guys were bringing dates. She wasn't so sure that she should. She knew that Ashlee would be there and wanted to avoid any confrontation. Kristin wouldn't know who she was if she saw her anyways.

JJ walked into Kristin's bathroom. "Fix my hair, I fucked it up," Kristin took the bobby pins from her sister's hand and began pinning her straight hair away from her face. Once she was satisfied, she went back to her hair. She sprayed it with scrunch spay to make it wavy. Her long hair curled just enough to give it that bed-head look. She applied her black eyeliner and mascara and headed back to her room to change.

Pete had taken her shopping 2 days earlier for a dress. It was absolutely beautiful. It was a chocolate brown dress that hung off one of her shoulders and was just loose enough to leave something to the imagination and stopped just above her knees. She slipped it on and looked at herself in the mirror. 'Damn I have a big ass,' she thought, not really noticing it til now. She had learned a lot about herself. She had no idea how big her butt and breasts really were until now. She couldn't help but stare at herself and others at times. Everything fascinated her and she was constantly people watching.

"Why are you staring at your ass?" JJ asked laughing as she walked into the room with her black halter dress on.

"It's just so big, I had no idea," Kristin turned away from the mirror in search of her shoes. "How am I going to wear these all night?" Kristin slipped on the high heels that she had been wearing off an on the past two days. Being blind you don't really wear heels, it's just a little dangerous.

"You've been doing fine at home," JJ laughed. "Just tell Pete to hold your hand and walk slowly."

"He'll have to so I have support. I am kinda scared about the whole thing. I'm still a little freaked out in large groups because there is so much going on."

"You'll get used to it," JJ said as she heard a knock on the door. "The guys must be here."

Kristin continued to walk around her room, trying to practice her walk. Pete walked into the room wearing a black suit, white button down, a skinny black tie and a hat. He leaned against the door frame watching his girlfriend practice walking. Kristin turned and stopped walking once she saw him.

"You look beautiful," he walked up to her and kissed her.

"You look amazing too," Kristin couldn't help but check him out. Everyday she would just stare at him. Everything about him was just so intoxicating to her. His scent, his lips, smile, tattoos, everything.

Soon they were all piled into a limo and on their way to the Grammy's. Kristin nervously played with the hem of her dress.

"You ok?" Pete whispered in her ear.

"Yea, just a little nervous," she whispered back.

"Just hold onto my hand and you'll be fine," he kissed her cheek as they pulled up to the infamous red carpet.

"OHMYGOD I am so excited!" JJ bounced in her seat.

"Calm down babe, you almost look like a groupie," Patrick teased, causing JJ to elbow him in the side playfully. Everyone began to make their way from the limo leaving Kristin and Pete last. Pete stepped out and helped Kristin out of the limo while security shut the door behind her. She looked around and all she saw were flashes of lights and it was almost blinding. The constant clicking sound was louder than she would have thought. She gripped Pete's hand tighter as they walked down the red carpet, blinking her eyes after every few seconds. 'Fuck this shit is bright, I should have brought my sunglasses' she thought to herself.

As they neared the end of the red carpet the guys were pulled to an interview and the girls waited for them off to the side. JJ elbowed Kristin's side

"Ow, what?"

"Dude, Ashlee's here. That's her," JJ pointed off to a skinny blonde chick who was extremely dressed up.

"Well we better stay away from her. I don't want any drama."

"Me either, not on the red carpet," JJ said and turned back to watch the boys interview.


The awards show was finally over and the group hopped out of their limo and into the after party. Celebrities were everywhere but Kristin had absolutely no idea who anyone was. Pete had kept Kristin close by all night, knowing that Ashlee was somewhere inside the party. He wasn't afraid that Ashlee would hurt Kristin, but he just didn't want that kind of drama.

"Pete, I think I'm going to go to the bathroom," Kristin whispered into his ear.

"Do you want me to come?"

"No no, stay here, I'll be fine. It's just right there," Kristin pointed and walked off towards the bathroom. She walked around the corner to go to the bathroom and bumped into someone.

"Oh my god, I'm so sorry, I didn't see you," Kristin said sincerely.

"Well look who it is. If it isn't the little home wrecker herself." Ashlee commented, slurring slightly.

"I'm sorry, who are you?" Kristin asked. "Oh wait, YOU'RE Ashlee. Well have a good time with your alcohol since it's the only one that loves you anymore." Kristin stormed off into the bathroom. God she hated her and she had only been around her 2 times. She just needed to get over Pete. And when Ashlee was with him all she did was get trashed or bitch him out.

Pete stood near the bathroom talking to Travis of Gym Class Heroes when someone tapped him on the shoulder. He turned to see Ashlee.

"Hi Peter," she smiled at him.

"Hey Ash," Pete half glared, knowing that drunk Ashlee brought drama in tow everytime.

"So how have you been? I missed you ya know," she moved her body closer to him.

"Great, I'm dating Kristin now and she doesn't need alcohol to make herself happy," Pete glared at her.

"Aww Peter Pan," Ashlee said grabbing onto his tie and tugging lightly. "You know you miss me too," she leaned closer and stopped when she saw Kristin walk up.

"Um.. what's going on?" Kristin said looking confused and hurt.

"Ashlee was just leaving," Travis shooed Ashlee away from them and gave Pete's shoulder a squeeze. "Good luck buddy."

Pete turned to Kristin. "Baby, it's nothing like it looked, really. Ask Travie, he saw the whole thing. She's really drunk and just trying to start drama."

"Ok," Kristin looked down. "She tried to start something with me at the bathroom too. Can we leave soon? I don't really want to deal with anymore of her."

"Yea, let me just let the others know." Pete took her hand and lead her through the audience in search of the others.

The limo took them back to Pete's house and Pete carried Kristin inside, her feet killing her from walking in heels all night.

"I officially hate heels, I think a man created those fuckers," she said laughing and rubbing her feet as she sat on his bed. "I'm too tired to even take my clothes off," she giggled.

"Well I'll help you with that," Pete smiled mischieviously and leaned Kristin back on the bed.


The next morning Kristin woke up feeling a little light headed. She carefully crawled out of Pete's arms and headed for the kitchen, Hemingway following her all the way. She drank a glass of water hoping that it would make her feel better, but it only made her feel worse. She walked into the bathroom, locked the door and sat on the tub. She was sweating slightly. 'What did I eat' she thought and then suddenly emptied her stomach contents into the toilette. After five minutes she sat up, blew her nose and wiped her eyes. There was a light knock on the bathroom door.

"You okay in there babe?" Pete asked concerned.

Kristin opened the door and smiled. "Yea, fine," she smiled but she knew that something wasn't right. Sitting on the floor she had realized that her period was a week late.
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