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You're Such A Girl, Gee!

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The Band Knows!!! How will they take it? The answer lies WITHIN!!!

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I wouldn't leave u at a cliff hanger. Here you go. Reviews are fucking awesome! You don't know how awesome you guys are!!!!

Sorry it took so long to update.

Goes out to Emmi! My Syrup!
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Frank's POV

Ray came bursting through the door.

"Wait Guys!" he panted and looked up realising they were staring.
He mouthed a sorry, noticing I was on Gerard's lap and we were probably in the middle of something before he let Bob and Mikey slip away.

Bob and Mikey stood there in awe. God knows what was running through their minds.
Mikey would occasionaly take a sharp breath as if he was going to say something but his jaw just quivered.
Bob, on the other hand, was still standing with his jaw open but it was turned into a smile. Which was a good sign. Right?
He looked at Mikey and closed his moth with his hand.

"Well, I'm thirsty. I need coffee. Anyone coming. how bout you, Ray? You'll come. Lets go. Should be back soon. See ya guys!" and with that he grabbed Ray's wrist and lead him off the bus.
I tried to hold in a smile because he said it so fast but this was a serious moment.

We stood there for a good 60 seconds after Ray and Bob had left. Blinking was not on Mikey's to-do list. Nothing was.

He mummbled something incomprehensible and left to the bunk area, his eyes straight in front of him.
We heard the door close and looked back into each others eyes. Exept this time Gerard's glass-like hazel eyes were , that were once filled to the brim with passion and lust, were changed to an unknown expresion. To me anyway.
Gee Blinked but kept his eyes closed. I took his hand and held it softly. He re-opened his eyes, letting a tear fall on his left cheek. He didn't look as though he was crying. I wiped the tear away with my thumb on my free hand while the other still held on his.

"Did you see the look on his face?" he whispered. I put my forehead on his and kissed his nose softly before sliding off his lap.

"He would never understand." He continued.

Mikey's POV


Keeping my breathing steady, I slid in my bunk and hugged my knees to my chest.
He's with Frank.
The words throbbed in my head a million times.
Of course I would be happy for Gerard if he was gay. I wouldn't care if he had anyone else but Frank. But Frank was my best friend. Our best friend. What if something happened between them that would break them up and then they'd hate each other? I couldn't pick sides I love them both so much. It's like having to choose between life or love. You can't have one without the other. [[Cough EMMI! Cough.]] I just couldn't do it. I sat there for no longer than a minute before deciding I have to confront them.
I pressed my ear to the door, just to make sure they wernt in the middle of anything else.

"Did you see the look on his face?" I heard a faint whisper. It sounded like Gerard. The hurt in his voice stabbed me in the heart as a river of guilt flowed through my veins.
I closed my eyes, imagining the look on his face.

"He would never understand."

I burried my face in my hands.
I don't know why I felt like this.
Was I jealous?
Not of either one them. Maybe it was because I didn't have the feeling that they shared.
Confusing thoughts spun around my head.
There was more muffling voices behind the door but my mind blocked them out.
The faint sound of footsteps was heard. I stood up as fast as I could and leapt into my bunk, pretending to be asleep. The door opened as the two men approached me slowly.

"M-mikey?" it sounded like Frank was the first to speak. I didn't respond.

"Mikey. C'mon, man. We need to talk about this." Gerard said, placing his hand gently on my shoulder. My eyes stayed shut.

"Come on. We'll talk in the morning." Frank said and they exited the room.

How I wished that morning wouldn't come.
I fell asleep, dwelling on my thoughts but woke up when I heard the voice of Ray.
They were back.
I crept out of my bunk and pressed my ear to the door for the second time tonight.

"Nah, its good, man. I understand." I heard Bob say.
Why couldn't I?

Frank's POV

"Nah, its good, man. I understand." Bob smiled as we drunk [EMMI FOR THE 3RD TIME!] our coffee in the booth.

"What did Mikes say? He was kinda shocked earlier." Ray asked.
I shook my head and took a long sip from my mug.

"I've forgotten how the boy sounds like. After you left he went straight to his bunk and when we came to sort things out he was already asleep." Gerard shrugged.
Bob and Ray nodded.

"Nah, but really. I think we all noticed the ways Gerard tried to tell you." Bob laughed.

"What the hell? Everyones said that! Frank your so fucking stupid!" Gerard joked.

"Your ideas must have been stupid if I didn't notice. In what ways have you tried to tell me."

"Well," he started. "About a month ago when you were sick I made you that alphabet soup. I went through 3 cans to find the letters to spell 'I love you Frankie' and you didn't notice! When I made pancakes you asked me to but syrup on them so I spelt out Gee Loves Frank with the syrup and you didn't notice that either!
A shade of red crept to my cheeks. "Your such a girl, Gee!" I lightly punched him in the arm and burried my face in my mug, trying to stop my girlish giggle from slipping out.
He wrapped his strong arms around me and rested his head on my shoulder. I felt so safe. He protected me.

"We should probably hit the hay too." Bob announced, standing up and placing his and Ray's cups in the sink.
He turned on the tap.

"Leave it. I'll do it." Gerard smiled.
Bob and Ray then exited the room.
Gee walked over to the sink and turned on the tap. I crossed my arms and but them on the table, leaning my head on my hands, staring at Gerard.
A small smile spread over Gerard's face.

"What?" I asked.

"Nothing. I'm just happy they're so understanding. But truthfully. I'm scared." He said softly, placing a coffee mug in the cupboard.

"Of what?" I asked walking over and sitting on the bench.

"Mikey." He whispered. "Why's he so... I don't even know what he is. So... there's no word for it!" he grunted.
"Well wouldn't you feel the same way if you found Mikey and Ray making out?" I smiled at my sickened mind.

"Ew!" Gerard Giggled. "Ray would eat that poor kid alive."
We laughed, as I helped him dry and pack away the coffee mugs.

"Come on. We'll talk to Mikey in the morning." He smiled and hugged me, gently placing soft kisses on my neck.
I nodded and with that he leaded me into the bunk area.
I watched him as he slowly took off his jeans and kicked them aside, revealing his 'Batman And Robin' boxer shorts. I softly giggled.

"Those jeans are so uncomfortable to sleep in." He said. He dived into the bunk but I stayed standing, just looking at my feet.

"You coming in or what?" he asked, patting the spot mext to him.

"I can come in and sleep with you?" I smiled.
He nodded, scrunching his eye brows with a 'Why-not?' look.

I mummbled something even I didn't understand.

"Your gonna have to talk a bit louder than that, sugar." He smiled.

"I said... I don't jave anything on undernieth." I said quietly. Thank god it was dark so he couldn't see my Tomato face.
He softly laughed.

"Leave 'em on."

I climbed over the other side of him so I was at the window and rested my head on his chest.

"I love you Frankie. I'm so glad I can tell you now." He whispered.

"Me too, Gee. I love you." I turned my head and softly pecked his neck.

"So, so much." I added.

Within a few minutes Gerard was peacfully asleep in my arms. His head was now on my chest and he was snuggled close to my body. I felt, for once, that I was protecting him. although I was 5'4 and he's like 10'4, I still felt like there was a wall built around us. And nothing. Not what anyone thought or called us, could break it.

I heard Bob enter the room after his shower so I pretended to be asleep. I opened my eye a tiny bit, he didn't realise. He was smiling at the sight of his 2 best friends sharing a special feeling none of them were experiencing. I closed it again, this time falling into a deep, powerful sleep.
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