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We'll make them so jealous we'll make them hate us

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So Sunday night after posting my last update I got a phone call from my brother. One I would not have expected. My grandmother passed away and we were pretty close. My mom is pretty much falling apart and my aunt is useless because she apparently doesn't care about anyone but herself. So tonight I will be posting my only update for the next week and maybe the last one of this story. Not too sure where I want this to go after the babies. Do I smell a sequal? (Think I spelled that wrong) I think so! Let me get on with the last post of this story and review it and let me know if you want another one and what you think should happen.


"FUCK! I HATE YOU PETE WENTZ! YOU SHOULD HAVE KEPT YOUR PENIS TO YOURSELF!" Kristin gripped the seat in pain and Pete sped to the hospital.

"I'm sorry! Fuck, you were so nice the whole pregnancy, I knew this would happen sooner or later," Pete kept his eyes on the road. He knew that Kristin would calm down once the drugs were administered. They pulled up to the emergency room and rushed Kristin in.

"Hi my fiancee is having 2 babies," he stood there not really sure of what to do.

The nurse at the desk smiled and handed Pete a clipboard with some paperwork. "You'll just need to fill this information out and we'll get her into a room soon." Pete looked at the woman like she was crazy.

"I don't think you understood, she's in pain right now and she might kill me," he whispered the last part. The nurse laughed and walked away. He turned around to see Kristin squeezing the life out of Joe's hand and began to fill out the paperwork. Within 15 minutes they were taken to a private room and the others had arrived. Kristin was laying in the bed miserable and holding her belly with Pete by her side. Patrick and JJ walked in.

"So there is quite a crowd downstairs, some fans, some media. I hate how those guys find out everything!" Patrick said almost irritated and sat down in a chair and JJ walked up to Kristin.

"Gees that looks like it hurts," she said matter of factly.

"Yeah well you will hurt if you don't shut up," Kristin glared and laid her head back down. Pete gave JJ a glance letting her know that what they had feared had finally come. The doctor walked in.

"Alright Ms. Jones, let's see how far along you are," the others ushered out of the room to give them privacy. Kristin laid there praying that she would be giving birth soon. "Not quite there, you're dialated to 4."

"What the fuck?! This isn't fair! I was dialated to 4 when I got here!" she fell back against the bed in defeate. "I am never having kids again, this is bullshit," she whined and the doctor left.

"But just think about this Kristin, when this is all over we will have two little babies," Kristin smiled at his words. He always knew how to calm her nerves. He kissed her forehead as the others came back into the room.


"Ok Pete, here's the plan, I'll spread my legs and you pull the fuckers out! 17 hours is way too long! I can't take it! I quit, I don't wanna do this anymore!" Kristin was half in tears. She was in so much pain and she was still babyless. Pete was now sitting in the hospital bed holding her. With each passing hour she became weaker. The labor and contractions were taking so much out of her. The doctor walked in for the thousandth time in the past 17 hours. Last time he came she was dialated to 8.

"Well," he said smiling after the others had left. "Ready to have some babies?"

"About fucking time!" Kristin yelled and she was taken to the delivery room. Pete put on his lovely green colored outfit and walked in to join his fiancee. He took her hand and helped her push. Within 10 minutes and little baby boy came into the world followed by a little girl.
"17 hours for 10 minutes of pushing, that's fucked up," Kristin giggled as the doctor handed the boy to Kristin and the girl to Pete.

"There's so beautiful," Pete's eyes welled up and Kristin noticed.

"You going to cry aren't you?" She asked.

"No, I've just got something in both my eyes," he smiled back as he recanted a line from SuperBad. He leaned over and kissed the beautiful woman who delivered their beautiful children. The nurse came and took the two babies to the nursery to get cleaned up and Pete made his way to the waiting room. The crowd stood up as he walked out.

"Jesus, that was fast. Did the walk right out of her?" Joe asked.

"Pretty much," Pete laughed, his eyes twinkling. The guys had never seen Pete this happy in the whole time they've known them.

"So, what did you guys have?" JJ asked.

"A boy and a girl." The group oohed and awwed.

"Did you two have any names picked out for the babies?" Patrick asked as they all made their way to the nursery to catch a glimpse of the little Wentzs'.

"The boy is going to be Aaron and the girl Lynn," Pete beamed and pointed to the two little babies being wheeled in their portable cribs next to the other little ones. The name tag on the cribs read 'Wentz Boy' and 'Wentz Girl' and that made Pete smile. He couldn't wait to marry Kristin. He excused himself and made his way to the recovery room where Kristin laid in bed.

"Hey," he smiled and walked over to sit on the edge of her bed.

"Hey," she smiled back and took his hand.

"I love you," Pete crashed his lips into hers and pulled her close. "Now we just need to plan the wedding," he whispered in her ear and she nodded and fell asleep in his embrace.


Like I said, reviews would be greatful! Every review I get inspires me to write more. I am thinking about writing something a little bit different as well, but with the same characters. Just give me some input!
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