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Crystals back and Gee is not going to let Mikey go into care.

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I followed Mikey into our small house, not really wanting to go in. Everything in there reminded me of my mum. It smelled like her, the sweet smell of her delicious perfume, the strong air spray we used to complain so much about. All the furniture had been bought by her, everything from the kitchen table to the cute little nodding dog we had in our window. There were family pictures of us all around, me and Mikey having a professional photo taken, me and my dad playing football on the grass outside and the one I had always been fond of; all of us sitting in a park on a blanket, my mum looking beautiful and young, her blonde hair framing her pale face and bringing out the best in her green eyes.
I dumped the keys down on the kitchen counter and sat down on the kitchen chair, not knowing what to do, whether to cry or be strong. Mikey had gone upstairs and I was left all on my own with nothing but my own thoughts to entertain me.
I took a few minutes to remember my mum. How amazing her cooking was, how obsessed she was about being on time for/everything/ but most of all how motherly she was. One kiss from her would take all the pain away, make the world seem a better and brighter place. Her smile used to light up a room and make anyone in it relax. When me and Mikey were little we used to go into her bed whenever there was a storm and my dad would sleep in one of our beds. She would read us our favourite book and sing us sweet lullaby’s to get us off to sleep. She used to love it when I sang to her. She’d look at me with a proud look in her eyes as if I’d just told her I’d won the Nobel peace prize or something. It was times like these I liked to remember her by, not every time she was disappointed in me. Like whenever I came home drunk or she caught me smoking, like when I got into trouble at school because I hit some jock in their pretty boy face.
The doorbell rang, causing me to stir from my thought. I wondered who it was and why they were here. It could be the police or care people coming to take Mikey away and put him in a stupid little kids home.
It was Crystal.
“What do you want?” I asked angrily.
“I-I just wanted to talk about what happened, you know, the other night.” she said this whilst looking down at her converse as if there was something fascinating.
“Come in.” I said dully, secretly relieved that someone had come to stop me from my own thought track.
“I just wanted to know what you meant.” she whispered.
I went up to her, grabbing her arm and twisting it round.
“It didn’t mean anything, you don’t mean anything and right now I’m mourning my mothers death so if you could kindly fuck off and leave me and Mikey the hell alone!”
She looked at me, shell shocked. “I-I’m so sorry.” She stammered, standing awkwardly on the spot.
“Yeah well, you shouldn’t be, you didn’t kill her.” I put my head in my hands, starting to cry again.
“Oh don’t cry.” She said apologetically, coming over to me. She put her arm round my shoulder, rubbing my back soothingly.
“I just don’t know how I’m going to cope, I mean, I haven’t even graduated school yet so I can’t get a decent job and there’s Mikey to look after and I’m gonna make sure he doesn’t end up in care. I just can’t go on.” I sobbed.
“Well… what about your dad?” she asked, searching for ways to make me feel better.
“He’s in hospital, the doctors don’t know if he’ll wake up.” I cried.
“Sh. It’ll be fine, you’ll be alright, you’ll see.” she carried on rubbing my back, making soothing noises. I found myself sobbing into her chest and before I knew it I’d told her all my feelings.
“I want you to come to the funeral.” I told her.
“Really? I wouldn’t want to intrude, I mean, I never knew your mum.”
“She’d want you to go, for Mikeys sake.” I said.
“Oh.” she looked a bit disappointed that I’d said Mikeys name instead of mine. “Alright then, I’ll come.” she smiled. “… For Mikey.”

She left and I sat there, sipping on a beer. Mikey came down, his eyes all red as if he’d been crying.
“Gee I’m scared.” he said to me, sitting down beside me and taking a can of beer.
“So am I Mikey.”
“I don’t want to go into care for the next three years.” he whimpered.
“What… no?” I said, softly getting hold of his chin and making him look me in the eye. “I promise you I will do anything to stop you going into care, anything. Ok?”
He nodded at me and smiled slightly.
I didn’t know what I was to do. The chances are he wouldn’t stay with me but there was no way I was going to let us get separated.
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