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Chapter Six

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What would you do in six months?

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One Month Later

“There,” Carson grinned, putting the final touches on the gourmet meal in front of her. She picked up the plates and stuck them in the oven, which was at a low temperature. “All you’ll have to do is take them out when you two are ready to eat.”

Brendon rubbed the back of his neck nervously, “I have a bad feeling about this.”

“I’m telling you, even a piece of celery couldn’t mess this up,” She replied, rolling her eyes. She had given Ryan and he about three thousand pep talks in the last month. “I’ll meet you at Starbucks in the morning so you can give me all the details. And don’t run to Mexico, because I stole your passport.” She waved it in front of his face and walked out, sighing heavily.

She was tired, and just wanted to go home. But now she needed to make sure Ryan was actually going to show up. She knew she was supposed to call Pete but he would make her come home, and she really needed to get Ryan’s passport off the premises also.

Carson arrived at Ryan’s apartment to find him desperately climbing into a car. “Ryan! Don’t you dare get in that car! I have worked way too heard for you to run away now!”

He stopped in shock and guilt. He got out, and put his hands up in surrender. “Sorry Car.”

“It’s okay Ry, but you need to stick around for Brendon, he’ll be devasted if you leave,” Carson begged. “C’mon, you’ll never know if you don’t try. Now give me your passport.” She stuck out her hand and he slapped it down. “Thank you. I’ll see you at the park tomorrow afternoon.”

She finally picked up her phone, calling Pete. “Hey baby,” He crooned. “How are you? I was just coming to your apartment.”

“I’m just leaving Ryan’s, after confiscating his passports.” Carson explained. “I’m really tired though. I might just go to sleep.”

“Okay then… Do you want me to stay home then?” Pete asked uneasily.

“Well, if you don’t mind taking a nap…”

“I’ll be over soon.” Pete hung up and Carson just smiled to herself. She climbed into bed, sighing and hoping he would get there before she fell asleep. Her eyes drifted close, hugging a pillow close.

Pete used his newly made key to get into Carson’s apartment. He shrugged off his jacket, and flicked off the lights that she had forgotten. He walked to her room, smiling at her sleeping form. He gently eased in next to her, wrapping his arms tightly around her. “I love you.”

Carson’s eyes flew open, her hands moving to grip his. “I love you too, Pete.” She turned in his arms, grinning, and kisses his lightly.

Pete blushed, “I didn’t know you were awake.”

“Are you going to take it back?” Carson pouted.

“No, I just didn’t know how you’d feel about it,” Pete explained. “I mean, we’ve known each other for a month, dating each other just as long. It’s not really a long time…”

“We’re a special case,” Carson yawned. “Now I really do need to sleep.”

“Ok, I might order food later, do you want me to get any for you?” Pete asked quietly.

“No, I’m good,” Carson mumbled. Pete had already made up his mind to order something for her anyways.

An hour later, Pete was sitting in her kitchen, flipping through a magazine. There was a knock at the door, and he rose to answer it. Standing in the doorway was a fair-haired man, slightly familiar though Pete couldn’t place him.

The man looked confused, “I’m sorry, I must have the wrong place… I’ll just-“

“Are you looking for Carson?” Pete interrupted suddenly.

The man smiled suddenly, “Yes, yes I am. Is this her place? Do you live here too?”

“Yes, and no, I don’t live here. Come in,” Pete said. “She’s sleeping. Just be quiet. I don’t want her to wake.”

“Oh, okay,” The man nodded. “I’m sorry, I haven’t introduced myself. My name is Caden. Caden Rose. I’m Carson’s brother.”

Pete stood in shock, staring at Caden, “I didn’t know she had a brother.”

Caden laughed, “Well, she does. Two in fact, and three sisters. She raised us all.”

“What do you mean raised?” Pete looked interested suddenly.

“Well, you see, our mother really only gave birth to me and Carson. She adopted the other four, and we’re all within two years of each other. Carson being the oldest.” Caden explained. “Our mother was neglecting, and was never home. Our father left by the time Carson was eight. What do you know about Carson after high school?”

“I know she went to a culinary arts school in Paris for two years, and she spent two years in Julliard. I don’t know much other than that.” Pete answered.

“Well, she’s twenty-five years old.” Caden said. “She spent two years working, just making sure we all went through school, got scholarships, and got into good colleges. Then she traveled the world for a year, ending up in Paris. Two years there, and she was in Julliard. Where she met Kyle. He got a job out here in L.A. She sped up her program, and moved here. Gabby and Brandon had moved here three years previous. I hated Kyle. He made her quit Julliard, and I knew she didn’t really love him. She’s been here about eight months.”

Pete digested the new information, and stood to make tea. “She’ll probably be awake soon. She’s been sleeping since around four.”

“So, what do you do?” Caden turned into protective brother within seconds.

Pete carefully thought about how to word his profession, “I’m in the music industry.”

“Hmmm… very elusive.” Caden joked. “What part?”

“Well, I’m in a band… and I kind of manage my own record company. And clothing company.” Pete said hesitantly.

“Impressive, what band? Anything I might of heard of? What do you play?”

“I play bass. And I write the lyrics. My band’s name is Fall Out Boy,” Pete added.

“I’ve heard of you guys, pretty good, in my opinion, and I’m not just being polite,” Caden said bluntly.

Carson wandered into the room, eyes still closed, “Pete?” She opened her eyes, still not seeing Caden who was seated behind her. “Is that tea?”

“It’ll be done in a minute,” Pete assured her. “Why don’t you sit on the couch for now?” Carson nodded and turned, immediately spotting her brother.

“Caden?!?!?” She squealed. “What are you doing here?” He picked her up and spun her around.

“What? I can’t come see my favorite, most hard working sister?” Caden laughed.

Carson thought about that for a moment, shaking her head, “Actually, no. What do you need?”

Caden met her eyes, “Gabby called me.”

Carson’s eyes widened in shock and horror, and she shook her head to signify they couldn’t talk there. “She’s upstairs, let’s go see her.”

Pete rolled his eyes, classic Carson reaction. What he’d started to call in his head CCR. “Car, take your tea. I have a feeling you’re going to need it.”

Carson smiled sadly at him, though he didn’t know the real reason, “Thanks Pete. I’ll be back soon. Stick around. Please.” Pete nodded, and Carson dragged Caden upstairs. She banged on Gabby’s door until she opened, because Carson had forgotten her key.

“What?” Gabby groaned staring at them in mock contempt.

“Where in hell do you get off telling my brother I have cancer? Did you call the rest of my family too?” Carson said to her in a low voice. “Who are you going to tell next? Pete?”

Caden turned to her, “He doesn’t know? Are you kidding me Car?” Carson looked away, ashamed. “The guy is head over heels in love with you! What are you doing to him?”

Carson’s eyes filled with tears, “I don’t know. I love him Caden, I do. I don’t want to hurt him.”

Gabby sighed, “You have to tell people Carson. There are people who care about you. You need to tell them.”

“I will soon. But I need the two people who do know to just stop butting in. I’ll figure this out on my own time.” Carson said exasperatedly. “Caden, where are you staying?”

“Right here, actually. With Gabby and Brandon.” Caden said. “Can we meet for lunch or something? We have some catching up to do.”

Carson thought quickly, “How about dinner? I’m pretty busy otherwise.” Caden nodded and Carson dashed downstairs. She found Pete eating take out and smiled. She sat down and started to eat the first thing she could get her hands on. Pete smiled, glad he ordered extra again.
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