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She's A Rebel

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Gee tries drugs again and there is more than one couple by the end.

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I opened the door to see her standing there in nothing but a skimpy top and the shortest skirt I’d ever seen, it wasn’t even a skirt, it was a freaking belt.
“Hey.” She said seductively, lifting her chin up and forcing her lips to come slightly apart-showing off her pearly white teeth. “Can I come in?” she asked, intimidating me.
“Sh-sh-sure.” I stuttered. God, I was such an idiot.
“I just thought you’d, y’know, need some comforting at this difficult time.” She brushed past me and went over to the fridge.
“We haven’t got any beers left.” I pointed out as she opened the door.
“I thought not.” she said. “That’s why I came prepared.”
She pulled out a six pack of the thirst-quencher. “I um-I also brought something else.”
She came over to me and pulled a big bag of white powder out of her skirt pocket. It was so big, I’m surprised it fit in.
“Mikey and his friend are upstairs.” I pointed out.
“Well lets go down to your room then.” she suggested, brining the beer and pulling my arm along the house and down the stairs into the basement that was my room.
She went over to my bed and sat down on it, patting the space next to her suggestively. She spotted the empty pill bottle amidst all the rubbish on the floor.
“Oh Gerard.” she said. “You naughty boy.” As if I was a schoolboy and she was the teacher. “Looks like you’ve been a bit busy without me.”
I sat down next to her, just as she said and opened a can of beer.
“So…” I said awkwardly, sipping on my beer and trying to fill the silence. “What’ve you been up to lately?”
Stupid question.
“Oh you know, the usual, giving evidence to the police.” she hissed sarcastically, moving her lips closer to my cheek.
“Seriously, my mums gone all Uncle Vernon on my ass and has put bars on my window. She won’t let me out of the house without her, I’m not even allowed to go to school, not that I’d want to anyway seeing as you probably weren’t there. I had to practically bribe Bob to cover for me, say he was going to the same party as me and he’d keep an eye on me etc. etc., anything the old bitch wants to hear.” She said, insensitively, considering I‘d just lost my mother.
I sat there in silence, not really wanting to say anything.
“Anyway.” she carried on. “Are you ready?” she asked as she got the bag of coke out of her pocket. She pulled a note and a credit card out of the other pocket and rolled it up. “You go first.”
I made the line and snorted it indulgently. She followed me, this time making an even bigger line than I had.

I woke up half hanging off the edge of my bed. I could feel the warm presence of another body pressing against me. I looked over to see Alexis sleeping peacefully, her hair part covering her face. She was naked so I pulled the covers over her. Shit, we must’ve had sex. Not that that was a bad thing at all, it was just so sad that I couldn’t remember it.
I pulled my greasy black hair out of my face and went upstairs to get a glass of orange juice from the kitchen. I saw Crystal standing there, her back to me, pouring milk into her cereal. She was wearing nothing but a baggy t-shirt of Mikeys and some black boxers that also belonged to Mikey. I have to say, she looked kind of sexy-in an underrated way.
“Morning.” I chirped, even though I really felt like my head was about to explode.
She spun round quickly, staring at me with wide eyes, obviously shocked to see me in nothing but my boxers. She looked like motherfucking Bambi. I laughed, I guess the effects of the cocaine hadn’t completely worn off.
“Why the hell are you here?” I asked, quite rudely.
“Mikey was really upset, I though I’d stay and comfort him. You know we’re boyfriend and girlfriend now.”
I almost spat out my drunk.
What” I asked, barely being able to contain my fits of laughter.
“That’s right.” She said coming towards me, looking as though she was plucking up the courage to do something. “You jealous?”
Well, that was it. Now any hope of me canning my laughter had completely gone out of the window.
“In your dreams doll face.” I said, approaching her until our lips were dangerously close. “See I’m dating a real woman, not some silly naïve little kid.”
I heard footsteps coming upwards and I immediately pulled away from Crystal, not before grabbing her arm and squeezing painfully. She winced. I turned around to see Alexis standing there in nothing but my t-shirt- not even any underwear underneath the black top. It showed off her gorgeous willowy figure and with her long blond hair hanging down, she looked like a goddess.
“Hey baby.” I whispered, putting my arm round her and squeezing her butt. “Looks like Mikeys got himself a little girlfriend.”
Ha ha, he’s so evil. Thanks for reading, reviews?
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