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Kara stay with her mother to help with Liv

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“Come on Bug we gotta go pack.” Kelly said trying very heard to sound happy. Her older sister didn’t buy it for one moment.
Elle ran to Kelly’s side, “Weres wes gowin?”
“We’re gonna go stay at Grandma’s house for a while.” Kelly said taking her hand.
“Otay” Elle said happily.
Kelly knew she had to make this the best experience for Elle that she could, “Yeah, we’re gonna stay in Dad’s old room. Doesn’t that sound like fun?”
Elle nodded happily, “Mommyca and Kawa too?”
Kara was staring at Kelly. “Mom’s waiting in the kitchen for you.”
Kara nodded and moved quickly towards the kitchen. She wanted to find out just what the hell was going on. Kelly looked as if she was about to break into tears. Kara entered the kitchen and saw her Mom seated at the table. “Mom?”
Monica looked up and smiled, “Honey, I need to tell you something. Please sit down.”
Kara moved towards the table, “Mom, what’s going on?”
Monica waited until she was sitting to begin. “I’m sending Kelly and Elle to live with Donna for the time being. At first I thought you might want to stay here but on second thought I think you should go too.”
“Would you please just tell me what the hell is going on?” Kara asked. She was frightened and confused.
“I went to see Liv today.” Monica began.
Kara cut her off, “Why the hell did you do that? Can’t you just be glad she’s out of your life?”
Monica reached over and placed her hand on Kara’s arm. “Honey, Liv is dying.”
Kara’s mouth dropped open, “What?”
“She lied about leaving town. She’s known she was dying for a while. That is why she’s been leaving Elle with us. That is why she made me Elle’s guardian.”
“But I don’t understand.” Kara said, “She’s young. She can’t be dying.”
Monica smiled sadly, “Cancer doesn’t care how old you are.”
Kara sat back in her chair. “God, I’m sorry. Fuck, I can’t believe how awful I just sounded.”
“Kara, it’s okay, you didn’t know. None of us knew. We’ve all thought badly of her for months.”
“And all that time she’s been dying? Shit.”
Monica needed to explain the rest to her, “I’m bring Liv here.”
“Here?” Kara asked, “I don’t understand.”
“She doesn’t have much time left. She was going to stay in a hospice center but I don’t want her to do that. I’m going to take care of her. Remember when hospice helped me with Grandma? They will come to the house and help me with Liv. I’ve already talked to them. They are going to send someone out tomorrow. Liv has gotten to the point where they are going to start to give her stronger pain medication.”
“So all of us thought she was on drugs when she was really just taking stuff for the cancer?’
Monica nodded.
“Crap, how’s Gerard gonna take this?”
“We aren’t going to tell him.”
“Not tell him? Are you crazy? He’ll find out.”
Monica folded her hands to keep them from shaking. Her nerves were shot. “Liv doesn’t want him to know. She is afraid he’d try to see her and she doesn’t want that.”
“But he’ll be pissed when he finds out, you know he will.”
“This decision is up to Liv. I hope she changes her mind and lets me tell him. I want them to talk before it’s too late.”
Kara sat quietly a moment, “Mom are you sure about this? I mean all of it. Taking care of Liv, not telling Gerard, and what about Bob? I can’t tell him? You want me to lie to him?”
“I’m not asking you to lie to your husband. I’m asking you not to tell him. Liv doesn’t have much time. I truly don’t think she’ll make it until they get back from the tour. There is no reason Bob should ask you about Liv. As far as they know she’s left town.”
“But what if Gerard asks you if you’ve heard from Liv? He will you know.”
Monica sighed, “I promised Liv I wouldn’t tell him.”
“Then you’ll lie to him.” Kara said sadly.
Monica nodded, “Then I’ll lie to him. I’ll have to.”
Kara shook her head, “I still don’t understand why you have to bring her here.”
“Because I don’t want her to die surrounded by strangers. She doesn’t deserve that.”
Kara once again fell silent thinking. Finally she spoke. “I’ll drive Elle and Kelly over to Donna’s. This will be hard on Elle too. She was just starting to get settled here.”
“I know” Monica said sadly. I’ll try to spend as much time as I can over there. It’s just gonna be hard because I’m not gonna want to leave Liv for long periods of time.”
“That’s why I’m gonna stay here.” Kara said standing. “I can stay with her when I get home from school. That way you can go to Donna’s for a few hours each day to see Elle and Kelly.”
Monica felt a rush of pride in her daughter. “Are you sure? It’s not going to be easy. The closer the end gets Liv will go through so many emotions and probably a lot of anger. I tried to keep you and Kelly away from Grandma at the end so you didn’t see it.”
“I can handle it.” Kara said hoping it was the truth.
Monica stood and hugged her tightly, “Thank you.” She whispered.
Kara hugged her Mom back. “We’ll get through this.”

Monica was driving back to Liv’s when her cell rang. She had turned it back on knowing that Gee was trying to call her. “Hey” she answered praying her voice sounded normal.
“Hey yourself. Where have you been? I’ve been worried. Didn’t Kell tell you I called?”
“I’m not home. I’m still out.” Monica answered.
“Oh, well what are you doing?” Gerard asked while crossing the room. He tossed down a bag of food he’s brought back for Bob.
“Thanks, man. “ Bob said digging in the sack.
“Driving, right now. I’m sorry I didn’t notice my phone was turned off. Is something wrong?”
Gerard relaxed a bit. He had been worried.” No, nothing’s wrong. I just wanted to talk to you. I miss you, you know.”
“I miss you too.” Monica said. She glanced at her watch. “So how was your day?”
“Busy.” He answered. “We just got back from getting something to eat. I think Mikey and I are gonna rent a movie in his room. He wants to see that horror movie about the bats.”
“Sounds like fun.” Monica said trying to sound interested. Her mind in reality was millions of miles away. “So why don’t you go watch it and call me afterwards.”
“Yeah, okay.” He paused, “Sure you’re okay?”
Monica was anything but okay. “I just miss you.” She said because it wasn’t a lie.
“Miss you too. I’ll call you in a couple of hours.”
“Love you.” Monica said before disconnecting. In a couple of hours she would have Liv settled at home.

Kara was back from taking Elle and Kelly to Donna’s when Monica pulled in the driveway. She walked out to meet the car. Liv got out slowly and started to open the back door to grab her bag.
“I’ll get it.” Kara said moving quickly to open the door and pull out the suitcase.
Liv almost snapped and said she was capable of getting it herself but the pain made her remain silent. They all walked into the house together.
“A bed will be delivered tomorrow.” Monica said as they walked into the front hall. You can sleep in Kelly’s room tonight if that’s okay.”
“That bed it too hard to get into.” Kara said. “You can sleep in my room.”
Liv stood silently. This was harder than she’s imagined. Being in Gerard’s house seemed so wrong. Accepting kindness from these women was even harder. “I’d rather sleep on the sofa.” She finally said.
“Sure.” Monica agreed. “The sofa in the family room is the most comfortable.”
Liv followed her down the hall. They walked into the family room and Kara set down her suitcase. She wanted to say something to Liv but words escaped her.
Slowly Liv walked to the sofa and sat.
“I’m gonna make dinner.” Kara said wanting desperately to leave the room.
Monica nodded. “Liv why don’t you take a nap until dinner is ready?” She could see Liv was exhausted.
Liv started to lean down to untie her shoes but the pain in her side stopped her. Tears sprang to her eyes. Quickly Monica bent down, untied her shoes and slipped them off. Liv hated that she had to have help for something so trivial. She carefully lowered her body and curled up. This position eased the pain a bit.
“Do you have pain pills?” Monica asked, her voice full of concern.
“In my bag.” Liv said closing her eyes.
Monica found them. “I’ll get you some water.”
Liv noticed something in the sofa cushions was poking her side. She reached down and pulled it out. It was Elle’s stuffed bug from Gee. Suddenly she couldn’t hold her tears back. She hugged the stuffed bug to her chest.
When Monica returned with the water she found Liv clutching the little stuffed animal tightly to her chest and sobbing.
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