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Chapter 17

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January 11, 2008.
Posted to: GuitarHero

Today Bob randomly stopped by my house (even though we made kind-of plans) and we went to Dave's house because we told him not to make plans just in case we wanted to do something. Well, guess what? He did. He made plans. So we stood outside his house for about an hour, waiting for him to come home. So finally we left, planning out his death because we were FREEZING. It's JANUARY. We wore the world's thinnest winter coats. I think we're a little dumb, but that doesn't excuse Josh's FLAKINESS.

Since our houses are 3 miles apart, we stopped to get hot chocolate and decided that we couldn't kill him because we don't want to get ass-raped by a man named Harry Manback in jail. We walked for about another 10 minutes, and this purple van slowed down next to us. I thought it was just another creepy pedophile stopping to say hello and attempt to get us in their car. No. It wasn't. But guess who jumped out of the van and scared the crap out of us? DAVE! THAT LITTLE MOFO. Oh, and his cousin was there too.

So, we walked with them for a while. We found some kind of electrical tape and his cousin attempted to unroll the tape between a stop sign and a tree, but it didn't work. And he lost some skin on his finger. Mmmm. We passed a dumpster and they tried to jump in it, but failed. The cousin put snow on his head for a few minutes as we walked. It was hysterical. Near Bob's house, Dave fell in a hole. It was really funny, all I saw was this mass of hair fall to the ground and an "Ow". He fell in some kind of sewer-hole thingy. Then I went back to Bob's and they left.

We're having a picnic with Dave on Friday on the school's front lawn. Funfunfun.

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LittleDrummerBoy: Jesus Christ. Could Dave GET any more obsessive over you? He falls all over you. Into sewer holes. HAHAHAHAHA. I AM FUNNY.
--Sing4Absolution: Bob, love. I'm sorry to have to be the one to tell you this, but you're not funny. No one finds your jokes entertaining. In fact, I don't think anyone even gets them. I apologize for your failure at humour. I still love you, though.
---GuitarHero: OMG. BURN.


Januray 13, 2005.
Posted to: Sing4Absolution

Today after school we had our picnic, though it didn't go as planned. The lawn still had snow outside, so we held our picnic in the Freshman hallway. Bob threw a complete fit because we didn't want to develop frostbite on our asses, and he got even worse when no one would eat the sandwiches he made. He had to eat them all himself. I felt bad, but I just didn't want a damn cheese sandwich. I did have a juicebox, though. That seemed to cheer him up a bit.

Mikey, Bob and I had a bit of a LOLOLfest at Dave and Frank. Dave kept poking Frank, and you know how he gets about people touching him. His eyes go all bug-oid, his arms flail around and he makes these weird incomprehensible noises. Now, imagine that times... ten. Frank is not interested in Dave. Dave knows this. In fact, Bob tells him this every day at lunch. He gets into deep conversations with our friend Rachel about this frequently and Dave just gets mad. But what does he want from us? WE WON'T SHIELD HIM FROM REALITY ANYMORE.

Getting back to my story, Frank got all weird, as usual, and Dave (I assume) found this to be cute or something, since he continued on with it. It was rather sad. No one said anything to help Frank, though. We figure he's got to stand up for himself sometime. Why not now?


After the picnic, I went over to Ray's, like I always do. His sister made me cookies, which was really nice of her. I adore his sister. Frankly, I adore his whole damn family.

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GuitarHero: Our friendship is over.
--Sing4Absolution: NO. NONONO. I'M SORRY. Please forgive me!? We can watch the History Channel together with Mikey and... I'll make you cakes.
---GuitarHero: Cakes!? Deal! I'm totally down.
----KissMyBass: Reunited and it feels so good.


January 15, 2005.
Posted to: LittleDrummerBoy

Mikey asked Frank out yesterday. And Frank said yes. Let me say that again.


I mean, for a while now they've had this inside joke where Mikey is Frank's girlfriend and Frank is a man named Robbie Rubchuck, but I never knew they were actually so serious about it. Why is there SO MUCH GAY IN MY LIFE? I am determined to break this ongoing trend of manlove in my friendship circle. In fact, I found the perfect person for me a few minutes ago on the internet.

Her name is Eva. She is from France, but now lives an hour and a half away from me. We are in love, only she doesn't really know it just yet. But we are, trust me.

Comment(s): 3
KissMyBass: Somehow, I wonder how I get caught up with such PATHETIC people. The internet!? C'mon, Bob. And for the record, FRANK AND I ARE VERY HAPPY, THANK YOU.
Sing4Absolution: I'm happy you found someone, Bob! Now all you have to do is make sure she's not a fourty-year-old male pedophile living in his mom's basement.
--LittleDrummerBoy: Thank you for such optimism!
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