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Jared's POV... :)

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That image...of what happened last night...wont leave my mind. Even after an entire nights sleep, it's still plastered in my mind.

She didn't ask him to do it, did she? Why would she? if she did her arms would have been to her side. But if she didn't want it to happen she would've pushed it away. Fuck, I don't know what to think.

I hadn't strayed from the sanity of my room since it happened. Could I have been decieved by her the entire time? Why hasn't she even shown up yet? Was she the one bleeding or him?

Should I even care anymore or just try and move on? Should I find her and fight for her? Will she even want to be with me now?

All these question...They wont leave...I can't break these chains that bind me to my distorted delusions. She used to be the key that unlocked those chains.

Listen to me... 'She used to be...' I haven't lost her completely. Err, well I hope I haven't. She was my only true connect to this realm and my own sanity, if I lose her, Jade will have to kill me or he's gonna die.

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