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Jade's POV :D

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It seemed I had wandered around aimlessly for hours before I returned to the cavern. I heard her wake was a stood on the natural bridge overlooking the flowing lake-ish river below.

I listened to the steady beat of her hearts as my mind strayed in different directions like the ripples in the uneven water I gazed into.

As I heard her heatbeat scurry farther into the distance, a subject I dare not enter crossed my mind. I distrupted my thought pattern by kicking a rock into the lake below, but my gaze does not leave the water.

I sensed her close presence and her silent shock and surprise, "J-jade?" I wrentched my eyes off of the water, with great difficulty, and looked into her ocean deep blue eyes that shimmered even in the blackness. As she looked back at me I could tell she new what lay hidden in my solemn eyes.

"What's wrong? Please, tell me what's wrong." She had gotten over to me quicker than I ever thought she would.

"But its nothing you need to concern yourself about." I really and truly don't want to get her involved in things she has no connection to.

"I don't care, just tell me. Please Jade." I had to pry my eyes away from her before she caused me to give in. Before I new it I started walking away. "Jade...Please." She startled me when she hugged me from behind and kept me still.

I tried to struggle out of her grip, "I can't Crystal, I'm sorry." I had caught myself at a fork in the road, only I kept riding down the grassy center island.

"Why? Why the hell can't you tell me?!" She took a second before speaking again, in a way I could never forget. "Nevermind, don't answer that." She let go and ran off, disppearing behind the rock formations.

I sigh in disappointment of myself, I know I hurt her in ways I still don't understand. But I had make things better before all hell breaks loose, like it soon will.

I took me no time at all to catch up and grab onto her forearm and pull her back and into my arms once more. What she said next hurt me like nothing before.

"I thought you didn't want me near you. You obviously let off that vibe back there on that bridge." I could tell she wasn't at all pleased with me.

My chance to disregard her last comment and to fix anything that happened to break a few minutes ago had come. "I wanted to be alone yes, but I do like having you near. I just can't tell you what's wrong cause I don't want to pull you in the middle of something that isn't even about you in anyway." I kept my voice as calm as her eyes were when I first saw her after she woke up.

"Since when do I care what I'm in the middle of?" I kept her craddled in my arms and close, though what happened last night and the fact that she has a boyfriend and I'm just the 'best friend', things still weren't awkward between us, yet.

"Since I won't be the one that puts you there." I heard her adorable whine of defeat and then her give into the hug and lean against me. I always feel the happiest when I'm around her, I always envied Jared for the way she looks at him. If only I could be that person, maybe my life would be complete, if only.
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