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A fight breaks out between Gee and Mikey.

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“W-what?” she asked, getting up and putting her bra on. “I thought you… you said that… I… what?” she repeated that oh so annoying word again.
“You heard me.” I said in a pissed off tone. “Get your fucking clothes on.” she sat there, staring at awe in me. “Are you fucking deaf? I said get your clothes on!” I shouted in a slow voice.
Tears started leaking out of her eyes and she fumbled around on the floor for her top.
“Gee… I thought you said…” said Mikey quietly, approaching me.
“You thought wrong then didn’t you?” I said turning to him and staring into his eyes in an intimidating manner, he backed off.
She had managed to get all her clothes off before she turned to look at me.
“What the hell just happened?” she asked, her cheeks damp with tear stains.
“Tuh, you’re pathetic.” I spat. “Go away.” I shouted right in her face pointing to the door.
She left and there was just me and Mikey left stood there in complete silence.
“Your not gonna let her walk home on her own at this time are you?” he asked, obviously disgusted by the change in my character.
“Oh go after her Mikey, I can tell that’s what you really want to do!” I hissed at him. He flounced out of the door, leaving me standing there on my own, the empty silence filling my ears. I kicked the pile of beer cans right over, making them spill out all over the room.
I felt this anger and hatred brewing up inside of me like none I had ever felt before. I could feel my blood boiling and my temperature rise. Wiping the sweat off my face, I walked over to my dads alcohol cabinet and grabbed an big bottle of something old. I unscrewed the lid and took a big sip, the strong spirit burning my throat. It tasted disgusting but it was strong enough to make me feel like all my problems were instantly melting away. I was starting to forget, the alcohol was numbing my pain and making me merry, still I felt like there was something missing. I searched and searched my intoxicated brain to find the thing I was missing. Suddenly, it hit me hard, like a rock. I was missing pills, where were my pills.
I searched in all corners of the house, turning up everything to look underneath it and not bothering to put it back. I ran down to my room to see the pills lying there on my unmade bed where they had been tossed this morning. I grabbed the container and thrust as many pills as I could find into my mouth before dropping the pills bottle on the floor. It landed with a light ‘ping’.

“You’re high aren’t you?” Mikey said, standing in my doorway, blubbering and snivelling.
“Uh… what do you want?” I asked roughly, pulling my greasy black hair out of my face.
“I want everything to be how it used to be!” he shouted, green snot coming out of his nose. “I want mum and dad back and I want everything to be ok.”
“Do you think I like being this fucking depressed?” I screamed right in his face, suddenly feeling a burst of energy. You… you’re just a stupid, naive little kid, you know nothing about anything and I’m so glad I’m getting out of this house next year. I can’t wait to finally get away from you!”
My spit was all over his face by now and his face was completely saturated.
“I hate you… I hate you… I fucking hate you!” he screamed, pushing me over with such force that I just fell to the ground, weak and vulnerable.
He pulled my hair hard and hit me in the eye twice.
“Get the fuck off me!” I roared, feeling that terrific flare of energy rushing through my entire body. I had quickly spun Mikey over so that he was on the floor.
“Don’t ever try and do that to me again, do you hear me?” I bellowed in his ear whilst holding hands together as if In handcuffs. “I said do you hear me?” I screeched even louder in his face.
“Yes. Yes.” he whispered pitifully.
“Alright.” I said, slowly getting off him, my body still on defence stance. “Now get the fuck out of my room.”
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