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Is alcohol really the answer for Gee?

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I told you exactly what happened ok? I am not telling you again!” I growled at the two police officers sitting opposite me. They were two completely different officers from the last time and they were even more annoying.
“We get that you are upset Mr Way.” said a small, plump, middle aged woman gently. “But if you could just tell us the story one more time please?” she begged.
That’s what you said last time” I said, this time even more pissed off. “I already told you, he hit me first, then my dad and my brother and then finally my girlfriend. I told you exactly how it happened. I am not going to tell you again. You get me?”
“I’m sorry Mr Way.” said the young, male police officer. “We just have to be sure seeing as your girlfriend hasn’t woken up yet. You can assure as that as soon as we can have her full co-operation we will be less harsh on you.”
I couldn’t believe this. These police officers were going to interview a girl who had just purposely Over-dosed about the fact that her step-father had been continuously abusing her for years.
“You leave Alexis out of this. I’ll tell you everything I know as many times as you want as long as you leave her the fuck alone.” I warned them.
“That will not be necessary Mr Way.” said the policewoman. “You are free to go.”
“/Fucking finally/” I said underneath my breath before finally skipping out of the station, feeling free.

As soon as I got back out into the fresh air my fucking phone rang. It was Mikey. I answered it.
“Gee, Gee!” he squealed down the phone. “You have to come to the hospital, mum has woken up. You have to come see her with me!”
“I’ll be right there.” I said before hanging up and practically running to hospital.

I got to Mikeys room and saw him sitting on the edge of his bed, fully clothed.
“Gerard.” he said as I approached. “It’s about fucking time!”
“Why are you dressed?” I asked him, curious.
“The doctors said I could go home and all you need to do is sign some documents for me.”
“That’s great Mikey.” I said, clearly not as excited as he was.
“Come on, lets go see mum, she’s better now.” he said grabbing my arm and pulling me along with him.
“Calm down little buddy.” I said as softly as I could, even though he was really pissing me off inside.
“What?” he asked cocking his head to one side like a cute little puppy.
“Awww, man. I don’t quite now how to tell you this but well, you do know that mum isn’t going to be the same for a while don’t you? You know we’re going to have to help her do simple things like walk and go to the toilet?”
“Yeh, of course I do.” Mikey said, sounding slightly abashed.
“Come on then.” I said, letting him pull me along, this time slightly slower, as if he didn’t know quite what to expect.

We got to our mums room and went in, approaching he bed slowly.
“Hey mum.” Mikey said approaching her slowly.
“Hey Mikey.” she said in a tired, croaky voice. “Hey Gee.” she said as if she magically just knew I was there.
Mikey gave her a light squeeze before she beckoned mw with her hands.
“Hey Gee.” she said quietly so that Mikey couldn’t hear.
“Hey mum.” I said, quietly back respecting her.
“I want you to take your brother home and look after him. Make sure he goes to school, does his homework and eats his vegetables. Remember, he’s not as strong as you, he needs looking after. I love you and your brother very much Gee and I want the best for you two.” she croaked again.
“I know you do ma, I know you do.” I said in an understanding tone. “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of him for as long as you need.” I promised before getting up and leaving, taking Mikey with me.

I got inside the front door and threw the keys on the kitchen cabinet carelessly. Mikey sloped off upstairs, probably to cry and I was left all on my own. I stood there, on the spot for a while, wanting something to make me feel better. I light bulb suddenly pinged in my head and I went over to the alcohol cabinet, gently opening it to reveal it’s shining liquid contents. I picked out a bottle of something. It looked cheap and probably tasted fowl but I didn’t care, I just needed something to help get rid of the pain. I unscrewed the lid and took a huge swig from he bottle. Then another. Then another.
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