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I never want you to go because I am all yours so please be all mine

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So I know that the title of this chapter is not a Fall Out Boy lyric, but if you guess the song or the artist then you are a fucking God of music just like me! I am such a music freak so guessing this would make me excited.


Pete threw their bags into the car. Kristin sat in the front seat and leaned the seat back so that she was reclining. Her back had begun to hurt from carrying the twins and was ready to take a nap only two hours after waking. Being pregnant was hard! Especially with twins.
Pete climbed into his SUV and smiled at his beautiful fiancee. He loved using that word and so did she. He pulled out of the driveway and Hemmy jumped onto the backseat and got comfortable.

About two hours into the trip Kristin woke up. "Hey baby," she smiled sweetly at Pete and he grabbed her hand and kissed it.

"Hey, sleep well? You seemed so tired earlier." He glanced at her and then averted his eyes to the road ahead of him.

"Yeah, I had a kinky dream though," Kristin recanted in a lower voice and leaned her seat up.

"Really?" Pete asked, his imagination running wild, thinking about all the possible things she could have dreamed. "What was it about?"

"Well," she began. "You were driving us to New York..." she traced his jawline with her finger and slowly ran it town his torso. As she got closer to his package he inhaled sharply causing her to giggle. "Then I did this," she began to unbutton his pants and he swallowed hard.

"Uh huh," he breathed, trying to concentrate on his driving.

"And then I did this," she reached her hand into his pants and he instantly became hard at her touch. He knew that he wouldn't be able to drive with this attention. He pulled over on the side of the highway and put the car in park. With having tented windows he wasn't worried. He turned to Kristin and began kissing her passionately. His need for her intensified as she continued her assault on his body. Pete climbed into the back and began to recline the seat and pushed Hemmy into the area in the back.

After the seat was reclined, Pete helped Kristin climb into the back of the SUV. Pete laid back onto the reclined seat and lifted Kristin's skirt and smirked when he saw that she wasn't wearing panties. Even with her being pregnant and huge she still drove him crazy. Pete pulled down his pants and guided Kristin onto his lap. She began her rhythm, grinding into him and he held her hips to help support him. After a few minutes he couldn't help not being in control and rolled her onto her back and began thrusting deeper into her while leaning up, due to the growing belly. Within minutes Pete and Kristin finished and he pulled out and laid next to Kristin and kissed her sweetly.

"God I love you baby," he breathed into her ear and Kristin smiled.

"I love you to Pete," she kissed him softly and began to sit up. Pete pulled his pants back up and helped Kristin back into the front seat and they continued their trek to New York.


Two and a half days later Pete and Kristin arrived in New York and made their way up to Fall Out Boy's New York City apartment. Whenever anyone from Fall Out Boy stayed in New York, they stayed there. It had 4 bedrooms and was large enought for plenty of guests. It was their headquarters for the moment, other than the studio. Kristin immediately went into Pete's room there and crashed on the bed. Pete tucked Kristin in and walked into the living room.

"Hey jerk, thanks for taking 10 weeks, let's play some fucking games," Joe tossed Pete the remote. Pete took it and sat down on the L-shaped couch. Patrick sat down next to Pete.

"So I saw the ring on Kristin's finger. You finally got the guts to ask?" Patrick questionned while watching Joe and Pete's attack on each other in Tony Hawk.

"Yea, it was one of those moments where you do it out of nowhere," he responded while doing a combo on the screen. "Fuck yea," he stated upon earning 200,000 on one combo causing Joe to lose.

"Fucking asshole, I've been playing for two days and you sit down and beat me in the first round within 5 minutes." Joe whined.

"Maybe if your hair wasn't in the way you could see the screen." Pete commented laughing.

Joe just shook his head and they continued to play. Patrick's phone rang and he answered.

"Patrick... hey man... oh shit I totally forgot... yeah we'll all be there... 8?" Patrick continued his conversation and hung up. "So guys it's Ryan's girlfriend's birthday tonight and they are having it at AK 47, I told them we'd be there." The others nodded and glanced at the clock. It was 3:30 pm and they had plenty of time.

About 6 pm Pete decided it would be time to wake Kristin so that she could decide when she wanted to get ready. He climbed into bed with her and pulled her close.

"Wakey wakey Kristin," he gently shook her and kissed her lips.

"MMMMhhhh...." she responded and burried her head in his chest. "More sleep," she laughed lightly.

"We have a birthday party at AK 47 tonight at 8. You should probably get ready. It's 6 now." Kristin grunted and sat up with Pete's help. She waddled into the bathroom and shut the door to take a shower without a word. Pete instantly decided that he was dirty too and walked into the bathroom and shut the door behind him. Kristin had already started the shower and was beginning to take her clothes off when he walked in.

"Yes," she smiled at him.

"I'm going to join you," he smiled mischieviously. Kristin rolled her eyes.

"Pete we already had sex today," she giggle and continued to undress. "This is strictly shower time, so don't try any funny stuff."

"Deal," he smiled and climbed into the shower with his fiancee.
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