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Chapter 18

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I thought i could save us, but I could only save you.

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It was the next day. The three of them had managed to get some rest between the constant squeeking of mice and the clanking of the pipes in the ceiling. They were all exhausted from lack of sleep, lack of food, and pretty much lack of everything else imaginable. Patrick began to think that they wern't going to be going anywhere soon after all, and that the rest of their lives would be spent in the same dark, dirty, unpleasant room.

Andy was the first one to wake up. He heard footsteps appraching the room, and he opened one eye half way. He could make out a blurry figure coming towards the door. He rubbed his eyes and continued to make out the figure.

"Pete?" The figure didn't answer.

Patrick and Joe soon woke up too.

"Pete?" Patrick said.

"Shut up. You'll get me in trouble." Pete replied. He pulled out a tray of food and slipped it under the crack of the door. Patrick noticed the bandaged around Pete's hand and wondered what had happened. So he asked.

"Pete, what happened to you?"

"I'm not allowed to speak to you." He said quietly, avoiding all eye contact.

"Dude, what's going on? Why are you out there and not in here with us?" Joe asked.

"It's complicated. I'm gonna do the best I can to-" He was interupted by footsteps behind him.

William was suddenly standing next to him. "What are you doing Peter? I told you not to speak to them, didn't I?"

"Sorry I-"

"Go back to your room. I'll deal with you later."

"Yes sir." Pete replied. He looked at Patrick for a moment, and then left.

William left a moment afterwards down the hallway. His laugh echoed through the halls.


Later that night, Pete left his room and silently went down the hallway towards the cell Patrick, Joe and Andy were.

"Pssst." He whispered.

"Pete, what are you doing?" Patrick asked.

"I'm going to get you guys out of here. Wake Joe and Andy up, i'll be right back."

Patrick nodded and waited for Pete to come back.

Pete went back down the hallway and made his way through the dark. He eventually came across a large room. Sitting outside were two vampires, which both happened to be asleep. Making sure not to make too much noise, he opened the door and slipped inside.

He was now in Williams room. It didn't appear that William was here, so he walked around and looked through the drawers of the large desk. In the last drawer he found a ring of keys, which was just what he was looking for. Now all he needed to do was go back to find Patrick and-

"Giving in so soon, Peter?." It was William.

Pete turned around, seeing the tall figure standing before him. It was hard to tell what William was thinking or what he felt, it was impossible to read the look on his face since the room had been so dark.

Before he could run, he was lifted off the ground and thrown to the other side of the room. He landed hard on the floor. Looking up he could see William getting closer. He felt around for something for protection or defence. It was not a moment later he felt a small sharp object. Without hesitation, he picked it up and jabbed it into the figure hovering above him. William cursed and pulled the item from his chest.

Pete took no time to say his goodbyes. He grabbed the ring of keys that had fallen to the floor, and ran out the door. He tried to see where he was going, but it was terribly dark, and he tripped more than once while trying to get to his destination.

"Patrick? Are you there?" He called out as he messed with the millions of keys on the ring.

"Yeah, i'm here. What's going on?"

"I'm gonna get you guys out of here." Patrick could hear the struggle in his voice.

"Pete, are you alright?"

"Sure. It's just so fucking hard to find the right key in the dark." He half joked, pushing one of the keys into the lock.

There was a click, and the door swung open.

"C'mon lets go." He rushed.

Joe, Andy and Patrick quickly exited the room.

"Follow me and stay close." Pete whispered.

Suddenly, a loud screeching alarm went off. Lights began to flash, and Pete fell to the ground.

Since becoming a vampire his hearing had increased which made it hard for him to stay focused with such a loud noise ringing through the halls.

"Pete, c'mon!" Patrick helped him up, and they all began to follow him again.

He continued to keep his ears covered, which helped him stay focused. The four of them went through a number of rooms before reaching a long dark hallway.

"Going somewhere?" It was the Dandies.

The four of them turned around to be face to face with six Dandies.

Patrick and Pete had their backs towards eachother, and fought the surrounding vampires. Andy and Joe did the same thing, until the six vampires were nothing but a pile of dust.

Pete grabbed Patrick and spun him around. "You have to go. More will be coming soon, so please hurry."

"Pete i'm not-"

"Go down the hall, take a left and go out the farthest door to the right. I'll meet up with you guys later."

"But Pete, I won't leav-"

"Just go Patrick!!"

Patrick hugged his friend and ran off down the hall with Joe and Andy.

And then there was one.
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