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A Perfect Gift

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Scott/Jean. Sequel to "Scott Summers, The Chosen One." Scott's back and better than ever. But when Magneto learns of Scott's new 'abilities' he wants them bad. And he's willing to do ANYTHING to ge...

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A New Power
Chapter 5: A Perfect Gift


Magneto was gone, he was being taken away to some unknown high-security prison for his many crimes against the world. The rest of his associates, the brotherhood and the acolytes, were left to fend without him. Only Mastermind was not present, for he too was captured and contained for helping Magneto. They all met on a single hill in the distance from the warehouse where Magneto was captured.

"Well...What do we do now?" said a bewildered Toad as the rest of the team watched them haul the imprisoned Magneto.

"This hardly changes anything," replied Mystique sternly. "Only now none of us have to answer to that bucket-brained fool anymore."

"Yeah well, who's gonna lead us all now? You?" replied Lance as he starred towards Mystique.

"Actually, yeah! Got a problem with that?" said Mystique in a threatening tone of voice.

Lance backed off, but some others didn't.

"Yeah...I've got a big problem with that," said Gambit, "I ain't taking orders from a blue-skinned psycho lady so you can count me out. With Magneto gone...I'm goin' solo."

With that Gambit then walked off, away from the brotherhood and from the acolytes.

"I only joined this little 'club' to get a chance at a good fight. Without Magneto...I don't care about this crappy brotherhood anymore. I'm gone too!" said Sabertooth as he stormed off as well.

Colossus was the next to speak.

"Magneto forced me to join this crappy group by threatening to kill my family...Now that he is gone I too no longer wish to be a part of this so called 'brotherhood.' You can count me out. Personally, I never wish to see Magneto, or any of the rest of you again."

The oversized Russian mutant then stormed off in to the night.

"Without the boss, I ain't got no reason to stay here either mates. I'm goin' back to Australia. Besides, this 'Brotherhood' is a joke without Magneto. I'm outta here!" And with that Pyro left, leaving the rest of the demoralized crew in a state of weakness. There were no more acolytes anymore, just the brotherhood.

"Well, what about the rest of you?" said Mystique as she looked back at rest of the group.

They were all still dazed over the events that had transpired that night. Magneto was gone and so were his plans. The expressions on their faces stemmed from shock and disbelief. What was going to happen now? What were they going to do? Questions like these plagued them all, but none of them considered leaving. Even Wanda and Pietro were at an impasse. Pietro felt abandon once again by his so called "dad." Magneto had robbed him of his sister, his childhood, and his innocence. He couldn't say he wasn't a little bit happy to be free from him at last, but now what? Wanda felt similar, even with the false past that was forced upon her, she still knew deep down that Magneto was not the father she thought he was. Just like before, she was abandoned, but this time she didn't cry. She could have left, but that would mean leaving behind her brother, the only blood she had left. Despite her past resentment of him, she knew she needed him and vice-versa. Now, there was nobody else to carry on Magneto's legacy and dreams. They couldn't...Their father never trusted them enough to share with them his plans and knowledge. On top of that they had nowhere to go.

"I guess we don't have a choice," said Blob finally with a disillusioned tone.

"Yeah, we don't," agreed Lance.

"Then it's settled," said Mystique who was now the undisputed leader. "Now...Let's get out of here before we get captured as well."

And with that, the demoralized and dazed remains of the brotherhood left the area and headed back to their boarding house.


After Magneto's capture he was immediately found guilty of many crimes not just against the country, but against the world. He was then given a life sentence in a top-secret, super secure prison complements of SHIELD. He was to remain in a special cell lined and encased in plastic so he could no longer use his powers. The prison was now his new home. On the first day of Magneto's long sentence, he received a visit from an old friend, Charles Xavier. With Scott, Jean, Ororo, and Logan sitting in the back-round, they now discuss their past resentment over a game of chess.

"It's a shame things had to turn out this way Eric," said the professor as he made another move on the chessboard.

"A shame indeed, Charles," responded Magneto as he countered the professors last move. "Now I fear that the mutant race is doomed."

"Still the pessimist old friend," smiled Charles as he made his next move.

"No...I'm not being pessimistic, I'm being logical. You still insist on living in a dream world, Charles. Why...I guess I may never know, but one day...One of us will be proven right and the other wrong," said Magneto as he made the next move.

"I know...And I look forward to that day old friend," said Xavier as he moved his bishop and induced the final checkmate.

"As will I Charles...As will I."

The professor then wheeled himself towards the exit, where Ororo took over and began to move him out. Logan soon followed, but not before looking back at Magneto with snide face. With his powers blocked by the cell, Magneto could do nothing to respond. That left Scott and Jean, who were also about to leave.

"Cyclops..." said Magneto through the plastic.

Scott turned around and slowly approached the cell. Jean had also stopped in her tracks to see what Magneto had to say.

"Looks like you healed pretty fast from the wounds Mystique gave you," commented Magneto.

Scott just nodded back with no real anger or resentment.

"You know...You never did tell me what happened to you in that month you vanished without a trace." Magneto looked intently at the young man before him.

"Sorry, but visiting hours are over," said Scott as he started to walk off again, "But I will tell you one thing I learned in that time I was gone and no doubt you have learned it as well. Things aren't always what they seem...And looks can be very deceiving."

With a final glance of goodbye, Scott and Jean left the master of magnetism to ponder Scott's words.

"Indeed they are young Cyclops...Indeed they are."


Later, as the day drew to a close, Jean entered Scott's room late that night back at the institute. There was still one more matter that had to be addressed.

"Hey Scott," said Jean as she walked up to him. He was sitting on his bed, starring out his open window in to the night sky.

"Hey," responded Scott with a smile as she sat down beside him on his bed.

"What are you doing?" she asked.

"Looking at the stars," replied Scott softly. He seemed to be lost in his gaze as the moonlight shined in to the room, illuminating it with a mysterious sense of peace.

Jean didn't say anything else after that, she just watched with him as she too became dazed from the celestial beauty.

"You know...Up until a few weeks ago, I was never able to see the beauty of the stars. I always saw them through a red haze," said Scott softly as he put his arm around Jean. "Now it's so...Clear. They have always been there, but now I can truly see it."

Jean was silent for a moment upon hearing Scott's words. "They really are beautiful. I guess...I've kind of taken them for granted in the past."

"Yeah...You know, they say you never know how much something means to you until it's gone."

"I know..." Jean could definitely relate. When Scott disappeared and everybody came to assume that he was dead, she felt devastated for not treasuring what they had. It was the closest she ever came to loosing it. Ever since then she always tried to take time and just appreciate what she had for a change. She never wanted to take it for granted again.

While Jean was lost in her thoughts, Scott's gaze switched from the picturesque night sky, to the other beautiful sight right next to him.

"Jean, that date we were on...You know before all of the...Problems occurred, I had something special I wanted to give you," said Scott as he took a deep breath.

"And what might that be?" asked Jean with a grin, not knowing what he was going to do next.

Scott didn't say another word. He just reached in to his pocket, and pulled out the brilliant ruby necklace that was given to him before he left Taitzu. His teachers hadn't told him much about it, but they did say that it was a charm of love and that's all Scott needed to know. He then took Jean's hand, opened it, and put the necklace in her hand. Jean, excited by the feel of it, held it up to the moonlight.

"Oh Scott...It's beautiful!" exclaimed Jean in a soft tone as she was immediately taken aback by the splendor of this unexpected gift.

Through the gentle light of the moon, Jean got a full view of the brilliance of the necklace. It looked like something straight out of royalty. The rubies were perfectly cut, and they sparkled in a mysterious aura of light that seemed to portray a feeling of great warmth.

"Try it on," said Scott eagerly as Jean was still entranced by the hypnotic beauty of the necklace.

Slowly, she undid the clip in the back and gently put it on. When it was on, Scott looked back at her with a warm smile. The necklace fit perfectly, it looked perfectly. It was almost as if it was made for Jean and only Jean. It was a perfect match.

"Well...How's it look?" asked Jean.

Scott couldn't respond. He was still in a trance on how beautiful it looked on her. The only word he kept thinking was...Perfect.

"It's...Perfect Jean. Absolutely perfect."

Jean could only smile back at him and she then wrapped her arms around him in a loving embrace. Scott embraced her back, but soon he became aware that Jean was crying.

"Jean..." he started, but she shushed him right away.

"It's okay Scott...I'm just so happy that...We're together and...I just love you so much I...I love you...And...Thank you," she then let her tears flow freely, but they were tears of happiness so she didn't fight it.

Scott gently wiped the tears from her face as he held her close.

"Shh...I love you too Jean. I always will...And I promise that will never change. We're together, and I won't let anything change that."

Scott became choked up by his own words. Soon, words gave way to actions as their faces drifted closer. Then, they met in a loving kiss. It was a kiss that seemed to make the stars shine brighter. As they lay back on Scott's bed they stayed in each other's arms long after the both of them had drifted off to sleep. Neither of them ever wanted to let go, for they felt an overwhelming sense of peace and warmth by the presence of one another. It was a feeling that was strong, stronger than anything they or anybody else could imagine. It was a feeling derived from a bond between Scott Summers and Jean Grey...A bond of pure love.



AN: Well there you have it. That's the last of the "Chosen One" series. I wanted to end it with a bang and this is the best I could come up with. I would love to hear what you all think of the whole "Chosen One" series. I urge you all to review. I don't plan to continue unless the demand is high enough. Post them on or send them to me directly at Thanks for reading this series and best wishes to you all.
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