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Chapter 19

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And I swear its the last time.

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Patrick, Andy and Joe managed to follow Pete's directions and find there way outside of the building. The three of them, although feeling guilty, coninued to run down the street as fast as they could. They knew the Dandies wouldn't give up so easily, and would be after them soon enough. They had to keep running. No matter how tired and fully exhausted they all were, running was the only way to escape.

Patrick looked behind him, and saw three vampires running after them. "Guys, we're being followed."

Joe and Andy both turned around to find that Patrick was right.

"Shit. How are we going to get rid of them?" Andy asked, running a little faster than before.

"We'll try to get so far ahead that they won't know what direction we're going in. When we're far enough ahead, we'll hide and wait for them to leave."

"Lets start haulin' ass." Joe replied.

The three of them began to run faster than before. The Dandies were fast, but they were faster. They eventually came across a small building ahead of them, and decided to take the chance and run inside.

"Are they foll-"

"Shhh. They're coming." Patrick interupted. He, Andy and Joe ducked underneath the window of the building, and waited for the vampires to pass.

"Where'd they go, now?" One of the vampries asked.

"How am I sopposed to know? Maybe they went that way." the other one answered.

"William isn't going to be too pleased with us."

"We'll find them. C'mon, lets go down the road a little ways. They couldn't have gone too far." With that, the three clueless vampires went down the road.

Patrick was the first one to peak out the window. He looked around and found that they were gone.

"It's safe. They went down the street." Joe and Andy nodded.

"Thank god. I thought they were gonna get us, for sure." Joe said.

"But...Pete. Pete is still trapped there. Who knows whats happened to him. I can't believe I just left him there." Patrick said, his voice just above a whisper. Thinking about what he had done made him feel like the worst person in the world. He still couldn't wrap his brain about what had happened.

"It's not your fault, man. He told us to go." Andy comforted.

"Just because he told us doesn't mean we should have!" Patrick said loudly.

"Don't think about that now. We have to worry about getting home."

"We should probabley hurry. I think they'll be coming back this way pretty soon." Joe suggested. He stood up and walked out of the old building. Patrick and Andy followed, and the three of them walked home.
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