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Truth Or Dare

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Truth or dare, such an innocent game, right?

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The final scene of the movie flickered off and on came the credits. Mikey got up and took the video out of the machine, carefully placing it in it’s alphabetical shape in the video cabinet.
“Well, that was crap.” I sighed, getting up and brushing the stray bits of popcorn off my trousers.
“No it wasn’t Gee, it’s a classic.” Mikey said, sticking up for one of his favourite films of all time.
“For Gods sake Mikey, when are you going to learn that just cause it’s a classic, it doesn’t automatically make it good.” I chimed, trying to piss him off. “What did you think of it Crystal?” I asked the small girl sitting in the middle of the couch.
“Well, I thought it was good but not the scariest film I’ve ever seen.” she said looking at Mikey.
I really didn’t take Crystal to be the horror movie type, I considered that maybe I’d underestimated her… or not.
“Well.” I sighed, shrugging off her last comment. “What do you guys want to do now?” I asked.
“Lets play dungeons and dragons.” Mikey suggested, getting so excited he practically wet himself.
“Oh my God, I freaking love that game.” Crystal joined in the geek fest.
“I’ve got a better game.” I said, an evil smile adorning my face.
Mikey gave me that ‘Oh God’ look but I pretended I hadn’t seen him. “Why don’t we play truth or dare?” I asked them.
“I uh… don’t think Crystal wants to play that, do you Crystal?” he asked, tapping her on the shoulder.
“Well… it does sound quite interesting.” she said, biting her bottom lip whilst looking at Mikey apologetically. “Ok.” she said, suddenly deciding that was what she wanted to play.
“Oh but Gee-.” Mikey whined before I interrupted him.
“Crystals the guest and we have to do what the guest wants.” I stated. He gave me a grumpy look before sitting down on the floor next to Crystal.
“Mikey, you have to go first seeing as you’re the youngest.”
He muttered something under his breath.
“Crystal, you ask him if truth or dare. If he says truth then you ask him a question and he has to say the truth. If he says dare, you have to give him a dare. Got it?” I asked, raising my eyebrows at her.
She nodded. “Truth or Dare?” she asked him.
“Truth.” he answered. She smiled and looked up, as if she was trying to think.
“Have you ever kissed a girl?” she asked him, giggling childishly.
“Yes” he answered, his face going beetroot red.
“You have not!” I protested.
“Have so.” he pouted.
“Since when?” I asked, still not believing him.
“Uh… duh… since first grade. Remember Jamie Wilson, she so had the hots for me.”
I scoffed. “Yeh, whatever Mikey.”
“I swear, it’s true. Anyway, now it’s your turn Gee.” he said, smiling evilly. “truth or dare?” he looked so smug.
“Truth.” I said, hoping he wasn’t going to ask me anything too embarrassing.
“Ok then… do you think Crystal pretty?”
“Oh come on Mikey. That’s a bit tough.” I said looking over at Crystal whose face was now bright red again.
“I…uh…I.” I stuttered, trying to sound awkward. “I think Crystal’s very beautiful.” I lied.
She grinned like a naughty school girl. “Thank you.” she said before shying away. I smiled at her fakeley.
“Crystal, truth or dare?” I asked her quickly.
“I’m going to be different and say dare.” she said with that same stupid grin on her face.
“Ok then.” I said, rubbing my hands together. “I dare you to make out with Mikey for thirty seconds.” I said, looking over at Mikey who now looked equally as un-comfortable as Crystal.
“I… uh… I’ve never been kissed before.” she admitted.
“Well neither has Mikey so your both on the same wave length so hurry up and do it already.” I spat impatiently.
She leaned in slowly towards Mikey, I could hear her breath, short and sweet. The closer they got, the more awkward it looked. They bumped noses a couple of times before finally getting it right and slotting their tongues in the right places. At first it was slow and the movements were edgy but after a while it going, the speed went up and there was more passion. After the thirty seconds was up I clapped my hands and they gradually moved further apart.
“Wow, you two looked like you were enjoying yourselves there.” I smiled, revelling in their embarrassment.
They both had smiles as wide as their face. This pissed me off a little bit.
“Now you have to kiss me.” I smirked, watching her face turn from sheer joy to terror.
“Now way Gee.” said Mikey. “Crystals already had her go, it’s my turn now.” he protested.
“We’re not playing that game at the moment.” I said to Mikey. “See I was just thinking, you’ve already had some of my brother, why not just complete the set?”
She moved closely to me, still unsure of what was going on. She was standing there, millimetres away from my face for a while, not moving. I pulled her in closely and slid my tongue in her mouth. She tasted bitter-sweet. Nothing in particular, just spit. I moved smoothly around her mouth before finally plucking up the courage to make my next move. I slid my hand down her trousers, feeling her pussy which was already quite wet. I stopped kissing her, still with my hands down her pants and rubbed her clit hard. She let out a deep sigh before closing her eyes, her mouth opening out into a smile.
“Hey Mikey.” I said signalling over to him. “Why don’t you come and get some of this?”
He moved closer, his face looking more and more scared by the second.
“Go on.” I said, removing my hand from her pants. “Come here and slip your hand down there.” I moved away and let Mikey slip his hand down her underwear. Her face wasn’t quite as ecstatic as it had been before but she still looked as though she had been enjoying it.
“Here.” I said “let me” I moved closer to her and lifted her up off the floor, placing her on the couch and kissing her passionately. I lay on top of her and peeled her top off her sweaty body. She was thin and pale underneath her top and her boobs were small and perfect. I unhooked her bra and watched blissfully as her boobs popped up perkily, finally free from the restraints of her bra. I slid my mouth down from her tongue and on to her nipple, sucking it softly. She let out small gasping sounds.
“Oh G-Ger-Gerard.” she moaned, her voice getting really high pitched towards the end.
I looked over to Mikey, who was watching happily.
I moved even further down and undid the button on her jeans. She helped me get them off. I felt down there. It was so warm and moist, so ready for me. She looked at me, obviously hoping I was going to pop her cherry.
“I think you better get our clothes on. I sighed before getting up.
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