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Chick Flick

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Learn a little more about Frank's past. Sad but funny. I did the same thing as Gee.

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woah. I've had a marrige proposal for my fic already! Yes of course you can marry my fic! Becase that's not creapy at all!!! but yes

I don't own the movie mentioned in this chapter. I won't say the name because it will become obvious of what I'm gonna do. Only Emmi knows!

I had this idea while talking to sydneyportela on msn so you should thank her.

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okay now for the fluffiness you've all been waiting for!

Gerard's POV

We arrived in New York by the next day. Frank was super exited. He always loved New York. Which is why I wanted to take him out tonight. Go to the movies and a walk. Of course the other guys will want to come so I need a plan to get rid of 'em.

I had told the guys and they thought it was a good idea so we started to walk to the movies around 5:30pm so it was still day light. We all had hoodies and sunglasses on so no-one would recognise us. Which is what we needed. A day off from being famous.
When we arrived at the cinemas we sent Bob and Mikey to bye vandy and popcorn while Ray, Frank and I got tickets.

"Knocked up, Bridge To Terrabithia, Jumper or The Golden Compass." Ray read out all the movies.

"Well just get two tickets to Bridge To Terrabithia. Its not like we're actually gonna watch the movie." I winked at Frank. He laughed softly.

"Okay. Ew but Aww!" Ray said. He turned to the ticket booth. "Two tickets to Bridge To Terrabithia and three to Jumper please?"

"$40 sir." The ticket seller said.
Ray passed two twenty's undet the hole.
"Enjoy your movie" she said indifferently.
Ray took the tickets and we approched the candy bar with Mikey and Bob, who seemed to buy the whole thing. They had 5 buckets of popcorn, 5 huge drink cups, 8 packets of assorted lollies, and 5 chocolate bars.

"What are we seeing?" Mikey asked, peaking through two popcorn buckets.

"Not you feet if your gonna eat all of that!" I teased.
He poked his tounge out at me.
Everyone took one of everything.

"We're gonna see jumper and franks and Gee are gonna see Bridge To Terrabithia." Ray said, handing everyone their tickets.

"Why the fuck are you gonna see that?" Bob asked.

"Aah" I started.
There wasn't really an explanation for this.

"We've seen Jumper already." Frank finished the sentance.
They looked confused but before they could answer I told them it was about to start and ran away.
We entered theater 3 and sat up the far left corner.
No-one was in the cinema yet.
We took off our glasses and hoodies and I lifted up the seat handle that separated me from my Frankie. He snuggled up to me as the movie started.
We probably watched the first 10 minutes before getting bored and having a small make-out session but we pulled away when we heard a bunch of 10 year-old girls came bouncing in. They thankfully sat in the front row which meant me and Frank could continue but we didn't. Surprisingly we both got pretty into the movie.

About three quaters into the movie it hit a cliff hanger. I could feel my shoulders start to shake and tears start to fall as the movie played.

"You're friend, Lesley is... dead." The father of the family said.

Frank looked up at my teary eyes.
"Gee?" he giggled "are you crying?"
I quickley wiped away my tears and shook my head

"Aww! Gee!" Frank said sounding like my mother when I told her about my first girlfriend. "Come here." And with that he wrapped his arms around me and cradled me as I weeped into his chest.

"What do yah say we get outa here and go for a walk." Frankie whispered in my ear, his hot breath leaving its heat.
I nodded into his chest.


"Gon back with Frankie. Try and stay out as late as U can." I texted Ray, receiving one back within 30 seconds.
"Eww! But Aww! Again. Kay. Bye."
And with that I closed my phone and slid it back in the pocket of my hoodie.

"You right now, Gee?" Frankie asked.

"Ahh. Yeah. But what the fuck? They just fucking killed her! She had no right to die! She fucking drowned!!!" I shouted as we walked through the narrow streets.

"Its only a movie, hon." There was a slight pause. Not an awkward one. It just didn't need words.
"God its beautiful." Frank smiled.

"Mm" was all I managed to get out.

"I remember this street. My dad used to take me here every summer. We would stay in that hotel evey year." He said pointing to a building across the street.
"We'd stay on the 13th floor every time. I don't know why but we did and that..." he said pointing to a little caffe next to it.
"That place makes the BEST iced coffee and blueberry bagels in the world."

"Lets go there tomorow. Just you and me." I suggested.

"How are we gonna get away from the guys?" he asked.

"I dunno. Ray will cover."

There was another pause.
"I Miss him..." Frank sighed.

"I'm sorry Frank. It must be hard." I said, wishing I could take his hand without being called a faggot.

"Its okay. The only hard part is that." He said now pointing to the half, knocked down twin towers.

"I Miss him too. I remember he would always come and give us hot chocolate when we were up in the tree house at two in the morning." I said.
Frank smiled.

"He was a god man." I said quietly.

Soon enough we were back on the tour bus drinking hot chocolate and sharing memories.
We laughed and almost cried... again... at the crazy things we had done in the passed. About 2 more hours we did this before we both started to yawn.

" I think I'm gonna call it a night. See yah in the morning, Gee." Frank said pecking my lips. I grabbed his wrist before he could leave and pulled him onto my lap, kissing him passionatly. Our tounges explored each others mouths but we broke away when we heard a huge gasp.
We turned to find Bob and Mikey staring at us in awe.


Doncha love cliffhangers? I know I do!


Haha! I actually cried in Bridge To Terrabithia too!
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