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Brothers Forever

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Something really bad happens.

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I heard Mikey come down the steps for the third time in about an hour, probably coming to see that I hadn’t choked on my own vomit. I groaned and sat up, not wanting to make myself seem more intoxicated to him then I was.
Finally, the door knob turned and Mikey stood there in the doorway, this time with a phone in his hand.
“What do you want?” I whined.
“It’s the hospital on the phone, they want to talk to you.” he walked over to me, holding the phone out for me to grab.
“Shouldn’t you be at school?” I growled before snatching the phone off him.
“Shouldn’t you?” he answered back, moving away, probably sensing my desire to kick him right where it hurts.
“Hello?” I said in a polite voice. “Who’s speaking.”
“Hey, is that Mr Gerard Way?” a lady asked as if she was reading off a sheet of paper.
“Yes it is, who’s this?”
“This is Alison from Belleville Hospital, calling about your mother.” she said, still being polite.
“What’s wrong with her?” I asked, alarmed.
“I’m afraid we’re going to need you to come down to the hospital.” she recited, as if she’d said it a million times before.
“Why?” I asked, really starting to hate this woman.
“We’ll tell you when you get there.” she said, before hanging up on me. I listened to the long drone of the phone for a while before pressing the red button.
“Come on Mikey.” I said, grabbing his arm. “Lets go to the hospital.”

The drive there was long and silent, with neither of us wanting to speak to each other. The drugs were still in my system so cars had to swerve to get away from me as I weaved down the road. All I could hear was the sound of our short, sharp breaths. Upon arriving at the hospital we wondered around for bit, searching for a space, there were none to be found.
“Shit!” I said, banging my fist on the steering wheel and making the car horn make a unpleasantly shrill noise. “Shit shit shit shit shit!” I repeated, not knowing what to do. “We’re gonna have to just dump the car.” I lamented.
“We can’t do that!” exclaimed Mikey. “It’s illegal.”
“And you really think I care right now?” I cried out.
“Good point.” said Mikey before opening the door and getting out of the car. “Are you coming or what?” he asked before shutting the door and heading towards the hospital doors.
I followed him out of the car and had soon caught up with him.
“Excuse me, could you tell me where Mrs Donna Way is please?” I asked a petite blond lady sitting at a desk, I noticed her name tag read Alison.
“Are you two her sons?” she asked as if we didn’t look exactly like her.
“Of course we are.” scoffed Mikey finally speaking.
“I’ll get a nurse to come down and talk to you.” she said, simply.
We stood there, intimidating her. “If you could just take a seat please, she’ll be with you in a minute.”
We hesitated before sitting down on the lumpy chairs. I hated hospitals, especially waiting rooms. The nurses had tried to change the place, brighten it up, make it a bit happier but it still couldn’t disguise the fact that this is where so many people had died. The worst thing though, was the smell. It was fowl and strong and made me feel incredibly sick.
“Hello, I’m Doctor Katka.” We both looked up to see a short Indian man standing in front of us, looking like he was straight out of an episode of ER. He looked as though he expected us to get up and shake his hand but we just stood there.
“How’s my mum?” asked Mikey naively.
“I’m terribly sorry boys, your mother passed away at 3.00 in morning.”
No.” I gasped in disbelief. “NO!” I shouted, standing up and coming towards the doctor. “Your lying!” I screamed, attacking him like a banshi. Two security guards came over and managed to peel me off the doctor before I hurt him. “No” I repeated, stumbling back. “No, no no no no no. She can‘t be.” I whispered with my head in my hands falling backwards. I lifted my chin up and looked over at Mikey. He was sat there hunched over, his head down, staring at a particular part of the floor like a wild cat looking at their next meal. I put my arms round him and hugged him close, soaking in all his warm body heat.
“It’s alright.” I said. “It’s ok, it’s all gonna be alright.” I repeated over and over again, not only trying to reassure him but also myself.” He held on to me tight, weeping softly into my shoulder. I hugged him back, not wanting to let go, knowing that he was the only thing I had right now.
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