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Just a bit of brotherly love.

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I walked down the middle of the long, bland room looking from side to side as I went. Everywhere I looked I saw sick children, some younger than Mikey, others about the same age. Some had physical injuries and some were coughing and spluttering. Some looked close to death and others looked almost normal. I thought it was unfair to keep all these kids locked in a room together. Domestic violence victims with eczema suffers, car crash victims with kids with eating disorders.
I spotted Mikey at the end. Luckily he was one of the healthier looking kids, that made me feel a lot better. He looked miserable but as soon as he looked around and saw me his face lit up.
“Gee.” he shouted, hushing up any other speaking that had been going on in the room. “Gee, I’m over here.” he shouted again, this time using vicious hand movements, willing me to come over.
“Hey Mikey.” I said In a tired tone.
“Hey Gee, what’s wrong?” he asked. I was touched by is concern.
“Um… Listen Mikey.” I started whilst scratching the back of my neck. “I’ve got something’s to tell you.”
“It’s bad isn’t it?” he asked. “I know because you only scratch the back of your neck when your about to tell bad news.”
I, personally had never realised and I couldn’t believe he had.
“Yeh Mikey, listen.” I started. “I kind of lied to you about mum and dad.”
His dark eyes widened to an abnormal size. He opened his mouth to speak. “Are they dead?” he asked, his voice cracking at the end.
No Mikey, no.” I sighed putting my hand on top of his.
“Well what is it then?” he asked, I could tell he was trying to hold back tears.
“Well, it’s just…” I took my hand away from my neck. “They’re in a more critical state then I told you yesterday.”
“What’s wrong with them?” he asked me impatiently.
“Well… um… dad’s in intensive care and mums in a comer.”
He looked so shocked and upset and those tears that he’d been holding back suddenly came flooding out.
“Don’t cry little bro.” I said, giving him an un-manly cuddle. “It’ll all be ok… they’ll be fine, you’ll see.”
I couldn’t handle this right now, I had too much stuff going on in my life without Mikey turning all emo on my ass again.
“We’ve just gotta be strong. You’ll see, they’ll get better.”
I had way much more to worry about then Mikey. If our parents died, where would I go? I’m too old to go into a care home. What would I do? Would I bring Mikey to live with me or put him in a home? Not to mention the fact that my girlfriend just nearly died and now I have to give a police statement against her psychopathic step-dad.
I turned my attentions back to him. He was staring at an orange peeler knife on the table next to him.
NO, Mikey, NO!” I said, now I was starting to cry. “Don’t do this to me. We’ve got each other and that’s all we need until mum and dad get better.” I reassured him and climbed next to him in the bed. I could feel his soft breath on my neck, sending me to sleep. I needed sleep… sleep was all I needed.
This was for the people who said about Gee abandoning Mikey, you know who you are. Reviews anyone? Thanks for reading.
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