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chapter 4

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kaylas 16th

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It was my 16th birthday and I woke up late… about 11:30.
That was because I was up all night writing and on the phone to james.
He as actually recovered really good over the last couple of days, the docters say he will be fine.

I wrote about 2 good songs.
I think we should learn them, me and the band. I got up and rubbed my green eyes.
I was still wearing my pj (bat man T with bat man shorts that go mid thigh) when I went downstairs.

“Happy Birthday pumpkin, oooh the big 16, feel any different?” Dona asked me when she saw me walk down the stairs. I smiled and went and gave her a hug.

“Umm not really, uh wheres Dad?” I said sitting down, and starting to eat the pancakes that Dona placed in front of me.

“Kayla, he said he was sorry, but he had to go into New York today, he won’t be able to make it back until later this arvo.” She said looking really upset. My face dropped, I was upset, he promised he would be here.

“Oh okay, whats he doing?” I asked, you could tell I was upset.

“He is meeting Eliza there” Donna said quietly. I froze and dropped my fork.
I didn’t like Eliza, not after she used my dad, fucking using my dad for fame and money, how low can you fucking get, god she was such a bitch.
Why are they seeing each other?

“Well, it better be a fucking good meeting then” and Dona didn’t say anything, she just nodded in agreement.
I finished my pancakes in silence, and went up to my room to get dressed.
I changed into black jeans with a chain on them, my skeleton T-shirt, my black and red studded belt. I put on my converse, and my A7x hoodie.
I straightened my hair and left it out, I put on black eyeliner and shadow and mascara.
I went back downstairs, and Shelby and Belinda and James were sitting on the lounge. Belinda was the first to see me and she leaped at me and sent us to the floor.

“Happy birthday my beautiful lover, Yay your finally 16, now we CAN sneak alcohol.” She said and kissed my cheek. Belinda and me are always like that, we are best friends, but, we act like lovers, it’s quite funny.

“Hey guys, yeh I am okay, so what are we doing today?” I said giving Shelby a hug and then James a hug. I sat down next to James and leaned on him.

“Well, for starters, you can open your presents.” Shelby said and gave me her present.
It was a guitar necklace, I had been wanted for ages. She also got me $20 hot topic voucher.
Belinda got me a nightmare before Xmas T and a Guitar photo frame with us sitting out the front of the house, I was sitting next to James, Belinda was sitting on my other side and Shelby was laying on all of us. We were all laughing our heads off.
James got me a cd picture frame, AC/DC platinum album “Highway to Hell”. It had a black frame, and the back was black as well. This was my fav band and fav song.
He also got me a hot topic voucher for $10.

“Thanks guys” I said putting all my presents in a pile on the coffee table.

“Wheres your dad and the guys?” Shelby asked, and just as she finished that sentence, the door opened very slowly and closed silently.
Then Gerard snuck past the lounge room in yesterday’s clothes. We heard him run up the stairs and close his door to his bedroom door. Everyone looked at me and I was just shaking my head in a disappointment. He was at her house last night, doing god knows what, then being late on my birthday. That was just a little bit low.

“Kayla, mom where are you?” I heard Gerard say from the kitchen. I stood up and they went to follow, but I stopped them. I walked out and leaned on the door frame and Gerard saw me and smiled.

“Happy Birthday Sweetie, How are you……..whats wrong” He started but, I just looked at him with a blank face and I crossed my arms.
I didn’t answer, I just started at him, burning holes into him.

“Where were you last night and this morning, nana said you were at Eliza’s, is that true?” I said in one tone of voice. He bit his lip and glance away for a second then looked back.

“Yes, but listen, I didn’t mean to be late, I was meant to come home last night but……” He tried to explain, but I cut him off with my eyes watering up and then walking off from him.
I walked up the stairs and slammed my bedroom door. I slid down it and started to cry, loudly, I didn’t care. I wanted him to hear how much he hurt me.
Why would he do this to me, let alone, himself. He knows Eliza is a player, he know exactly what she did to him, why is he so stupid.
All these thoughts were going through my head when someone knocked on my door.

“Kayla sugar, im really sorry, look ive got your birthday present here, you’ll want to see it, it took me ages to do, Kayla please come out” Gerard said softly to me on the other side of the door.
I sighed and got up slowly, I will at least accept his present. I sniffed and opened the door and got the shock of my life….

“Dad….” I said quietly looking at the photo collage before me. It had every photo I think was ever taken of me and Gerard.
There were some from the warped tour, when I stayed with him on the black parade tour, Halloween, birthdays, Xmas, thanks giving and the one right on the middle was of me when I was 13, we were at the park, and we were both sitting on the bench, and we were both smiling to the camera man (uncle Mikey).
I looked up slowly to Gerard to see him looking at me with anticipation.

“Dad, this is so cool, thank you” I said with a smile, I could see the relieve all over his face.

“Kayla, I promise you nothing happened, she called me and to be honest, I don’t know why I went over there, and I am really sorry, but I promise that what I have planned today will make up for everything, do you forgive me Kayla?” He said stepping towards me and putting his hands on my shoulders, he bit his lip.

“Dad, of course I forgive you, but I just wanna know why you are still friends with her, after what she did to you.” I said putting the collage down and giving him a hug.
He hugged back and kissed the top of my head. He sighed when I asked him the question.

“To be honest Kayla, I don’t really know myself.” He said and we walked into my room and I put my collage on my bed.

“So what is going to make up for you being late on my birthday dad?” I asked him as we walked down the stairs, we got to the bottom and Shelby, Belinda and James were sitting at the table with a man with brown hair, brown eyes, tan skin and black top and black jeans.....

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