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Kelly tells Luke the secret, Alicia is worried about Jamia's nightmare

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“So are you going to tell me what’s wrong?” Luke asked. He had hoped she would tell him without having to ask but they were almost to Donna’s. He knew something was really bothering her. Sunshine was never this quiet.
Kelly looked over at him. “I can’t.” She whispered.
Luke stopped walking. “Sunshine, I can’t help if you don’t tell me what’s wrong.”
She smiled sadly at him, “There’s nothing you can do. There is nothing anyone can do.” The truth of her words hit her. Tears sprang to her eyes.
Luke gently touched her face, “Hey, don’t cry. Just talk to me. Tell me what’s going on.”
Kelly knew she could trust Luke. “Lets sit down a minute.” They were across the street from a small park. Kelly didn’t speak until they sat down on one of the park benches. “Something is going on a home.” She began.
“I figured that because you’re staying at your grandmas.” Luke said. He turned on the bench to face her, “So what is it?”
Kelly looked out across the park. This time of day it was almost empty. Most of the kids had gone home to dinner. Suddenly she remembered that day in the park when she had first met Elle. That was also the first time she’d met Liv. The memory was bittersweet.
Kelly sighed, “Sorry, I was just thinking. It’s about Liv.”
“Elle mom?”
“Yeah, you know how she told everyone she was going to California?”
Luke nodded, “Yeah I remember. You told me that’s why she made your mom Elle’s guardian.”
Kelly looked down at her feet. “She didn’t leave town. Mom went to her apartment and found her there.”
He could see she was about to cry. “Sunshine, what is it? I don’t understand.”
“Liv is dying.” Kelly pushed the words out, “I could always feel so much sadness when I was around her. I just never understood why.”
“Shit” Luke said softly. “And Elle doesn’t know?”
Kelly shook her head, “No.”
They sat in silence for a moment, “But I still don’t understand why you’re staying at you grandma’s.”
“Cause Mom brought Liv home. She doesn’t want her to die alone. Liv agreed but she doesn’t want Elle to see her.” Tears rolled down her face, “Mom said she looks really bad. Kara told me the same thing.” She took a breath, “I’m so proud of her for staying and helping mom.”
Luke thought a moment,” What’s wrong with Liv?” he asked while reaching out and brushing a tear from her cheek.
“Cancer.” Kelly said softly, “It’s just so sad. I wish this wasn’t happening.”
Luke moved closer and put his arm around her. “Guess you were right about something bad happening.”
Kelly nodded, “I wish I’d been wrong. But there’s something else.”
He gently rubbed the back of her neck, “What?”
“That day when Dad left. I felt like he was walking out of our lives. See Liv made Mom promise not to tell Dad. She doesn’t want to see him.”
Luke was starting to understand, “You’re afraid that when he finds out your mom didn’t tell him about Liv he’ll be upset.”
“But I don’t think that’s it.” Kelly said. This was frustrating her so badly, “I know he’ll be upset but I’m sure he’ll understand.”
“Yeah, I think he will but I’m confused. How is you mom gonna take care of her? Shouldn’t she be in a hospital?”
“Cancer patients like Liv are sent home to die since there isn’t anything that can be done for her. Only thing is Liv and Elle are pretty much alone in the world. She was just gonna go to a hospice center. But like Mom said it would be like being alone since she’d be surrounded by strangers.”
“I think those hospice people came in and helped my grandpa when my grandma was dying.” Luke said trying to remember. He’d been very young when it had happened. His grandpa had died the following year.
“They helped mom when my grandma was dying too.” Kelly leaned her head on his shoulder. “I just feel so helpless. Last night when Elle asked me when her mommy was coming to get her I started crying. I had to run to the bathroom so she didn’t see.”
“Fuck you were right there’s nothing I can do to help.” He leaned his own head over onto hers. “I’m sorry.”
He had to strain to hear her question, “When’s you Dad leaving?”
“He’s taking off Saturday morning.”
Kelly closed her eyes, “I was thinking maybe you and I could spend Saturday with Elle. Grandma and Grandpa Don want to visit a friend.”
“Sure’ Luke agreed, “We can do that.”
“When they get back I’m sure it will be okay if you and I go out on a date for a few hours Saturday night.”
Luke smiled, “That sounds great.”
Kelly sat up and looked into his eyes, “I want to go to your house.”
He understood what she was saying. “If that’s what you want Sunshine.”
Kelly nodded. She kissed his lips gently. Being with Luke gave her the feeling that life was going to be okay. She desperately needed that feeling.

“I’ll be fine. Mom.” Kara said as Monica turned at the door and opened her mouth. Kara had already known what the question would be.
Monica nodded. “Okay, she’s sleeping so there should be any problem. The pain meds knocked her out.” She looked closely at her daughter. “What is it?”
“It’s just creepy having a hospital bed in the house.”
Monica understood. “I know.”
“How long do you think she really has?” Kara whispered as she followed Monica out onto the porch.
Monica thought back to the conversation she’d had with Carrie, the hospice worker, earlier. No on can say for sure but she has a large tumor in her liver and it’s growing.”
Kara shook her head sadly, “Shit Mom, why? I mean why does this happen?”
Monica hugged her. “Because death is a part of life and it’s gonna happen to all of us. We just don’t know when.”
It was hard but Kara tried not to tear up, “I just wish I was with Bob.”
Monica took her face between her hands and looked her in the eyes, “Tell me the truth. Is this too hard for you? If it is I understand, Kara. You can stay at Donna’s too.”
Kara stood up straighter, “No, Mom. I want to help you. I’ll be fine.”
Monica hugged her once more. “Okay I will be home around 9:30. If she wakes up and is in pain she can have one of the pain pills. I left them in my room in my jewelry box,”
Kara looked surprised, “Why?”
“Because I’m afraid she might try to take them all.”
“Oh God.” Kara said softly. She thought a moment then said “Mom, if she’s in pain and not gonna get better, would that be wrong?”
Monica felt so weary, “It’s not our place to decide when to die.”
Kara wasn’t so sure but she kept that opinion to herself.

“You hardly touched your dinner.” Alicia said looking over at Jamia’s plate. “You need to eat more.”
Jamia sat down her fork, “It’s really good but I’m just not hungry.” She picked up her napkin, wiped her face then threw it down on the table.
“It was just a nightmare.” Alicia reminded her gently. “Don’t be so upset.” She had never seen Jamia look as scared as she had when she’s raced into the bedroom following the scream.
Jamia nodded, “But it was so realistic. He was just sitting there and they knew the plane was gonna crash. He just kept telling the man next to him that he was never gonna get to see his babies being born.” A tear escaped her eye.
Alicia stood and put her arm around her. “Just a nightmare. He’ll be home soon and everything will be all right.” She glanced at the clock. “Hey, right this minute he’s probably diving off the stage. Now that’s something to worry about.”
Jamia tried to smile, “True but I don’t think he is tonight. He sounded like he was in a lot of pain.”
Alicia nodded, “Poor guy. Mikey told me he tried to talk Frank into skipping tonight’s show.”
“He hates to do that to the fans.” She took a drink of water then continued, “I just want to see him walking through that door.”
Alicia sat back down and picked up her fork, “Me too.” She agreed. Her mind wouldn’t let her forget the news report she was watching right before Jamia had her nightmare. There had been two recent plane crashes. Shit, how may times had she heard it said that bad things always come in threes?”
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