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Where does Gee wake up?

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I woke up, opened my eyes and immediately shut them, blinded the by the white light.

I could smell antiseptic. The smell was getting right up my nose, making me want to sneeze. The scary sound of silence filled my ears, making me want to scream. All I wanted was to know what the fuck was going. All I knew right now was that my head was killing me and all my muscles ached. I started to remember what had happened. It was all coming back to me, slowly, but it was coming back.

I opened my eyes and lifted my hands up to rub out the sleep that was filling them, obscuring my view. I lolled my head over to one side only too see a cute ginger-haired looking female nurse standing there making notes.
“Hey there Gerard, how are you?”
“I’m fucking great.” I snapped sarcastically “How do you think I am?” She blinked my rather witty comment off as if she was used to it. She still remained her white smile when she said, “You’ve had a pretty bad blow to the head Gerard. Do you remember what year it is?” she asked.
Of course I fucking did.
“Uh… 1995.” I said in a duh tone.
“Congratulations Mr Way, you passed the test.” she said.
“How are my family?” I asked randomly.
“You’re brothers fine” she said, then the smile faded slightly. “You’re father hasn’t woken up yet and you’re mother, well… she’s in um… intensive care.” she still tried to smile but what was a beautiful, natural smile had now become twisted and fake. “I’ll take you to see your brother.” she said kindly. I nodded as I got out of bed and put my feet on the ground carefully. I followed her to the children’s ward to see, only to see my brother lying there, reading a comic. His face was completely messed up and he had his arm in a bandage. He looked even worse than me. He spotted me and his face immediately lit up.
“Gee” he shouted, as if he thought I hadn’t seen him. “I’m over here.” he yelled, making a pale, sickly looking guy next to him give him the finger. “Sorry” he whispered sarcastically under his breath.
“Hey little bro!” I said cheerfully, going over to him and giving him a small hug. “How are you?”
“Oh I’m great Gee, fucking great.” he said, yet again sarcastically. “How are mum and dad.” he asked me, innocently oblivious.
“They’re great” I lied. I didn’t want to see him hurt right now, I’d tell him later. I promised myself I would tell him later.
“How are you?” he asked me caringly.
“I’m fine little buddy, trust me, everything’s fine” I reassured him.
“Ok” he said looking at me weirdly. “I’m hungry. Can you get me some crisps?” he asked. I nodded and slouched off to the vending machines.
I put the money and clicked the button for some childish looking packet of food, I assumed it was crisps. I turned round and almost got the packet knocked out of my hands. There were two cops standing there, a serious look an their faces.
“Gerard Way?” The short fat man asked.
I nodded.
“We need to talk to you, about last night.” said the thin and pretty female officer. “If you’d kindly go back to your room please. I skulked back with them following me, feeling as if I’d done something wrong. I sat down on my bed, the female officer sat on the chair and the other one stood up.
“Mr Way…” said fatty.
“Call me Gee” I interrupted, smiling at them innocently.
“Hum” he coughed. “Gee, is there any reason to suggest that this was more than a robbery?” he asked.
The woman stepped in. “I know this is a delicate subject Gee.” she said softly. “Is there anyone that would want to hurt you or your family?”
“Yes.” I said fast. “My girlfriends step dad, he was there and… he… he raped her.” I said, my memory suddenly flooding back.
“You’re girlfriend?” Fatty scoffed. “Mr Way, there was no-one found there except you, your parents and your brother.”
“No… wait…” I argued. “She was there… I know she was… I saw her.”
“Gee” the female officer said. “There was no sign of a struggle of a sexual nature there. Just you and your family. You must have dreamt it.” she said, in a I’m-trying-to-understand kind of voice.
If Alexis hadn’t been found then where was she?
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