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"This seat taken?"

Moira shoved her stout aside and glanced up with bleary eyes. Scott wasn't a bad looking man when he threw on some cologne and a nice sweater. A shame his folks weren't around to see what a fine lad he had turned out to be.

"You weren't supposed to come here," Moira said. Funny how she slurred when she was drunk, it almost made it sound like Scottish was a different language from English altogether.

Scott sat down in the chair on the opposite side of the table. "Logan's okay. Very angry, but okay. I thought you'd like to know that."

"Good for him." She turned back to her stout.

"I know it's not my place to question you–"

"Then don't." Moira took a deep swig and refused to look at the younger man.

"But why?" Scott said. "Why did you do it? I know it was Kevin, but I didn't recognize the body."

"The body originally belonged to a fisherman," she said quietly. "Kevin wouldn't talk about it, but we think he was trying to make it to the mainland. More host bodies that way."

"Moira." He reached over and gave her hand a squeeze. "That still doesn't explain why you kept him in that containment room for so long."

She glared up at him with red rimmed eyes. "He was my son."

"He should have died when his body did," Scott said. "Look what he's done to you by threatening everyone in your facility and making you kill him."

"Did you find Sean?" Moira asked.

"Yeah. Sean and Kurt found that Cajun kid and gave him a good thrashing. Hank went out for fish and chips and missed everything." With those ruby quartz glasses of his, Scott could have been staring at anything. "You did the right thing, earlier. Kevin would have killed us all if you didn't..."

"It doesn't feel right," she said.

"Would it have felt better if Kevin managed to possess a viable body?" Scott asked. "Maybe me or one of the kids? What about Sean?"

She threw the rest of her drink in his face. "Don't you try to patronize me, boy. I'm so thankful that Logan had enough metal in his bones to throw Kevin into shock, but don't you dare ever try to act like you have a better understanding of this mess than I do."

He took the jack from her hand and set it down on the bar. "Then make me understand."

"It hurts," Moira said. "I wanted what was best for him, but failed him every step of the way. Father doesn't even know he existed, I couldn't help him control his mutant ability— I just murdered him, but instead of being arrested, I'm here trying to drink myself to death."

Scott picked up a napkin and dabbed at the drink that covered his face. "Come home, Moira."

She laughed. "Don't have kids, Scott. You're a good man that tries too hard. They'll ruin you."

"I believe you," he said.

"By all accounts, you should be dead. So please, lie back and relax."

"If you don't pull all these flaming tubes and wires out of me," Logan growled.

"You aren't at one hundred percent," Forge replied. "You're not allowed to smoke in here, but your blue friend is in the process of getting you a beer."

Logan yanked an IV out of the top of his hand. "Don't think just because you're nursing me back to health, I'm going to forget about how I ended up here in the first place."

"There's a young lady who wants to see you," Forge said. "Sit back and I'll let her in."


Forge shook his head and opened the door. Rogue stopped her fidgeting abruptly as she glanced up from her feet to Logan.

"Logan!" There was an awkward jolt of energy, like the girl couldn't decide whether to run to his side or walk casually.

"Will you see that he rests?" Forge asked.

Rogue nodded.

The Maker shook his head again as he left.

"Hey, darlin'," Logan said.

"How're you feeling?" Gloved fingers softly patted his hand.

"I've had worse." His tone was meant to be simple, to set the child at ease. Instead, deep furrows formed at Rogue's brow.

"I thought they were going to kill you," she said.

The corner of his mouth quirked up for a brief second. "It takes more than that."

"I know," she said. "But you looked so helpless there and I got scared, I guess. So much that I couldn't do anything."

Logan raised an eyebrow. "Like dive in front of the shotgun?"

Rogue shrugged. "I just want to be able to save you if you need it. I owe you for all the billion times you've saved me."

"Rogue." He gripped her hand. "Don't change, kid."


"Forge is full of crap," he said. "I'm healed up good enough."

"Now wait a minute," she said. "I know you want to be out of here, but if you push yourself too hard–"

Logan laughed. "Wagner better hurry back with the beer."

"I'll go find him." Rogue made no move to leave Logan's bedside.

It was just as well. While Logan tried to think of something to do other than chuckling at the girl’s open admiration, there was a knock on the door. Instead of Kurt, Scott shuffled in. At least he had the decency to bring beer.

“Logan,” he said.

Logan just nodded his head.

“I, uh, left Moira back at the pub.” Scott gestured to the beer in his hand. “I think she needs some more time to think and someone else to talk to. Besides me.”

“Your little talk didn’t work with her, so you thought you’d try it out on me?” Logan asked.

Scott opened his mouth and then closed it. “No. I have a brand new talk just for you.”

“Great,” Logan muttered.

Scott turned his head to Rogue. “Rogue, would you…?”

The girl shared a glance with Logan.

“It’s fine,” Logan said. “I’ll see you as soon as I unplug myself from all these machines.”

That seemed to suffice and Rogue started to creep towards the door. Scott tried not to sigh.

“I don’t normally shoot myself in the chest out of boredom,” Logan said.

“I wanted to thank you for being there.” Scott raked a hand through his hair. “I don’t want to think about how much worse it could have been if Kevin had managed to possess anyone else.”

Logan shook his head. “Cut the shit, Summers. You didn’t come here to thank me.”

In truth, Scott had prepared a long, intricate speech, maybe because he had forgotten who he was speaking to. Or maybe it was precisely because he knew who he was talking to and had grown accustomed to that comfortable distance between them.

“No. You’re right,” Scott said. “Thanking you was part of it, but I should probably apologize, first.”

“Don’t apologize.”


“Just don’t do it again.” Logan leaned back on the bed.

“If it was that easy, I wouldn’t be trying to apologize,” Scott replied. “Look, we don’t get along, I get that. We don’t have to, but I’ve let that upset my abilities as a leader and teacher.”

He paused, to give Logan a chance to respond. When the other man just stared at him, Scott realized he had to go on.

“It’s affecting the school and it’s affecting the kids,” Scott continued. “They have no idea who to listen to anymore.”

“What are you trying to say?” Logan asked.

“I’m saying that I’m not fit to be in charge.” Scott exhaled. “At least, not right now. And that means you need to step up until Ororo can come back. The kids like you, you just need to start listening to people like the professor more.”

“Get your head out of your ass.”

“Excuse me?”

Logan snorted as he began to pull IVs out. “I like Xavier’s, but I’m too used to being on my own. That doesn’t make for a good leader. Get over yourself and get back to where you belong or you’re going to drive yourself crazy.”

Scott chuckled. “That’s what I’m doing Logan. I’m asking you to cover my ass while I pull my head out of it.”

Logan was silent a long moment until he offered the other man a single nod of his head.

“Thanks,” Scott murmured.

Logan held out his hand and Scott shook it.

Logan frowned down at their hands. “I was reaching for the beer.”

Scott blinked and fumbled for the beer. “Right.”

“Don’t worry about it.” Logan grasped the other man’s hand firmly and shook it back.
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