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Smile real wide for the pa-pa-pa-pa-paparazzi

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"JESUS! I look fat in everything!" Kristin huffed and sat down in defeat at the edge of her and Pete's bed. JJ just laughed at her pregnant sister.

"Well you are carrying two babies in your belly, so really you aren't fat, you just have a fucking beachball under your dress." JJ laughed and looked through Kristin's maternity clothes with her. Kristin was growing out of some of her maternity clothes and with such short notice about tonight's party, she had nothing to wear. JJ walked out of the room and returned with a white and silver dress. "Wear this," she held up to Kristin. Kristin eyed it and decided why not. Kristin went into the bathroom to try it on. It fit perfectly. It was meant to be loose, but with her belly it hung perfectly to the growing belly. It was scrunched at the top and hung loosely to her knees. She slipped on some ballet flats and spritzed her hair with scrunch spray to make it slightly wavy. JJ joined Kristin in the bathroom to apply their makeup.

Pete and the rest of the guys were hanging out in front of the TV, of course playing some video games. Everyone looked ready for the big night out and the girls emerged from Pete and Kristin's room.

"About fucking time ladies!" Joe said as he killed something in his game with Marie sitting in his lap. She elbowed Joe and his character died miserably and he stared at her in complete disbelief. "You killed me," he whined in a little kid voice.

"You've beat this like, 30 times. Plus don't talk shit to a pregnant chick, she's bound to kill you in your sleep," she teased and Kristin laughed.

"She's right ya know, you're asking for early retirement," she said and walked over to Pete and kissed him. "If my feet hurt will you carry me later," she said looking up into his eyes. Pete put his arms around her waist and he smiled.

"Of course baby," he kissed her forehead.

"Ok guys it's 8, we should get going," Patrick commented as he looked at his watch. The group left the new york apartment and hopped into two SUVs and made their way to Angels & Kings.


The paparazzi was already waiting for the whole Fueled by Ramen and Decaydance crew to arrive at the bar. It was practically a red carpet event anytime someone had a birthday. Their SUVs pulled up to the doors and everyone began to file out and into the busy bar. Lights were flashing everywhere. Pete climbed out of the SUV and took Kristin's hands, helping her step down to the ground. She looked around, a little overwhelmed by the flashing lights and crowd that was outside. She didn't think she'd ever get used to the media being around her. Pete protectively took Kristin's hand and led her into the bar. Music blared through the speakers and celebrities mingled. Kristin, having been blind for so long, only recognized a few. Anyone that Pete had introduced her to she would recognize, but not many others.

"JJ, they are just people," Patrick laughed at his date who was barely containing her squeals.

"I LOVE that band! Holy shit!" She pointed to some other band member and Patrick shook his head laughing and they made their way over to mingle with the crowd.

Pete walked Kristin over to an area with some couches and helped her sit down and he took his place at her side. A tall and very handsome man made his way over to Pete and Kristin.

"Hey Pete, and this must be Kristin," he smiled down at her.

"Yes, Brendon Kristin, Kristin this is Brendon," Pete introduced and Brendon extended his hand to shake hers. Kristin smiled and shook his head. 'Damn that boy is hot, no wonder chicks flip out over him' she thought to herself. She sat there and half listened as Pete and Brendon talked about something music related as she felt some cramping. 'Fucking Braxton Hicks' she cursed silently and placed her hands on her belly and tried to hide her discomfort. She knew that Pete would want to leave if she showed any sign of discomfort.

After the singing of Happy Birthday and a few hours later Kristin was exhausted. Being pregnant wasn't as glorious as it seemed. Pete and Kristin said their goodbye's and they stepped out to the front and waited patiently for the valet to bring Pete's SUV. The clicks and flashes of light were once again bothering Kristin. She tried to look anywhere that wasn't flashing, but that was impossible. Within a minute the SUV was brought to the front and Pete helped his pregnant fiancee into the seat and shut her door and climbed in himself.

Kristin leaned her seat back slightly and rubbed her belly. Pete looked over and noticed some discomfort in her expression.

"You ok?" he said concerned.

"Yeah, just been having braxton hicks off and on all night," she said trying to play it off.

"Ypu should have told me, we could have left sooner."

"You were having too much fun and I didn't want to pull you away." Pete smiled at her and kissed her hand. He loved how she cared as much about him as he cared about her. Pete was used to caring more than the other party in all his past relationships and it was amazing to have someone treat him this good.

When they got back to the apartment, Kristin immediately went and changed into some baggy pants, a tshirt and one of Pete's clandestin hoodies. Pete joined in the comfortable clothes and they climbed onto the couch to watch a movie. Kristin leaned back into Pete's chest and he rested his hand on her belly with his head resting against hers. He loved how they could spend time together and not say a word and still have a great time. About halfway through the movie they fell asleep on the couch and didn't wake up til the rest of the group came back at 2 in the morning.

"SHHHHHHH you guys, their sleeping," Andy calmed the group once he noticed them passed out on the couch.

"Should we wake them?" Joe questionned and everyone knew why. He wanted to smoke and play some video games. Patrick shook his head.

"Kristin's got to be exhausted. Let's just let them sleep," Patrick and JJ walked off into their room and shut the door. The others made their way to their respective rooms and the young couple was left to sleep on the couch.


"When the fuck will this be over!" Kristin screamed in frustration. She was 2 weeks away and she was only getting more and more uncomfortable as the days went on. Her back, feet, and well, everything hurt. Pete was the only person who did not get yelled at, ever. Joe didn't think it was fair because they didn't knock her up, Pete did.

"How the fuck do you dodge her attacks?" Joe asked Pete once Kristin had retreated to the kitchen.

"Easy man, may penis works wonders," he joked.

"No man, seriously?"

"I honestly have no clue. I do everything that is asked of me out of sheer fear for my life," he joked once more. Only half of it was a lie. He did do everything she asked because she was carrying his children and he had wanted this for so long. With each day that the due date became closer the more excited Pete got. He had suprised Kristin with a full loaded and decorated nursery for their children. They had no idea whether they were having boys or girls because they had decided to keep it a secret once they found out about having twins.

Kristin waddled back into the living room and lowered herself onto the couch next to Pete. He instantly pulled her closer to him and kissed her forehead. They continued to play video games until Kristin sat up wincing.

"What's wrong?" Pete asked while playing some Tony Hawk against Joe.

"Nothing, just braxton hicks I think," she rubbed her belly.

"Wouldn't it be funny if you had the baby tonight," Joe commented as he tried to pull a combo.

"DAMNIT JOE!" Kristin yelled.

"WHAT!?!?! I didn't do anything this time!" He and Pete glanced over to see a wet spot forming on the fabric of the couch. "Dude, I enduced her labor!"

"Holy shit! Uh... uh..." Pete stood up took two steps to the right, then left and then turned to Kristin. "Fuck! I'm scared now haha," he nervously laughed and helped Kristin off the couch. "Joe grab the bag that's sitting outside my bedroom door," he ordered and began to help Kristin down the stairs to the SUV.

"Fuck this hurts," she winced again and Pete smiled at her.

"We're having our babies." His smiled could have lit up the entire sky.
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