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chapter 3

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james... please wake up james.....JAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I woke up to birds chirping on my windowsill.
I groaned and looked at the clock, 8:35.


dads wake up call is in 5 minuets. He wakes me up at 8:40 no matter what. I quickly jumped up and got changed.
(Light lime green jeans, black HIM top, Rainbow belt, purple cons) I then straightened my hair, and put my make up on.
I grabbed my wallet and shoved it in my back pocket and then went down stairs.
Dad was sitting at the table drinking his coffee (of course) and not reading the paper, instead he was looking straight ahead.

“Umm hello, anyone home?” I said clicking my fingers in front of his face. He looked up at me slowly and then continued to stare. I looked around me and then gave him a confused look.

“What do you think about Eliza?” he said, and then sipped his coffee.

“Um, Who?” I asked and he put on his thinking face again, I sighed and he looked at me.

“Eliza Cuts, you know the one who that blonde lady that we met a year ago at the party, do you remember?” he asked, getting up and putting his empty cup in the sink.

“uhh……..she was okay, she didn’t even talk to me dad, remember I was standing behind you and she was talking to you” I said getting my jumper off the chair and putting it on.

“Oh don’t be silly, she said hello to you.” he said getting his own jumper and heading out the door, I just stood there.

“Yea exactly, she said hello to everyone else and made conversation, but she didn’t even say 2 words to me” I said, following him out the door. He just rolled his eyes and got in the car, I followed and we made our way to New York...

“Hey can I get 2 Dark Chocolate Mochas to go please” I said ordering for me and Gerard, he was standing next to me with sunnys on, he didn’t want to do anything because he didn’t want fans today.

“Yeah, that’s $6.30 thanks” the waiter said and I handed him the money and we went to wait at the side.
I was looking around the star bucks and a black haired boy sitting with a blond haired girl looked
familiar…..awww Pete and Ashley.

“Omg….” I said to myself and Gerard looked at me, I started walking towards them.
Pete had his back to me and Ashley was talking to him, she double looked at me and winked. I winked back and put my hands over Pete’s eyes.

“What the fuck is going on” he said stunned, Gerard came up behind us and smirked.

“Now, now Pete is that anyway to speak to me when my father is right behind us.” I said in his ear, Ashley giggled and I felt Pete’s face go confused.

“Kayla?” He asked and then grabbed my hands and turned to look at me. His face suddenly lit up and he jumped at me and hugged me.
“Kayla it’s been forever, I miss you so much, how’s James and Shelby and Belinda and everyone” he asked hugging me, more tightly with each question. I started to lose my breath cause of the hug and he let go immediately.

“They are good, oh guess what, we have made a band and….”but he cut me off.

“No, no, no, no, no you can’t make a band, you will be better than us and your father and Dominic and Aki, your gonna make us lose money, and fans” he said shaking his fist at me. Me and Gerard both laughed at the same time, and the funny thing was, it sounded exactly the same.

“Well, too bad then.” I said but the star buck’s person cut me off with our order.

“Well, we got to go, but we will see you kids later” I said and hugged them and we walked off to our coffee’s then out the door.
We walked to central park and we sat down on the bench. We just sat, and watched the world go by.
It was all quiet till Gerard’s cell went off.

“Hello…..yes she’s with me….why……okay, here she is” Gerard said and handed the phone to me with a confused look, I returned it with the same look.

“Hello?” I asked suspiciously.

“Kayla its Belinda, there’s been an accident, James he was crossing the road and a car hit him on his right side” Belinda said in tears, my whole body went blank, no, anything but this, please.

“He is in a stable condition, but he keeps saying your name over, he wont talk to anyone” Belinda said, this time a little more calmly. I wiped my face.

“Where is he, which room and hospital” I asked getting up, Gerard got up as well and was looking at me confused.

“He is in ‘The State of New York Hospital’, room 305, hurry please, he keeps on coming in and out of consciousness, that’s not good.” Belinda said.

“Okay, we will be there soon.” I said and hung up the phone.

“What's going on, who’s in hospital, what happened?” Gerard asked, I just looked at him and did say anything but a few words.

“Hospital, now, room 305” I said and we rushed to the car, leaving our Luke warm coffees sitting on the park bench....

“Hey, can you please tell me where room 305 is” Gerard asked the lady at the front desk, she directed him and we went to the elevator.
I hadn’t said anything else, I was just thinking that I couldn’t lose my best friend, not when everything is going so perfect.
We got to the waiting room outside his room, and everybody was there. When they saw us, the immediately came over to us, but I just walked past then and walked into James room, I looked back to see them looking at me worriedly.
Belinda and Shelby were sobbing and didn’t seem to notice I arrived. I closed the door behind me so it was only me and James in that room, I sat down next to the chair and held his hand.
He didn’t look that good. Well I suppose a fractured right arm, sprained ankle, cuts and scrapes, all over your body wouldn’t make anyone look good.
He was asleep. I felt my eyes starting to water up, I closed my eyes and layed my head on down on my arms.
I must have fallen asleep cause when I woke up, I looked outside to the other guys, to see them all asleep.
I got up and stretched, I placed a kiss on James head and then went out the door and got some coffee.
I came back and they were all still asleep.
I went back in and I saw James awake, my heart skipped a beat. I rushed over to him and grabbed his hand. I felt new tears burn my eyes.

“James…..” I said and I leaned my head down. I was just so happy he had finally woken up.

“Kayla, don’t worry, im gonna be fine.” James said and rubbed my hand with his thumb.
I gave him a weak smile, and sat down on the chairs.
We just were staring at each other for what seemed like hours.
Before the both drifted off to sleep..........

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