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Chocolate Eyes

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Gee and Crystal spend some time alone and an idea pops into Gee's head.

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I yanked the pizza off the delivery and pushed a couple of notes in his hand, this time not tipping anything. He counted the money and looked at me, disgruntled before walking off and getting on his bike.
“Mikey! Crystal! Dinners ready!” I yelled up the stairs, hoping they could hear me.
I plopped the pizza down on the table and started nibbling away like an animal. Finally Mikey and Crystal came down the stairs, both of them had sore lips and messy hair.
“Have a good time up there?” I smirked.
Mikey just gave me an evil glare, Crystal looked more than a little disgruntled at my comment. I rubbed my leg against hers under the table and watched for a change in emotions-flushed cheeks or a glint in her eye. I rubbed harder and harder, so hard in fact that my leg was starting to feel warm.
“Gerard, what the hell are you doing to my leg?” Mikey asked, looking stunned.
“Oh… sorry I um… had an itch.” I coughed, looking down at my pizza. I heard a little giggle escape Crystals mouth-my God that girl was really starting to annoy me.
“Who’s for pudding?” I yelled, jumping up from my seat and clearing the pizza boxes off the table.
“Me!” Mikey yelled childishly.
“Crystal?” I asked kindly.
“No thanks.” she said coldly.
I went over to the freezer and opened the stiff door, searching around for ice cream.
“Shit!” I yelled, kicking the freezer door in. “We’ve got no ice cream.”
“It’s alright Gee, I’ll go get some.” Mikey said, patting me on my shoulder.
“Thanks Mikes, you’re the best.” I smiled.
I waited until he’d gone out of the house and I’d heard the engine of my car rev up before I made my move to the opposite side of the room to where Alexis was.
“So…” I said, awkwardly tapping my fingers on the table to the beat of my favourite song. “Mikeys gonna be awhile so if you wanna, y’know?” I said, making a popping noise with my mouth and pointing upstairs.
“You disgust me!” She spat back, moving towards the other side of the room.
I followed her, standing closely opposite her in an intimidating way.
“You’re really pretty y’know.” I said, resting my hand on her cheek. “Your eyes, they’re like chocolate.”
She moved closer, not realising this was the chat up line I used on all brown eyed girls-if it wasn’t chocolate it was emeralds or the ocean. “and your skins like china.” I brushed my finger along her cheek.
I took it slow, calculating every move I made carefully, I knew that one wrong move could ruin the entire atmosphere.
It wasn’t long before my tongue was in her mouth, she tasted like pizza. Her tongue moved around inside mine, it was light and fluffy but at the same time full of passion. I stuck my hand up her top, feeling my way around her warm body. She felt smooth and flawless. I brought my hands up towards her breasts and started to rub them gently, each time making the same movements as the last. We pulled apart and I looked into her eyes for a minute. I didn’t want her but I could tell she wanted me. I couldn’t believe I was making out with her after only six beers, perhaps I was becoming a soft touch.
It was her who made the next move, she shoved me back onto the sofa, climbing on top of me and rubbing her hands all over the top of my body.
“Mikey will be back any minute.” I whispered into her ear.
“It’s not Mikey I want it’s you.” she whispered back. “I’m only going out with him because he’s your brother.”
Normally I would be super pissed off about this but tonight I didn’t care. All I wanted to do was mess with Crystals mind, that’s what turned me on, not making out with her.
I pulled off of her. I didn’t want to take her innocence, not yet anyway. This was going to be a slow and steady process. I was no slut, not like Alexis, having sex with a guy on the first night she met him.
Just then, I heard the sound of my cars engine and a door slamming shut before the sound of another one opening.
Mikey came into the room with a plastic bag in his hand.
“What’ve you two been up to?” he asked.
“Nothing much. Just getting to know each other a little bit.” I said, giving Crystal a cute smirk, she smiled back.
“Hey bro, me and Crystal were just thinking… We could throw a party here.”
“What?” Mikey asked, coming in with a box of ice-cream and three spoons.
“Yeh well, we have no parents at home, why not?” I asked.
He looked at me and then Crystal before a smile broke onto his face.
“Alright then… Yeah… that sounds good.”
Thanks for reading. Sorry about the boring chapter, next one will be more exciting though.
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