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Jamia reads Frank's text message.

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“I can make you something else if you don’t like pancakes.”
Liv set down her fork, “Look Monica please stop being so nice. I’m just not hungry.”
Monica lifted her coffee cup and took a drink. “I just know you need to eat something. The pain pills will upset your stomach if you don’t.”
“I don’t fucking care.” Liv answered pushing away from the table. “Fuck, what difference does it make?”
“Liv, I don’t know what to say.” Monica answered sadly.
“Cause there is nothing to say. Fuck, I’m sitting here waiting to die. What can anyone say?’
Monica understood her anger, “Not a fucking thing.”
Liv gave her a shocked look, “Bet you don’t say that word often.”
Monica smiled, “I’ve started to say it more since meeting Gee.” She at once felt bad about mentioning his name. Liv saw the look on her face.
“It’s okay to say his name.” She said softly.
“Liv can I ask you something?” Monica sat down her coffee cup, “I mean it’s okay if you don’t want to answer.”
“As long as it’s not “why did you leave him” sure.”? Liv leaned her elbows on the table and waited.
“I was just wondering if you have any family.” Monica asked softly.
The question upset Liv, “I have no one in the world but Elle.”
Monica took a sip of coffee then looked down at the table. Liv sighed, “Look you don’t have to bond with me, okay? We’re not friends and we never would have been friends.”
“Cause you never let anyone get close to you,” Monica said sadly, “Even Gee.”
Liv sat back in her chair, “Yeah, even Gee. He was always trying to figure me out. He just couldn’t leave well enough alone.”
“Because he loved you.”
Liv angrily slapped her hands down on the table and stood. “That was his own fault. I was always telling him he shouldn’t bother.” Standing was painful and she had to pause a minute before walking. “I’m gonna watch TV.”
Monica nodded, “Let me know if you need anything.”
Liv glared at her, “I need my fucking life not to be over. Yeah, that’s all I need but you know what? I never did get what I wanted.” She slowly left the kitchen. Monica sat at the table lost in thought.

Jamia was getting more and more upset and nothing Alicia said helped. “I don’t understand why he hasn’t called.”
“I’m sure he will. His cell’s probably dead.”
“Yeah, probably.” She said. “But still.”
“Jamia, don’t upset yourself. It’s not good for the babies.” Alicia stood. “I’m gonna make you some green tea.”
Jamia flipped on the TV. The local morning news show was doing a recap of the top stories.
“Alicia” Jamia’s scream caused Alicia to drop the teacup she was holding. It hit the ground and broke into several pieces.
“Shit” Alicia muttered. She left the mess and quickly went back into the living room. “What’s wrong?” She saw Jamia staring at the TV. The woman anchor was giving details of the plane crash that had happened hours earlier. “Fuck” Alicia muttered as she took a seat by Jamia.
Both women sat in stunned silence. Finally Jamia spoke, her voice was shaky, “That’s not the airline he was on. He called right before the concert and told me what airline. That’s not it.” She had to repeat, “That’s not his airline.”
Alicia grabbed her hand, “Okay, you’re right. Now calm down.”
“I’m sorry, it just scared me so bad when she started talking about a flight from Europe. Shit, it even flew out of the same city.”
Alicia could see how upset she was becoming, “Jamia take a deep breath.”
“I’m okay. I just want to hear from him, you know?”
“I know. Now I’m gonna go clean up the mess in the kitchen. Sorry I broke a teacup and I’ll get you some tea. Sit back and calm down.” She returned to the kitchen and bent down to pick up the broken pieces of the cup. She had just got that done when Jamia screamed her name again.
She rushed back in. “What?”
Jamia was holding her cell phone. “I’m so stupid. I forgot to check my text messages.”
Alicia sat down by her. “So?”
“Frank sent me a text from the airport. Something was wrong with the plane he was supposed to fly home on. He changed planes.” Tears were rolling down her face.
The implications of what the text meant hit Alicia. “Oh God, he didn’t say what airline he got changed to?”
Jamia shook her head, “No, Oh God. Alicia. What if the plane that crashed was the one he was on?”
Alicia sat a moment in stunned silence. “I’m gonna start making calls. Jamia it’s important you don’t lose it. I’m sure Frank is fine.” She grabbed Jamia’s hand, “Look at me.”
Jamia looked over at her friend. She couldn’t stop crying.
“Jamia, calm down. Think of the babies.”
“But” Jamia sobbed, “My dream. Frankie said he’d never get to see them.”

Mikey slipped his cell out of his pocket and quickly read Alicia’s text. He looked around at the guys and wondered how much longer this interview was going to take. She said it was urgent he call. Gerard was talking about Grandma and he hated to just stand up and leave.
“She herself was such an amazing artist. She was a sculptor, painter, she could play the piano, she could sing. She was an amazing woman. She kinda saw I had an interest in that sort of thing and she not forced me but kinda fostered that creativity. She gave me encouragement. She made me do it. She’s the one that made me play Peter Pan in the play.” Gerard said.
Mikey smiled to himself. He always did when Peter Pan was mentioned. Poor Gerard didn’t know that he knew where the tape of that performance was hidden. Suddenly he realized he never really talked about Grandma. He had so many wonderful memories he’d like to share but no one ever asked him. Gerard always answered questions about her. Gerard always did all the talking. He’d been doing it their whole life. Mikey frowned. Why was he thinking along these lines? It never bothered him before that interviews never asked him many questions. He shook his head trying to let go of the thought. Gerard did most of the talking for most of them. They had all agreed long ago that’s how it would be. He just wanted this to be over so he could call Alicia.
As soon as the interview was over Mikey sprinted outside into the hall and called her. “Hey, what’s wrong?’
Her voice was shaking, “Mikey who took Frank to the airport?”
Mikey frowned, “I think Marc took him. He didn’t stay though. He told me that Frank told him to head back after dropping him off cause it was so late. Why?”
Alicia tried to calm down. “I’ve called Brian, I’ve tried to call the airport but I’m not getting shit.”
“Alicia, I don’t understand what’s going on? Isn’t Frank home?” Mike asked.
Gerard looked over at his brother. “What’s wrong?’
Mikey shrugged trying to make sense of Alicia’s words.
“Mikey, Frank sent a text last night to Jamia from the airport. He said the flight he was supposed to take got messed up. He was talking another flight.”
“Okay, so what’s wrong with that?”
Alicia realized he hadn’t heard about the plane crash. “There was a flight out of the same airport heading for New York.” She took a deep breath, “It crashed.”
Mikey gasped, “Fuck, you don’t think he was on it?”
Alicia tried to blink back tears, “We don’t know. I can’t find out a fucking thing.”
“He doesn’t answer his cell?’
“No” Alicia sat at the kitchen table. She rubbed her eyes, “I’m worried about Jamia. She’s freaking.”
“I’m worried about you. Try to stay calm okay?”
“What the fuck is going one?” Gerard asked his brother. The rest of the guys had gathered around by this time.
“Alicia, I’m gonna talk to the guys. I’ll call you back in a few minutes.” Mikey snapped his phone shut. “Frank changed planes last night so he wasn’t on his original flight. He sent a text to Jamia telling her that but not what flight he was on.”
“So?” Frank asked, “What’s wrong?”
Mikey took a steadying breath, “There was a flight last night headed for New York that crashed.” He didn’t need to say anymore. He could tell by the stunned look on his friend’s faces they understood.

“Monica, can you come over?”
“Alicia, what’s wrong?” She was shocked by the fear she heard in Alicia’s voice.
Alicia quickly told her what was going on. “I don’t know what to do but Jamia is scaring me. I can’t calm her down.”
Monica spoke quickly, “I’ll be there as soon as I can.” She hung up and went to talk to Liv who had gone back upstairs to lie down. She told her where she was going and why. “Do you need anything before I go?’
Liv shook her head, “No, I’m okay. I really hope Frank’s okay. He never much liked me and I understand why but still I wouldn’t want anything to happen to him.”
Monica nodded, “Yeah, I’m really worried about Jamia. We have to try to calm her down.”
Liv leaned back and closed her eyes, “Don’t worry about me Monica. I’ll be here when you get back. Fucking Black Parade ain’t coming yet.”
Monica was shocked by her words. She had never even connected what was happening to Liv with the bands album. Suddenly the song “Cancer” played in her mind.
“Wonder if this cancer was already growing in me when Gee worked on that song.” It was if she could read Monica’s mind.
“I don’t know.” Monica whispered.
“Guess we know which song he wrote for me.” Liv whispered.
Monica understood she meant, “I Don’t Love You”. She looked over to see a single tear run down Liv’s face. She had to go. “Liv, I’ll be back.” She turned and walked out of the room.
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