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Mikey's rescue

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Will they get Mikey out?

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(Scene 5)

Bryony, Daisy, Sarah, Amy, Flic and Joy are walking through big dungeon

(music starts)

We will rescue Mikey
We will bring them both together
We will stop the wedding
And this unholy marriage will sever
Then we shall be happy
And but 1000 cats
Because its fun and random
Then we shall buy assorted hats

Dude in cell: SHUT THE HELL UP!
All: Sorry!
Joy: Why do none of these songs make sense, that long or have Dr Who references.
Bryony: Don’t know, cant be arsed to write out proper ones and cos then it would make even less sense.
Joy: fair enough.
Daisy: I think he is in here
(Look in cell, Mikey in corner playing harmonica)
Bryony: What happened to the bass or tambourine?
Mikey: confiscated, they are very strict
Sarah: but they let you keep the harmonica
Mikey: Okay they aren’t that strict, plus it’s mood music
Sarah: Okay
Amy: We are here to bust you out, person who I do not know the name of
Mikey: Mikey
Amy: Yeah whatever, emo.
Mikey: hey cut me some slack I’m in a dungeon here!
Daisy: You have a wide screen TV and rollerblades.
Mikey: Like I said they aren’t that strict
Bryony: Okay lets stick to the point, we gotta get you out of here so you can go rescue Lauren.
Mikey: (daydreaming) Oh Lauren…

(Music starts)

Lauren my love!
My one and only ---

Daisy: Really don’t have time for this right now!
Mikey: Aww, everyone else gets to sing!
Joy: This is hardly the time to complain, so shut the hell up and come with us!
Amy: Anyone else find it surprising how easy it always is to break people out of these places
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