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Monica talks to Bert

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“Mom is it okay if I hang with Luke after school today? We have an art project we need to work on.”
Monica, who was just starting the coffee maker, thought a moment. She moved the phone from her right ear to the left. Now she could continue. “Sure, just make sure it’s okay with Donna too.” She yawned thinking how desperately she needed the coffee. Her conversation with Gee last night had been long and stressful. Hiding the sadness in her voice hadn’t been easy.
“I already talked to her but she said I had to ask you.” Kelly said taking a bite of cereal.
“How did Elle do last night?” Monica asked.
Kelly sighed and looked over at Elle eating the bananas out of her bowl. “Hold on.” Kelly said. She walked from the kitchen into the living room so Elle couldn’t hear the conversation. “She cried a lot. She wanted her mommy.”
Monica closed her eyes to fight back the tears, “God” she whispered.
Kelly too was having a hard time dealing with her emotions. “Mom it’s just so unfair.”
“Life is often unfair.” Monica said softly. She crossed the room to look out the patio doors. The gazebo caught her eyes. She remembered the day she and Bert had walked outside to find Liv and Gerard talking in its shadow. She remembered how hurt she had felt seeing them together. She remembered how she had truly believed Liv was trying to get Gerard back. Guilt caused her to turn away. “I’m going to come over to Donna’s around 7:00 tonight. You will be there right?”
“Yeah, I’m just gonna hang with Luke for a few hours. I told grandma I’d be home for dinner.”
“Where are you going to be?”
“The art room is gonna be open so we can work on our projects. Luke said he’d walk me back here when we’re done.”
“Sure you feel up to walking that far?” Monica asked. She knew Kelly was still having some pain from her stitches.
‘Yeah, I feel fine.” Kelly said. She lowered her voice, “Mom, last night Dad called. I pretended I was home but I hate to do that.”
“I know Kelly. This isn’t going to be easy but I think in my heart it’s the right thing to do.”
“I do too.” Kelly said sadly, “I just wish things were different.”
“Me too, Baby.” Monica said rubbing her eyes, “Me too.”

The people from Hospice had just arrived when Bert called. Monica excused herself after showing them the guest bedroom where they were going to put the hospital bed. “Hey Bert” she said tiredly.
“Hey, Monica. I just wanted to give you a call and see if you found out anything about Liv.”
Monica walked into her bedroom and closed the door. She walked over to the bed and sat down. “No, nothing.” She lied. “No one knew where she took off to.”
Bert snorted, “Yeah, I figured that. Liv never did make friends.”
“Why?’ Monica asked suddenly.
“Why?” Bert seemed surprised by the question. “That’s just how she is. She never lets herself get close to people. Shit, that’s why I was so surprised the first time I saw her with Elle. I’d never seen Liv act that loving to another human being.”
“But why is she like that?” Monica pressed. “Didn’t she ever tell you anything about her past?”
Bert lit a cigarette and shook his head, ‘Fuck no. I learned as soon as I met her not to ask questions. I remember once asking her was she was from. It was like only the second of third time I’d talked to her. She glared at me and said she was from hell.”
“Did she ever mention any family?” Monica pressed.
Bert sighed, “Still trying to find her? Look Monica if Liv doesn’t want to be found that’s how it’s gonna be.”
Monica remained silent.
“So how’s G-Man doing?” Bert asked trying to pick up the conversation.
“He’s fine. He said the tour is going great.”
Bert noticed she didn’t seem herself. “Monica, are you okay? Is there something I can do to help?”
Monica realized she had to do better at pretending nothing was wrong. “Things are great Bert. What’s going on with you?’
He looked around at his surroundings, “Well I’m still in California and the weather is fucking perfect.” Monica heard a voice in the background. She heard Bert utter an icy hello. “Anyway.” He said.
“Who was that?” Curiosity got the best of her.
She could tell by the pause he didn’t want to answer. “Sorry, that was totally nosey of me.”
Bert laughed, “That’s okay. I’m here at the studio where we’re working on our album. That was Eliza who just said hello. Don’t know what the hell she’s doing here.”
“Eliza?” Monica was shocked.
“See why I didn’t want to tell you?” Bert said honestly.
Monica tried to think. “Bert, she and Liv know each other right?”
He laughed, “Oh yeah. You could say that. They hate each other.”
“Because of Gee.” Monica said.
“Well, yeah. Eliza was always hanging around him when he and Liv were together.”
“And he was unfaithful to Liv with her.”
Bert was surprised, “You know about that?”
“Yeah, he told me.” Monica didn’t want to relive that memory again. “Bert have you ever wondered if Eliza had anything to do with Gee and Liv breaking up?”
Now he was very confused, “I don’t know. I mean Liv just took off. I don’t think she had a reason.”
“Just took off and pregnant?’ Monica said
Bert wondered what in the hell was going on. “Okay, I’m confused as fuck. Why do you care why Liv left Gee? It’s ancient history. Let it go.”
Monica lowered her head. He had an excellent point. What difference did any of it make now? “I don’t know.” She said softly.
“Monica, really tell me what’s wrong.” He urged.
Everything, Monica thought. Instead she forced herself to smile. “Not a damn thing. So tell me about your album.”

“Ouch” Jamia yelled. “Babies stop that.”
Alicia rushed in from the other room. “What’s wrong?”
“I’m getting beaten to a pulp.” Jamia said sounding quite cross. “I’m pretty sure they are fighting with each other.”
Alicia laughed, “You had me scared, woman. I thought something was wrong.”
Jamia’s eyes narrowed, “It is wrong. It hurts.”
“I can’t wait until I feel my little girl kick.” Alicia smiled. She walked over to the sofa and sat next to Jamia.
“Have you felt anything yet?”
Alicia nodded. “I think so. I mean not a kick but a strange feeling.”
“Like butterflies in your stomach?”
“Yeah” Alicia agreed excitedly, “That’s normal right? I thought at first it might be gas because it feels like bubbles. I mean I’m only 13 weeks along and I didn’t think that should happen yet.”
Jamia smiled, “I felt it sooner too. Maybe cause we got rock n’ roll babies.” She said then frowned, ‘Ouch”
“They are pretty active today, aren’t they?”
“Yeah, they are. I think I’m gonna go lay down for a while. They obviously don’t want me to sit anymore.”
Alicia helped her to her feet. “I’ll make us some lunch when you get up.”
“Sounds good.” She started towards the bedroom when her cell phone rang. “Hi” she answered seeing it was Frank.
“I’m coming home.” He said without a greeting.
“Frank what’s wrong?” Jamia stopped in her tracks.
“It’s my wisdom teeth. I gotta get them taken out. One is really messed up and I’m in a lot of pain.”
‘Oh, Baby. I’m sorry. When are you coming home?”
“I’m gonna play the concert tonight then fly out afterwards.”
Jamia couldn’t help but smile. “I’m sorry you’re in pain but I’m happy you’re coming home.”
“Me too.” He said. “I’ll call you later when I know my flight details.”
Jamia said good-bye and disconnected. “Frankie’s coming home.” She told Alicia.
Alicia nodded, “I heard. What’s wrong?”
“His wisdom teeth have to be removed.”
Alicia was about to ask another question when Jamia started to sway. Quickly she ran to steady her. “Jamia?”
“Wow, I’m okay.” She closed her eyes a minute, “Just dizzy.”
“Come on lets get you into bed.”
Once she was laying down Jamia felt better. “Don’t let me sleep too long okay?”
“I’ll get you up in an hour. How’s that?”
“That’s good.” Jamia tried to fine a comfortable position. It wasn’t easy. As soon as she drifted off to sleep she fell into a dream.
Alicia settled herself in front of the TV and flipped it on. The news was reporting another plane crash. She shuddered slightly. Plane crash reports always gave her the willies. Mikey traveled by plane too much for it to be otherwise. She flipped to another station when suddenly she heard Jamia scream.
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