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Chapter 20 - Whenever Our Enemies Attack

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Chapter 20

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Chapter Twenty – Whenever Our Enemies Attack

Shay brushed her hair calmly before the mirror, all the children were in her bed again. She turned and observed them silently for a few moments and gasped suddenly as she felt the fluttering of the baby’s movements in her tummy for the first time. It was almost as though through all the stress, she had forgotten it was silently growing inside her each day and it was reminding her that it was there and that it needed her. Her hands clasped over it, absorbing the motion of it’s movements inside. Then sadness consumed her. It consumed her because her family was a mess. Patrick wasn’t home. Her children were taking full flack for their unfaithfulness to each other. Further she was carrying a child who’s life would be turned upside down.

Patricks knee’s were pulled up close to him and he huddled in the car infront of his house, watching as Shay busied herself as usual, managing the children. The vapour from his breath funnelled out from his lips and he shivered slightly. When Shay had told him to leave, he for the first time realised that he had nowhere to go. His family was everything with his name on it, everything he had.

The good fame and fortune couldn’t sustain such a heavy burden, it could only mask it with expensive things and people who would never tell you the truth.

He saw the bedroom light go out and that’s when he slipped out the car and re-entered his house. He refused to leave his family any longer. All skeletons were out. Now they had to deal with them.

He curled up on the sofa and did his best to close his eyes and just hoped morning would come soon.


When he woke, he couldn’t quite believe he’d slept through such noise, as his eyes focused, he saw a huge pair of hazel green eyes staring at him. She was silent as she watched her Dad sleep and even when he opened his eyes, she remained still and kept watching him.

“Rory Stump!!” Shay bellowed, hurrying the 8 year old.

Patrick picked up his daughter and pulled her onto his chest, knowing that Shay probably didn’t know he was here.

“Take this to your Father.” She said, Patrick swallowed quickly and he watched Rory bring him the coffee. He sat up and Rory grinned at him. He looked over to the kitchen, Shay was standing making sandwiches, Aimee squeezed infront of her, pushing food into her belly button.

“Aimee – “

“-The baby’s hungry!” she said, pushing another piece of cucumber into her belly button.

“Ok – that’s enough! The baby’s not hungry, i promise, it tells me when it is!” she reassured her daughter.

“How did baby get in your belly?” She frowned, looking up at her Mom inquisitively.

“Aimee – I’m really busy! I don’t have time to explain all this to you?”

“Megan Wainwright said her parents made her.” Aimee said.

“OK-“ Shay stopped and picked her up, plopping her down on the worktop.

“If I tell you – you promise to keep it between you and me – nobody else?!” Shay said, Aimee nodded excitedly.

She covered Aimee’s ear playfully and began whispering in to it. Aimee gasped in excitement.

“Really??!” She beamed,

Shay did nodded and Aimee covered her mouth with both hands in the excitement.

“Can I tell Megan?!” She asked,

“Sure!” Shay said, placing her back on the floor.

As Shay stood back up she slowly looked to Patrick and he feared that distant look in her eyes. Somewhere in the night, Shay had gone and was replaced with a woman he was very unsure of.

Patrick turned his eyes back to Natalie who silently watched him, the whole catalogue of their errors was strewn in her window-like eyes. His palm cupped her small soft cheek and she continued to watch her Father loyally.

“Hey Daddy.” Aimee said as she peered over the back of the sofa and lazily slouched her arms around his shoulders. “Hey gorgeous.” He replied, he knew his children were growing up, and growing up quick. She made her way on to his lap and joined Natalie for lap time but protested angrily as Patrick kissed her firmly.

“Your face hurts!” she frowned, Patrick felt his chin quickly and felt how rough it was. “Sorry, I haven’t shaved....”

Rory came and stood by Patrick and the girls too, fear of missing out on something his sisters might be getting, Patrick glanced over and felt instant worry as he saw Shay swallow the tablets quickly with some water and clutch her tummy gently.

“Shay?” he asked, a deep frown on his eyebrows, the children detected that concern too and they looked on bewildered.

Shay turned to Patrick’s voice. “Are you OK?” he asked, now that he had her attention.

“I’ve never been better.” She replied curtly, Patrick looked at the children.
“Rory – could you give me and your Mom a few minutes?” he asked the responsible child, he nodded and picked up Natalie.

“Come on Aimee....Mom and Dad wanna talk....again....” he muttered.

They slowly made their way into the play room across the hall.

Patrick walked into the kitchen and watched as Shay made further sandwiches for the children’s lunch bags.

“I don’t wanna hear you speak.” Shay said coldly, calmly putting down the knife. Patrick’s eyes opened wider in shock.

“The only reason you’re here now is cos the kids begged me to let you stay.” She said, frowning hard at him. Patrick looked at how pale she was, she was sick, he wasn’t listening to her words, he just wanted to make her better.

“Shay-“ he started. “Just shut up Patrick!” she said angrily. “I said I didn’t wanna hear you speak!! In fact, just say goodbye to the kids and then leave – JUST LEAVE!” she shouted at him.

He moved away awkwardly and lowered his head.

“Patrick.” She said firmly. He stopped in his tracks but didn’t turn.

“I want a divorce.” She said, landing him the blow he’d been dreading may come. “I’ll be going to my lawyer today to get things started.” She added.

His marriage was over.

“Momma?” Rory frowned, all children were once again in her bed, it was quickly becoming a habit she needed. Shay didn’t respond but moved stiffly in the sheets. Rory wriggled free and sat up.

“Momma?” He said again but Shay couldn’t respond.

“Rory?” Aimee croaked, shat sat up and also wriggled free.

“It’s Mom.” He said, their eyes wide on each other’s faces in the dark room.

Rory switched on the light and padded back over to his Mom, pushing her dark hair from her face.

“Momma?” he said again but Shay was incoherent with her response and shay moaned in the pain in her body.

Rory picked up her cell phone and swiftly pressed through the numbers before getting to Patrick’s and dialling it.

Patrick awoke from sleep, easier than he wanted to and he fumbled for the cell phone in the empty hotel room.

“Dad – Come home!” Rory said urgently. Patrick stood up quickly.

“Rory? What’s going on?” he asked. Rory gently shook his Mom’s shoulder with no response.

“It’s Momma! She’s sick!” he said, Patrick could feel how afraid his small son was just by the tone.

“Is she awake? Can she hear you?” He asked urgently, pulling on his jeans.

“Not really – I don’t know!” he said anxiously.

“I’ll be right there.”

Patrick kept his son talking as made the short journey back home and he rushed through the door. Rory rushed to the door and awaited his Father and he could only watch as Patrick rushed in and attended to Shay.

“Shay?!” he called her name firmly, gripping her face and slapping her gently.

“Shay – can you hear me?!” he said more urgently but all he got was the same as Rory, slow sounds of her distress.

Patrick pulled the sheets from her and he gasped in shock, Rory cried out and covered his mouth. Aimee began crying as soon as she acknowledged the blood and Patrick quickly covered her over.

He did his best to calm the children before grabbing the phone and contacting the emergency services.

“My name is Patrick Stump and I need medics! My wife is pregnant but she is barely conscious and she is bleeding heavily!” he said to the operator. “Please , please hurry!” he urged them. It took only moments to relay the information and he went back to nursing her immediately.

“Shay!” he said, tears pricking his eyes, he shook her slightly and he got another groggy response.

Why was he holding her again as she lay helpless? Why was this happening to his family? Why was it his children crying hysterically?

“You’re going to be OK!” he whispered against Shay’s forehead and kissed her gently, over and over.

Knowing deep down that everything was not wasn’t OK at all.

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