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Start Spreading The News! I'm Leaving Today! We Are A Great Big Part Of It! Chicago, Chicago!

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Haha. Some humor... I guess...

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Sydney FINALLY read! Thank you!

I dedicate this chapter to Trudy. Aka TheSharpestLives. I'm dreadfully sorry about your loss. We are all here for you.

If Rhi wrotre this story...

My daddy died in 9.11... it was sad and disturbing... I climbed to the top of the non existant tower and jumped off... too bad I only felt 5 feet.

I know! She's evil! But she doesn't write it. I do. HAPPY BIRTHDAY RHI!!!

Frank's POV

I let the hot gush of water fall on my pale skin, slide down my body and swirl into the drain. I inhaled the warm stream and picked up my razor.
I slid the tool along my jawline removing the stubble. I felt a sharp pressure on my chin, making me drop the razor.
I cussed under my breath and slid down the wall to retrieve the now, broken blade. I watched as my crimson red blood fell down the drain.
I held the blade between my thumb and index finger and studied it closley.

The trip to the World Trade Center was painful but at the same time enriching.
I'm so happy Gerard took me there but at the same time, I despise him for it.

I held the blade tight in my hand.
I wasn't going to go back. That part of my life was over. I don't need more pain to take the pain away.
Just one? Just a little one.
No. I don't want my life to be taken away. After I've found happiness. Found Gerard.
Face it. Your not happy! You've been a mess for 7 years. Just do it and get it over with. Do everyone a favour. Especially Gerard. He doesn't want you.
I debated with myself. There was something seriously wrong with me and I knew it when the cold blade hit my wrist.
No pressure was aplied. Yet.
My body had taken over. I had no control anymore.
My finger pushed down slightly and I felt the skin rip.
I couldn't let it happen again.
I threw the blade violently against the wall and wept in my hands.
A few minutes of my silent crying and fixing my bleeding wrist, I left to find Gerard.

I could hear Ray and Bob screaming at each other from the front of the bus and Mikey trying to break them apart but no Gerard?

I opened the curtain to his bunk and there he was, curled up in a ball reading a special edition of Hellboy, using his cellphone as I light.
"Gee?" I said softly.

He raised his head from the book and a big, cheesy grin grew on his face.

"Frankie!" he squeeled. "I'm sorry, sugar. I'm so so sorry! I never meant to hurt you." He sounded almost as if he was begging.

"No," I lied. "It didn't hurt that bad." I whispered, pulling the arms of my hoodie over my fists.

"Frank, I know I hurt you. I honestly didn't mean to, I mean, you haven't been back ever since the attack and I thought you might.. You might... I don't know what the fuck I was thinking. I'm really sorry." His eyes were shiny, as if he was going to cry.
I slid into his bunk and dug my nose into his chest.

"You didn't hurt me. I love you." I whispered.

"I love you too, Frank. I never want to hurt you. I'll never mean it."

With that he leant in, lifted my chin up so I was looking at me and softly kissed my lips.
We quickly pulled away after we heard an very, very, VERY angry Ray stormed through the door, mumbling curses of death. I poked my head out of the bunk and looked over to the common area, where Bob and Mikey clutching their stomaches with laughter.

'What happened?' I mouthed to Gerard.
He whispered the whole story to me which made me break into an unstoppable fit of laughter.
Gerard tried to 'shhh' me but ended up laughing after he heard me snort.
We laughed, quite hard, into each others shoulders until we heard someone clear their throat.
I quickly snapped my eyes open, to see the angry Ray, death staring at me and Gerard. In his right hand...

"ANGEL!" I squeeled.

"I'll smash her if you don't shut the fuck up." He said sternly and slowly. This made Gerard laugh louder.

"I'm serious. I'll smash 'er"

Gerard continued to laugh, well until I punched him in the balls. Hard. Very hard. So hard I don't think he'll be able to have kids.
His laughter turned into groans of pain.

Ray gave us one last glare before he slowly turned and left to his bunk.
I quickly shot over to Gerard showering him with apologies. All he did was stare and frown at me, while holding his throbing area.

"Leave." He said sternly, pointing to my bunk. "Now..."
I let out a drastic gasp but his finger stayed pointed at my bunk.
He was serious?

I slid out of his bunk, feeling very guilty and crawled into mine.
I didn't close the curtain completley. Just so I could still see Gerard's face and he could see mine.
I put on a huge puppy dog pout but his expression was still a stern frown.
After a few minutes he decided to turn his back to me. I lay on my back, staring at the boring bunk above.
I let out an over dramatic sigh and soon fell asleep... alone.

When I woke up it was morning. The sun was brightly shining as we moved quickly on the road. The bus was finally peacfull. I took a deep breath and slowly turned around, keeping my eyes closed and holding in my breath.

"Morning baby!"

I shot open my eyes and released a girly squeel.

Gerard, who wàs holding his head with his left hand and leaning on the elbow, while his broken pinkie sat on his side, jumped a bit and rolled off the bunk from the fright of my squeel.
I started to laugh, uncontrolably.

"S-ho-ho-rry Gee!" I lauged, extending my arm to help him up.

He accepted it and I used all my streangth to pull him up.
As soon as he was up, he dramaticly held his groin and wabbled into the common room behind me.

"Its been like 7 hours. Does it hurt that much?" I rolled my eyes.

"Yes!" he said in a fast squeeky voice.

I rolled my eyes again and turned on the kettle as Gerard sat down on the couch.


"Yeah, thanks." He said in a normal voice.

I took out an extra mug and prepared the coffee. I slowly walked with a mug in each hand and sat down next to Gee.

"Sorry." I tried to hold in my laughter as I played last nights actions over and over in my mind.

"Its okay." He sighed.

"I thought you hated me. Why did I wake up with you next to me?" I asked, taking a sip from my strong coffee.

"I don't hate you! I could never hate you! I couldn't sleep without you..." he replied, taking a sip from his.

We talked for a few more minutes, until we heard a very joyfull Bob enter the room.

"Start Spreading the news!!
I'm leaving today!
We are a Great big part of it!
Chicago, Chicagoooo!" he sung, in the tune to 'New York, New York.'

Gerard and I looked at each other and cracked up in laughter.
Bob stared at us as we continued to laugh after about 3 minutes. We would ocassionaly stop but then look at each other and start again.
We laughed so hard that I dropped my steaming hot coffee on my lap and my laughter turned into screaming.

"Ow! Fuck! Hot! Hot!" I jumped.

This made Bob join in on the laughter and Gerard take it to the next level.

"Its, ow, not fucking funny!"

"Aww!" Gerard giggled. "I'm sorry, baby! Kiss it better?"

"Well, okay!" I smiled.

"NO!" Ray and Mikey shouted in unison as they ran from the next room.
This made Bob, Gerard and I laugh even harder.

"We were just kidding!" Gerard patted Mikey's back.

"Good." He said softly.

Ray sat on the opposite couch as Bob and crossed his arms, looking at his shoes with a 'I'm Not Talking To Anyone MotherFuckers!' look on his face.

"Coffee guys?" Bob asked from the kitchen section.

Mikey nodded.

"I wouldn't drink coffee on a moving bus." I frowned and left to take care of my burnt crotch.
As I was going to open the door, I stopped to see what Ray's reaction was after Bob had asked him.

"Come on dude." Bob whined. "You can't stay mad at me forever. It was a joke?!"

"Oh, fucking hilarious. Make me sleep in your fucking urine." He grouched.

"I fucking cleaned it! Fucking Blame Mikey! I wouldn't have fucking pissed in it if he wasn't hiding in the fucking bathroom." He yelled.

"Piss in his fucking bunk!"
"The poor kid didn't need any fucking thing else going on!"

"Leave me out it!" Mikey yelled. "And stop fucking swearing!"

"You know what, Bob? You right! It was Mikey's fault."

"What!?" Mikey exclaimed.

"Thank you!" Bob laughed.

"And you know what else? I have a full bladder." Ray grinned evily.

"Haha. Fuck yes! I do to!" and with that, Bob and Ray pushed their way into the bunks and jumped up on Mikey's bunk.

"Lord all Fucking mighty! Get The fuck down from there!" Mikey squeeled.

I shook my head and left to the bathroom.


Yes. Gay. I know. Some reviews will help.
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