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Chapter Five

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What would you do in six months?

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Carson groaned as she woke up. She felt like a freight train had run her over. She rolled over again, but found that Pete was gone. She frowned, but got out of bed anyways.

She stripped off her party clothes, searching for pajamas. She found a ratty pair of sweatpants but couldn’t find an extra tank top or t-shirt. She glanced in the mirror, observing her Victoria’s Secret bra. She had to get to her laundry room by passing through the kitchen. Maybe she’d stop to get something to eat. This was going to be fun.

Carson walked carefully and quietly toward the kitchen. Pete was making pancakes and she grinned. “Anyway I can help?”

He looked up startled, and smiled, “Set the table? Get the drinks?” She hugged him quickly, and walked towards the fridge. He turned to stare at her. She put out glasses, orange juice, milk, and water, pushing a button to start the coffee. She turned again to get plates but was stopped by a hand at her waist.

Pete pinned her gently against the counter, crushing his lips to hers. She responded eagerly, and whimpered when he pulled away. “Wow.” She whispered.

“Yeah,” He sighed. She met his eyes and smiled.

“Let’s eat,” Carson whispered. She ducked under his arm and he stared at her in shock. “I have to meet Brendon and Ryan at eleven.”

“Why?” Pete asked suddenly.

Carson took a sip of orange juice, “I have to get a confession out of Ryan. I already got Brendon’s.”

“What kind of confession?” Pete looked puzzled.

Carson rolled her eyes, “You’ll find out soon enough if I have my way.” They ate in silence.

“You want to meet later? For dinner or something?” Pete asked cautiously.

She nodded, “Sounds great.”

“I’ll pick you up around six?” He said again. “I know it’s kind of early but…”

“Yeah, I know. It’s fine.” Carson smiled at him. “She glanced at her watch. “I better call Gabby. And down half a bottle of Tylenol.”

“Advil works better,” Pete advised. “It was what Joe used to use.” Carson nodded absentmindedly and took two Advil, walking back to her bedroom. She picked up her cell phone, hitting the first and only speed dial.

“You were so high last night,” Gabby said.

“What no, ‘good morning’ or ‘how is your head’?” Carson spat sarcastically.

“Well, considering it’s all over the Internet how you flashed the world, I have no sympathy,” Gabby spat back.

“I figured carpe diem, I’m going to die,” Carson explained lamely. Then she quickly looked around, sighing in relief when she didn’t find Pete. “It’s not like I’ve even touched tobacco before. Or any kind of drug or anything illegal. I barely drink.”

“I know Car, you’re the perfect angel,” Gabby said. “I’m the problem child. Did Pete keep his hand to himself?”

Carson blushed, though Gabby couldn’t see it, “Yes…” She said. “Though I wish he wouldn’t.”

“Would you rather have Pete, who won’t touch you-“

“Which is really your fault.”

Gabby continued anyways, “Or Kyle, who you had to repeatedly tell you wanted to wait for marriage which is probably the reason he proposed to you in the first place.”

“You’re right, you’re always right,” Carson said exasperatedly. “I have to get dressed to meet Brendon and Ryan, I’ll talk to you later.” She pulled on a t-shirt and a long sleeved shirt, searching for jeans and a hoodie. She finally emerged, finding Pete looking over her papers. She ripped them from his hands, tucking them in her pocket. “Not for you to see.”

Pete looked up at her, “Then can I hear it?”

Carson shook her head, “Nope, it’s not done yet. I have to go; I’ll see you later. Let’s just make it casual, nothing fancy. If you need me, call.” She kissed him quickly, grabbed her purse and left. Pete shook his head, bewildered.
Carson ordered her drink, turning and searching the crowded Starbucks. She sipped the steaming drink, the caffeine soothing her head. She finally spotted Brendon and Ryan, but waited, watching them interact for a bit longer. Making sure her hypothesis was correct.

She finally decided it was time, and sat by them. “How are you two?”

They both mumbled in unison, “Fine. Tired.” The former from Brendon; the latter from Ryan.

“My head’s killing me, and the tabloids think I’m a slut,” Carson said flatly. “I think I beat you.”

Brendon stared at his empty Red Bull disappointedly, and then at the line, “I’ll be back within the hour.” Ryan laughed and took a drink of his coffee.

“So, when are you going to tell him?” Carson blurted suddenly.

Ryan’s eyes widened as he answered shakily, “Tell who what?” Strike one.

Carson only answered one question, “Tell him that you’re in love with him.” Ryan looked around in panic. Strike two.

“I am not in love with Brendon!” Strike three, and Carson was right once again.

“I never said Brendon,” Carson rolled her eyes. “And anyways, you just proved me right.” Ryan blushed hard, and looked down.

“You can’t tell him,” He said urgently. “He obviously doesn’t love me back.”

Carson shook her head exasperatedly, “Yes he does, and I’m going to construct the perfect moment for you two to admit it to each other. It will be so foolproof not even you two idiots could mess it up.” She smiled, “You just sit back and relax and let me figure out everything. Then all you have to do is go with the flow and confess your undying love for Brendon.” She looked up to see Brendon coming towards them, and Ryan looked as if he wanted to hide under the table and run away.

“I’m back! Did you miss me?” Brendon looked at Carson and whipped out his phone.

U told ry! Was the text that Carson received.

She decided to lie, No, but I’m going 2 make u admit it 2 him Brendon shook his head violently when Ryan looked away; Carson smirked. You’ll thank me someday

As they left, Carson said, “Call me.” And both guys nodded, not seeing the other nod. She turned, praying that her plan would form better by the time the first one called.
A/N- Hmmmm, for some reason this chapter's annoying me. Ad you can see, I'm not that good at "text" speak. When I'm texting, I always spell out everything. And to answer someone's question (sorry, I don't remember who), yes, I do ride.
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