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Gerard changes and there is a new girl in town.

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I was rudely awoken by a playful blow to the head. I opened my eyes to see Mikey standing there, a look of pure annoyance flashed across his face before anger took over it.
“Get the fuck up Gee!” he moaned, trying to pull my whole body up by my arm and failing miserably.
I groaned loudly but he carried on, either not hearing or not caring about the hint.
“Come on.” he persisted in his stupid whiny voice.
Honestly, my head was banging and my mouth felt as if something had been growing in it for several months, the last thing I needed was some annoying little shit shouting in my ear.
I tried closing my eyes and blocking out the noise like I did when I was little and Mikey was screaming his head off, it didn’t work. I rolled over and pulled the cushion over my head, that obviously just provoked him as he jumped on top of me trying to pull the soft cushion off my head.
“That’s it!” I shouted before leaping up and getting him in a headlock. His scared face made me laugh. “You gonna stop doing that now aren’t you Mikey?” I asked, giving him a chance to answer. When he didn’t I pulled on his neck harder. “Aren’t you?” I said through gritted teeth.
“Yes.” he croaked quietly.
I let him go and he stood up gasping for air and trying to get some of his dignity back.
“There we go, it wasn’t that hard was it?” I asked, rubbing on the top of his head playfully and going to the refrigerator to grab a beer. He sulked right into the back of the sofa and grabbed the remote control, switching through the channels.
“Want one?” I asked, getting ready to throw him a beer.
“No thanks. Isn’t it a bit early for that?” he asked.
“Fuck no.” I said before grabbing a six pack and heading to the basement to do some artwork.

I’d done it. It was finished. It took me a while to register what it was, I’d just drawn it, just like that. It had come naturally to me. I stared at it for a bit longer, trying to focus my bloodshot eyes on the beautiful piece of art. It’s lines and it’s curves were perfectly imperfect. The colours clashed and blended together in a way I hadn’t seen before. It was a picture of Alexis lying there. Was she dead or was she sleeping? Why had I drawn it? What did it mean? These were all questions that were floating around in my head. I took another pill out of the container next to me and washed it down with a sip of beer, thinking it might make my head a bit clearer. I stood up, having to sit down again as I felt really light headed.
I heard a knock at the door and next thing I knew I saw Mikey standing there next to some girl.
“Hey Gee, this is Crystal.” he said, waiting for me to make a reply. I looked the girl up and down. She was tall and skinny, she had long brown hair that was just hanging there in no particular style. She wore thick rimmed glasses, no make-up and a baggy black nirvana t-shirt over boy fit blue jeans. I smiled at her, she smiled back awkwardly. I got the feeling she didn’t have much, or any experience with guys.
My mind was all over the place, being twisted by the pills and alcohol. Maybe this girl could be a bit of fun, a side project.
“Hey Crystal.” I smiled, trying my best to stand up straight. “You’re a bit too pretty to be hanging out with Mikey now, aren’t you?” I asked, knowing exactly how to get into her mind.
Mikey frowned and then began speaking. “Whatever Gee, we just wanted to see if you wanted to get some pizza with us and maybe watch the shining or something?”
I paused for a minute, the whole time staring at Crystal, imagining her naked and all mine, me being free to do whatever I wanted with the poor, naïve little thing.
“I’ll be up in a minute.” I told him as I watched him and her climb up the narrow steps back into the daylight.
I was sick of Alexis, sick of Mikey and my parents. I was just generally sick of my life. Maybe I didn’t want to be strong for Alexis, maybe I didn’t want to take care of Mikey, maybe I didn’t want to do what my parents told me to. I was tired of being good old reliable Gee, for once I wanted to be someone else, I wanted to be bad, evil and dark. The type of guy you wouldn’t want to meet in a dark alleyway. I was ready to shed this skin of goodness and become Mr Nasty. Crystal was my window of opportunity. A small, naïve, nerdy little girl that I could turn into a sexually deviated young women.

I bounced on the sofa next to Crystal, a beer in hand. I stretched the other arm around her shoulder, gently moving closer to her and touching her hips. I could feel her whole body tense uncomfortably. This was good, this was very good.
“It’s ok.” I whispered, turning to her so that Mikey couldn’t see. “Don’t be scared, while I’m next to you nothing is going to happen.” By this time, my face was so close to hers that my red lips were almost touching her equally red cheeks.
I could tell, this was going to be a lot of fun.
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