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Alexis's step-dad creates a scene.

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I was lying in my bed, tossing and turning, a million thoughts running through my mind. I was thinking about Alexis. I longed to touch her, to feel her, smell her and taste her. I wondered what she would be doing right now. Whether she would be thinking of me and if she is glad she told me those awful things. I certainly am. I feel like I understand her so much more now. I understand her ways, why she did those things. I felt so sorry for her. She was so screwed up in the head, so hard to understand, even now, even though I knew all that information about her. I guess that’s why I like her so much, why I have so many unbelievable feelings for her. She’s so different from all the other girls I know, so special. She seriously is amazing, she’s like my soul mate. My thoughts were disturbed by the sound of a knock on my window. I gently pulled the covers off of me and got up slowly, curious as to who was outside my window. I pulled the curtains apart a bit and peeked through curiously. It was Alexis. She was standing there in next to nothing and as I slept in a basement she was slightly above me, I could see up her skirt. I chuckled at the thought that I could see up her skirt and she didn’t know and signalled to her wait there a second. I shut the curtains and ran to my chest of drawers, opening it and pulling out a pair of old jeans and a band tee. I ran my practically unused hair brush through my greasy thick hair and opened the door quietly, creeping my way up the steps and toward the front door. I really tried to be careful not to make a sound but it was hard seeing as I lived in a really creaky, old house. I opened the door and looked out signalling Alexis to come in. She walked up the three steps outside the door and into my house. She immediately came up to me and, first kissing me on the cheek started savagely biting my neck.
“Whoa there tiger, slow down” I said smiling. “Lets at least get back into my room before we starting having wild and rampant sex.” I joked.
“I know” she said “it’s just… you were so sensitive today and… you have no idea how horny that made me.”
We started to make our way back into my bedroom, awkwardly bumping in to random objects. We were half way through the living room when there was a loud bang at the door, then another, then another.
“Who the hell is that at this time of night?” I said, warily approaching the door.
Just then my parents came down the stairs followed by Mikey, each wearing an equally confused look on their face.
“Wait the Gee.” My dad whispered. “I’ll handle this.”
By this point the banging was getting unbearable and I was seriously wishing my dad would hurry up. He coughed a little and stroked the top of his head, making what hair he had left smooth down. He opened the door really carefully but was immediately pushed back with considerable force.
“Where is she?” the voice said.
I looked over at Alexis, she seemed to recognise the voice, a look of shear terror spread across her face.
“Where the hell is she?” the voice said again, this time with more anger. “Where’s that little whore?”
Alexis stepped back, muttering something under her breath. I stood there in front of Mikey who was frozen with fear.
The man stepped in. He was huge and seedy looking, his face was greasy and smeared slightly with dirt. I recognised him as the man who answered the door the day I went looking for Alex. It was obviously Alexis’s step dad. “Come here you stupid little bitch!” he shouted coming right in and grabbing her wrist, twisting it round slightly. Alexis was strong but she was no where near strong enough to stop this guy. None of us were.
“She isn’t going anywhere!” I said in my most threatening voice. “I’m not going to let you hurt her again!” I said trying to get him off of her.
“Hurt her? Is that what she’s been telling you, you naïve little motherfucker?” My parents winced at that word, realising this was not a nice guy.
“Yes, and I believe her because I love her and I promised her everything would be alright and so it is.”
He laughed and suddenly all this anger built up inside me, getting stronger and stronger. Before I knew what I was doing I threw a punch harder than any I’d ever thrown before. To me, it felt like the hardest punch ever but he was barely thrown back at all. He laughed and, grabbing my head threw me into a brick wall, head on. I winced with the pain and realised there were tears dripping down my cheeks. I lay there, humiliated and in pain. I just looked up to the scene happening in front of me, not being able to move. The four people I loved most in the world were getting destroyed by this monster. He started on my dad next and my dad was down after one very hard looking punch, he was the only hope of standing up to this man and he was lying opposite me, out cold. Next he grabbed Mikey and pulling his hair, wrestled him to the ground, screaming shit in his ear. He thumped him hard on the back and then on the back of the head, sitting on him and screaming until Mikey passed out. His next victim was my mum, he picked a pan off the side and hit her over the head with it several times with it until she was nothing but a small and bloody heap on the ground. He turned round, smiling at Alexis who was frozen with fear. With one swift movement he had lifted up her dress and was on top of her, a wicked smile on his face. It was torture for me to watch her being raped. He got up and put her head on his lap and, stroking her hair and smiling he said. “That’s my girl, you are my girl and I’m never going to let anyone take you away from me. You’re weak and naïve and that leaves stupid little motherfucker’s like that to take advantage of you but not me, no, I’ll protect you until the day you die, I promise.”
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