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Tell or Die

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Scott/Jean. Sequel to "Scott Summers, The Chosen One." Scott's back and better than ever. But when Magneto learns of Scott's new 'abilities' he wants them bad. And he's willing to do ANYTHING to ge...

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A New Power
Chapter 4: Tell or Die


Mystique stepped forth before the bound Scott Summers as he lay helplessly on a metal gurney. She moved to within inches of his face with an angry expression trying to instill raw fear in the young man's mind. However, his expression didn't change...Not in the slightest. He wasn't gonna tell them anything and that was it.

"This is your last chance Summers...Are you gonna make it easy on yourself and your girlfriend not?" said Mystique threateningly.

For a brief second Scott didn't respond, but with her head so close to his and her eyes staring directly in to his Scott had to respond. Then, without warning, he used Mystiques close proximity to his advantage and gave her a heavy head-butt to her skull sending her flying back.

"Err! YOU LITTLE!" she ran towards him in a fit of rage, but Magneto stopped her.

"Hold it Mystique! We don't want to kill him!"

Mystique stopped and looked angrily at Scott. He just looked back with no real sense of fear by her expression.

"Just get out of him what we want to know...By any means necessary. We need him," said the master of magnetism as he let Mystique go.

"You're lucky kid," started Mystique, but then her expression changed to that of a sinister grin, "But that doesn't mean I still won't have a little fun for what you just did."

She then took the electric baton, approached his bound body, and took one hard swing and connected with Scott's chest. In an instant, huge amounts of electricity began to flow in to Scott's body.

"ERRR!" grunted Scott in defiance as the sting of the blow caused red-hot pain to singe his body.

When it stopped, an area of singed skin emerged where Mystique's weapon had made contact.

"Is that it?" said Scott short of breath with an undaunted expression on his face.

Annoyed by his response, Mystique erupted in an incessant barrage of repeated blows with the taser baton. Each hit left the same scorched marks all over Scott's body. But instead of begging for mercy, he kept a stern face of defiance.

"YOU...LITTLE...PEST!" yelled Mystique in between blows. Finally, she threw the taser baton to the side and grabbed his neck. "Now are you gonna tell us?"

Scott slowly opened his eyes through the tough pain caused by Mystique's attack. He just looked back at her, and spit in her face.

"WHY YOU!" she said as she rubbed her eye. "That's it..."

With nothing but her fists she began to beat on Scott's body in an effort to get him to comply. She ruthlessly pounded on his face with her fists and dug her nails in to the wounds caused by her tasers. Magneto watched with frustration as Scott wouldn't submit. For a good ten minutes Mystique kept using Scott as her personal punching bag as she kept getting angrier.


Meanwhile, a group of the X-men that included Logan, Kurt, Rogue, Kitty, Storm, and Spyke kept following the psychic traces left by Magneto and his henchmen. Logan was hot on the scent of one in particular as he rode along on his motorcycle. It was the smell of his old enemy, Sabertooth.

'Chuck,' said Wolverine through his mind, 'I'm getting a strong smell from the south. It's Sabertooth.'

'Good job, but you must hurry!' replied the professor.

'Why? What's wrong now?'

'I keep getting strong surges of pain from somewhere. I fear that pain may belong to Scott or Jean,' said the professor anxiously.

Logan let out an angry grunt as he picked up speed. If that pain was coming from his friends, he was going to make those responsible pay.

"Storm," said Logan through a com-link, "I've got a scent. Head south towards the warehouses. I'll be there in five."

"Copy that," replied Storm, "Wait for us and we'll meet you there."

Logan didn't respond.

'He's not going to wait,' thought Storm as she put the petal to the metal and speed south towards his location in the X-copter.

As Logan approached the warehouse the scent got stronger and stronger. There were more of them as well; hinting Magneto was running something big. Unknown to him there were cameras and sensors watching his approach and it didn't take long for the warnings to reach Magneto's team.

"Looks like we've got company," said Gambit as he watched Logan approaching through a pair of powerful binoculars.

"Which one is it mate?" asked Pyro.

"Don't bother, I already know. And he's mine!" growled Sabertooth as he began to make his way towards his approaching nemesis.

"Should we follow him?" asked Pyro.

"Naw...Let em beat the crap outta each other. They'll be at if for hours...We just need to wait for the rest of the X-geeks to arrive," replied Gambit as he put his binoculars away and took his defensive positions with the Pyro and Colossus.

"Magneto, its Gambit. We've got a problem," said Remy in to his communicator.

On the inside of the warehouse Magneto continued to watch Mystique beat Scott's bound body in to a pulp.

"This isn't a good time," replied Magneto.

"It's the rest of the X-men. They know where we are now. Wolverine just came up and it won't be long before the rest of em come," said Gambit.

Magneto's frustration grew. "Just hold them off as long as possible when they arrive. I'm not done here yet!"

"Figures," said Remy as the link was turned off.


Back in the X-copter Storm pushed the state of the art craft to the limit as she sped south over the main city.

"Sheesh Storm, what's the rush?" asked Kitty after a mild bump in the ride.

"Logan said he found them, but I don't think he's going to wait for us," replied Storm.

"Duh, he never does," added Rogue.

"But that's not what's concerning me," said Storm.

"What then?" said Kitty as another round of turbulence shook the aircraft.

"It's why Magneto would abduct Scott and Jean in the first place."

"Vell, maybe he's just as shocked as ve vere to find out that Scott is alive," suggested Kurt.

"But still that doesn't justify abducting him," retorted Kitty.

"With Magneto, anything's possible. Who knows, it might just be pure egomania," said Spyke.

"No, there's got to be more to it than that. Magneto always has some sick reason for his actions. And I think we're about to find out," said Storm as their destination was getting closer.


Back with Scott and his captors the torment continued. With each passing second the brutality grew in intensity. Mystique was the one who was dishing it out and the more Scott defied her, the more ruthless she became. From that Scott had become bloody, bruised, and burnt. When Mystique grew impatient with things like red hot metal and shock therapy methods, she resorted to using her own fist to get him to talk.

"Everybody has their limits kid," said Mystique as she gave him another swift punch in one of his many burn wounds. "Do yourself a favor and wise up before you run out of flesh to burn."

Scott was breathing heavily and he began to cough up blood, yet he still stayed defiant. He looked back at his captors and watched Mystique wipe her bloodied hands. Magneto, undaunted by his brutal acts, kept his frustrated look upon Scott.

"I'll never tell," managed Scott through his pain. "Even if I did, it wouldn't do you any good."

"Then there's no reason not to tell us," retorted Magneto.

"Wrong, I know you. You won't accept it; you'll just fight it. You never admit the truth and all you will do after that is try to shape it the way you want. And this is something you can't change no matter how powerful you are." Scott looked hard in to Magneto's eyes, telling him what he knew was true. "I know you Magneto...When something doesn't go your way, you want to make it your way. And in the process you don't care who you hurt or how many innocent people you kill. I'll never tell you."

Magneto's anger was at a boiling point. By saying those words it only made him more eager to know what Scott was talking about. He knew now more than ever that it was important. As he was about to respond his com-link went off again.

"Mags, we've got incoming! The X-geeks is here!" yelled Gambit.

"Hold them off for now," replied Magneto dryly.

He then turned it off and walked up to Scott. With a look that could melt steel he pulled out a small remote control device. As he looked back at Scott he could hear some of the noise coming from the erupting battle that was taking place just outside of the warehouse.

"I tried to make this quick. I tried to be reasonable. But you won't listen to reason and you won't cooperate. I didn't want to do this, but you leave me no choice."

Magneto then pointed the remote towards the small cell to the side where Jean was being held.

"NO! Don't hurt her!" yelled Scott.

"I don't want to hurt her anymore than you want to see her hurt, but I will do whatever it takes in order to further mutant kind. Now tell me what I want to know!" bellowed Magneto.

Scott anxiously looked back at Jean in silence. He couldn't bare the thought of anybody hurting her, especially Magneto. But if he told him, things could get far worse.

"If anything happens to her! It will guarantee you will never know!" yelled Scott who was getting more hysterical by the minute.

"I'm not concerned about that, because you won't let her get hurt. You care for her too much. Since time is now a factor you leave me no choice. Now...TALK!" said Magneto as he put his finger on a big red button in the middle of the controller.

Scott didn't say anything. He was at a loss for words at this point. Then, Magneto pushed the button.

"AHHHHHHHHHHH!" yelled Jean as a sudden burst of electricity engulfed her small cell and relentlessly flowed through her body. Scott tried not to look, but he couldn't help it. He saw her sink to her knees as the surges began to intensify. Then the sparks stopped as Scott watched her fall to the cold metal floor. Before Scott could say anything Magneto pushed the button yet again and Jean let out another round of screams.

"STOP!" yelled Scott to no avail as Magneto let the current flow freely through Jean.

Scott closed his eyes and summoned all his strength. Desperately, he tried to break free from the cables that kept him bound and tied. He wanted to use the same spell as before, but the metal ropes weren't the same as the shackles before so it might not work this time. He felt his head begin to spin as Jean's cries were singed in to his mind. He couldn't stand to hear her in pain and felt his concentration slip. He briefly thought about trying an optic blast, but he was too weak from his beatings and Mystique was purposely in the way. Scott could no longer fight his feelings of helplessness. He knew he just couldn't let some madman hurt the girl he loved so much, but he couldn't fight the despair of the moment...Then, something happened.

'Have you really forgotten everything you learned in Taitzu? Was all that training for nothing?' a mysterious voice told Scott.

It was strange, because this voice was his. Suddenly he stopped breathing so hard, he stopped struggling so much, and he began to listen.

'Chan once said you aren't very honest with yourself, but now you hear yourself. So now there is no excuse this time. Unleash the power from within and go to Jean. She needs you.'

Then Scott's expression changed. For the first time he felt a ray of hope. He had almost forgotten his own power; even with all it's shortcomings he knew it was strong enough. Now he just had to let it out and use the power that he was blessed with.

Magneto stopped the current as he saw the change in Scott's disposition. Mystique took a step back as the symbols on his hands began to glow and his eyes began to glow red.

"I'm warning you Summers! Go any further and I'll go full power on your girlfriend!" warned Magneto.

However, he didn't get to finish. In a deafening BANG the metal ropes that had kept Scott under control snapped like twigs under a sudden burst of sheer strength. Magneto and Mystique fell back in pure surprise as Scott let out a small blast that destroyed the controller Magneto was holding. Then with a single swift roundhouse kick to the Magneto's head, he sent him flying back from the force of the blow. Scott then delivered two more heavy punches to Mystique and knocked her back as well. As his captors watched on in shock they saw Scott's eyes glowing bright red, but his face wasn't that of anger for some reason. It was an eerie calm that baffled his foes. Mystique then pushed a button on her communicator summoning for help, but Scott was already on the move. He swiftly made his way towards the small metal cell in the wall where Jean was being held.

"Don't waste your time," said Mystique as she slowly got back up. "That alloy reinforced polymer glass is four inches thick and the whole room is encased in solid steel! It's unbreakable!"

But Scott didn't listen to her. He just walked up to it, used the power from his optic blasts and inner strength, and delivered a single punch to the plexiglass and it shattered in to pieces instantly. Magneto and Mystique watched on in horror as they saw the supposedly unbreakable seal crumble. Scott made it look easy as he picked up an unconscious Jean from the floor and carefully bought her out.

"Jean...Jean can you hear me?" said Scott with a worried tone. But she didn't respond. She was out cold from the electric shocks. Slowly, Scott ran his fingers down the side of Jean's face. "I'm sorry Jean...I'm sorry I let them hurt you. I swear...I won't let it happen anymore! I won't!"

Then, Jean's eyes began to slowly open. "Scott..."

"I'm here Jean...I'm here."

Just then five new guests stepped in to view. Scott looked up to see the rest of the brotherhood join their two superiors. Each one of them had a look of anger on their face, for they were still angry from their earlier fight with Scott.

"Time for round two yo!" exclaimed Toad as they all prepared to attack.

Scott quickly set Jean aside behind a crate and looked back at his attackers. There were seven of them and only one of him. The rest were outside still fighting the rest of the X-men.

"You guys never learn," said Scott.

Then, a strange bright-red aura overtook Scott's body. It was the same color as his optic blasts and his eyes began to glow brighter in an ominous light. Slowly he floated off the ground as the light got brighter and the symbols on his hands began to pulsate.

"What are you waiting for!" yelled Magneto to the rest of the flabbergasted brotherhood, "Take him down!"

Then all of them began to rapidly advance on Scott's position. However, just as they got close enough, Scott rose his left hand and let out a single horizontal slash. Although it didn't hit them, a wave of bright-red energy burst forth and knocked all of them back at least 20 feet.

'What power!' thought Magneto as he looked on in shock, 'He's stronger than I ever could have imagined.'

"Get up!" commanded Mystique as she wasn't about to let herself be taken down by one blast.

Toad was the first to arise. With his powerful legs he leaped forth towards the young leader.

"See how ya like my magic!" yelled Toad as he blasted a large blob of slime from his mouth.

But as it headed towards Scott he closed his eyes and suddenly the slime ball reversed direction.

"What the?!" exlaimed Toad as it hit him in the face instead.

"It's a little reverse action," said Scott as flew forth and slammed both fists in to his nimble enemy knocking him out cold.

From the side Scott heard a deafening roar from somebody else. It was blob.

"Magic or not I'll squash you like a bug!" yelled Blob as he picked up a large crate and flung it at Scott.

But as it was about to hit he closed his eyes again and concentrated hard as he used his optic energy field to stop the crate in mid air and fling it back a blob with extra force.

"No way..." said a bewildered Blob as the crate slammed back in to him, taking him out of the fight.

Then Lance, Wanda, and Pietro got back on their feet and began a gathered charge.

"That's it Summers! It's time to rumble!" yelled Lance.

But it was not to be. As Wanda let out full power of her hex bolts, Scott did the same with blasts of his own. Briefly, each ray of energy was caught in between them, but soon Wanda's power proved no match and she was enveloped in Scott's energy and flung back like a rag doll. In the process she also slammed in Lance, taking them both out. However, Pietro was still charging at rapid speeds.

"It's not over yet!" yelled Quicksilver as he got closer.

But then, in speeds on par with his own, Pietro saw Scott fly towards him and deliver a single, knockout blow. And like the others, Pietro fell to the ground.

Scott also descended back to the floor as well and fell to his knees in exhaustion. The huge amount of magic he had just used combined with the effects of Mystique's beatings he left him nearly drained. He continued breathing hard and felt like passing out until he heard a one last outcry of rage.


Scott looked over to see Mystique charging him. As she got ever closer she jumped up in a flying kick. Scott responded by raising both arms, blocking the kick. Mystique, who was still enraged with energy, let out a barrage of punches and kicks, but Scott kept blocking them despite his state of exhaustion. He had learned to fight much better than she could from his time in Taitzu, but it didn't stop the shape shifter. She kept at it until she pinned an exhausted Scott to the side of a large crate.

"You've definitely gotten better," said Mystique short of breath from the exhausting fight. "But it's still not enough."

"Wrong...You're forgetting one thing." Scott then let out a huge optic blast from his eyes and sent Mystique flying. In the heat of the fight, she seemed to negate Scott's old powers, and Scott knew it and used it to his advantage. It was her downfall as now only Magneto remained.

"You never cease to amaze me Cyclops," said Magneto as he floated over to the tired, battered form of Scott Summers. "You are more powerful than I ever could have imagined."

"Say what you want bucket brain! I still won't tell you anything!" yelled Scott.

"You've made that very clear...And since you've shown me your true power, I can no longer allow a threat like you to exist. I'm sorry Scott Summers...But you leave me no CHOICE!"

Magneto then closed his eyes and the whole building began to shake. On the outside the still battling X-men watched in amazement as the warehouse began to move by means of some unseen force. However, they were quick to realize it was Magneto who was behind it.

'Oh man,' thought Scott, 'He's gone truly mad this time...I have to stop him. I sure hope I get this spell right.'

Scott then struggled to his feet. The injuries from his torture had drained him far more than the magic ever could, but he still had to do one last spell. He put his hands together and began to chant.

"Quie jong, quie jong, quie jong, dao! Quie jong, quie jong, quie jong, dao!"

The symbols on his hands began to flash many different colors. Soon Magneto felt his powers being contained in an ever-shrinking barrier of energy. The master of magnetism closed his eyes and tried to unleash the full force of his power, but it wasn't working. Suddenly, a rainbow colored light engulfed him and a strange crystal-like prism formed around Magneto and in an instant, it hardened completely...Trapping him. The crystal then fell to the ground and settled. Inside, Magneto remained frozen.

"I...Did it," said Scott with a sigh of relief as he collapsed to the floor, but then he remembered Jean.

Slowly, he got up and limped his way over to where he left Jean. He was relieved to see that she was still there. Immediately, he collapsed by her side and took her gently in his arms.

"Scott...You're okay. My god...You look like an angel," managed Jean as she gave him a warm smile.

Scott just smiled back. "Takes one to know one Red. Don't worry...It's over. It's finally over..."

The couple lovingly embraced each other as the whole ordeal seemed to finally be at an end. Neither could say anything more as there was nothing else to say. Through the pain and fatigue, the shared a soft kiss.

During this the rest of the X-men forced the door open and stepped in. Upon seeing this, the dazed Mystique woke up Pietro and with speed and stealth, they evacuated the rest of the brotherhood. The Acolytes also retreated, after seeing the result of Magneto's last battle. Immediately, the group ran over to the tired and batter couple at the end of the warehouse. However, Storm and Logan split off to observe the large crystal in the center of the room with the petrified Magneto trapped inside. They briefly stood before it in amazement, for it seemed the mighty master of magnetism had finally been stopped.

"Looks like Magneto's luck finally ran out," commented Logan.

"Indeed it has, Wolverine. It finally has..."


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