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Party Planner

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Gee goes against his morals and Alexis makes some unwanted plans for the party that Mikey and Crystal aren't too fond of.

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She pulled me by my hand into her messy room. There was shit lying all over the floor; clothes, hair straightners, Compact Discs and half eaten bacon and lettuce sandwiches.
“I want you so bad Gerard Way.” She chimed in her husky voice.
“Don’t you always?” I joked. She giggled childishly.
She pulled me onto the bed and sat down with me facing opposite her. I looked into her baby blue eyes, the most beautiful eyes I’d ever seen. They were so deep you’d have thought they went right to the back of her head.
“I love you Gee.” she said, kissing me tenderly on the lips.
“I love you too baby.” I responded, kissing her back.
“Would you die for me Gerard?” she asked.
What a strange question to ask.
“Of course I would babe, you know that.” I assured her.
“Would you kill for me?” she asked again.
Now that was an even stranger question, why would she ask that? It was just so obscure. Still, I answered.
“Everyday if I had to.”
She smiled at me- her beautiful smile where her luscious, plump red lips parted to show her straight pearly white teeth. Before I met Alexis I wouldn’t have thought that a human-being could be so beautiful, with her honey blonde hair and evenly toned skin-not to mention those beautiful cheekbones.
She leaned forward, kissing me so that I fell backwards and she was on top of me. I liked the fact that she liked to be dominant, it was so sexy, unlike those cute little preppy girl who’d do anything a guy asked them to if they liked them enough.
She kissed my neck tenderly, biting down hard-it was painful but at the same time it was incredibly sexual.
She took her top off, revealing her flat stomach and tiny hips, as well as her large boobs that hung slightly over her strapless bra. I gasped when I saw her tits and she smiled at me, sitting still on top of me she looked at me-I knew exactly what she wanted me to do. I took her bra off and started to unbutton her jeans as she crawled on top of me, still nuzzling my neck. It wasn’t long before we were both completely naked. She played around for a bit-doing pleasurable, light things, I pulled a condom out of her drawer-it was funny that I knew exactly where they were.
“Nu-uh.” she said, shaking her head and letting her blond tresses bounce around a bit, playfully. “Haven’t you heard? It’s more fun without one.”
I frowned. Was she really expecting me to have unprotected sex with her. I got the feeling she was the type of woman who was very fertile.
Still, I tossed the condom behind me, not caring where it went and started again.
She went down on me, biting softly before I cummed in her mouth. I thought she’d be angry but she didn’t seem to care-in fact, she seemed to enjoy it. She went back on top of me and it wasn’t long before my exposed skin was inside. She gripped onto my chest, riding me slowly. I loved how great she made me feel during sex-like I was hers, now and forever.
It was over before long and we both got our clothes on-scared Bob would come home whilst we were naked. I couldn’t believe I was skiving off school with her-I know it sounds sad but I felt like such a rebel.
We had been cuddling on her bed for awhile before I started to speak again.
“That was amazing.” I said-as if she didn’t already know.
“I know.” She said, confirming my suspicions. “It always is with me.” she smiled at me cheekily, kissing me softly on the lips.
“I was thinking.” I said, starting on a whole different subject. “Seeing as I have no parents at home, we could host a party.”
She looked at me and then smiled.
“What?” I asked, giggling slightly.
“Nothing… It’s just… I’m so proud of you-you little rebel you.” she smirked, pinching my nose.
“No-I just think it would be a good idea.” I protested, pulling her hand away and putting it on my stomach.
“Ok.” she said. “But it has to be special.”
“What do you mean?” I asked her, curious.
“I mean, it has to be set apart from all the other crappy parties. It has so be special.” the way she said it definitely made it sound like she was up to no good.
“And how exactly do we do that?” I asked, wanting to uncover her evil plan.
“We get lots of booze lots of drugs and we don’t invite our many high school friends.”
“So who exactly would we invite?” I asked, wondering how the hell this party was going to work.
“I’ve got a few friends.” she said in that same mischievous voice.
“Oh dear God.” I moaned, covering my eyes with my fingers as if I was a child.
She laughed shrilly, almost an evil laugh.
“You leave it up to me Gee.” she said, clasping her hands together.

Back at home I got through the front door to see the pathetic sight of Mikey and Crystal cuddled up on the sofa like an elderly couple before bed.
“Hey Gee, why weren’t you at school today?” Mikey asked.
“Because Mikey, unlike you I am not a sad pathetic little loser.” I said, meanly. “Besides, I’ve been spending the day with my /girlfriend/” I said, casting a glance at Crystal as I said it, she went bright red, I smiled on the inside.
“Besides, I’ve got some exciting news to tell you that might make you a little cooler.”
Mikey looked intrigued.
“We are throwing a party.” I said, walking across the room like I was making some big speech. “And not just any party. This party is going to be the greatest party New Jersey has ever known. This is going to be a party full of sex drugs and rock and roll.” I put my hand up across the forehead at the end as if I was saluting the American flag.
“Oh God Gee. Please don’t!” Mikey said, I wasn’t sure if he was serious or joking.
“Don’t you worry little man-you’ll be invited.” I said, jumping on top of him and play-beating him. Crystal looked at me and scoffed.
“Sorry, have I ruined your nice cosy little evening?” I spat sarcastically.
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