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Pretty self-explanatory.

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The familiar sound of the doorbell ringing greeted my ears as I ran up the stairs. There was no doubting I was nervous as hell but there was no way I was going to let Alexis see that. I had to act cool and tough and as though I’d thrown dozens of successful parties in the past.
I took a deep breath and yanked the door open, expecting to see my hot blond of a girlfriend standing there in clothes that’d make me want to rip them straight off her, unfortunately I caught the chocolate brown hair out of the corner of my eye before realising who the person was.
It was Crystal, wearing a plain black dress and black ankle boots, I have to say, she looked pretty hot.
“Hey.” I said, trying not to show the surprise in my voice.
“Hey.” she said, barging past me. “Is Mikey in?”
I was slightly taken aback by her question, mainly because I thought she’d be more interested in me then Mikey.
“Yeah he’s um, upstairs.” I frowned.
She bounced up to the top of the house without so much as a thank you, honestly, what was this world coming to?
It wasn’t long before the doorbell rang again and this time I opened it to see Alexis standing on the step, making her almost as tall as me. She was wearing a little red dress that went down past her chest in the middle, high heels and when she came in I noticed her dress/top was ripped all the way down the back. She had a heavy bag weighing her down which I promptly took from her and took a peek inside. I counted three bottles of vodka, 2 six packs of alchopops, another couple of six packs of beer and dozens of packets of chips. Looking inside the bag made me realise how heavy it was and I dropped it on the floor with a loud crash.
“Careful.” Alexis said, turning around and picking out the vodka bottles. “Do you have any idea how much this shit cost me, I had to lift the chips and borrow a tenner off Bob.”
I apologised and went around the house, trying to find whatever drugs and alcohol I could find, putting them in an obvious-but-not-so-obvious place.

I hadn’t had much time to do things when it came down to ten minutes till the party starting time. I was standing there, biting my nails and staring at the door. She came up behind me, kissing me on the back of my neck.
“Ah, I can’t do this-I need a smoke.” I sighed, going over to my carelessly tossed jacket and taking out a long, white cigarette. I lit it quickly before breathing in the smoke, keeping it in my mouth for as long as possible and at last, exhaling it.
“Calm down dear.” she said in a mock elderly couple voice. I frowned and took another drag of my cigarette. “I’m serious, don’t worry, I’ve taken care of the whole thing, it’ll be fine.” she said. For some reason I really didn’t believe her.

Leah was the first of Alex’s stoner friends to arrive. She flounced in all big hair and eyeliner, instantly stinking out the house-making it smell like pot.
“Hey Alexis.” she screeched, bouncing up to her and practically frenching her. “Hello Gerard.” she said coldly, not looking at me but instead grabbing an alchopop from the kitchen surface.
Soon, all of her stoner friends arrived, including Skinner and Steve-who I was now to call Steve-O.

I dumped my body down on the couch, next to Mikey who was admiring the party from the sidelines.
“Are you not enjoying yourself?” I slurred, putting my arm around him.
“No Gee, I’m not enjoying myself.” he said, pulling away from me.
“Wazzup?” I asked again, really hoping he could understand me in my drunken/stoned state.
“Nothing…” he hesitated. “It’s just-you’ve changed.” he said before walking off up the stairs, following another couple who looked they were up to no good.
I searched around the room for Crystal, I was going to ask her to go see to Mikey. Instead my eyes found Alexis. She was rubbing her body up against another guys to the beat of the music. I recognised the guy as one of her ex-boyfriends-Mac.

It was no use confronting her-I knew she’d just talk me out of breaking up with her. She’d go all puppy-like on my ass and tell me that it’s completely normal for her to flirt with other guys in front of me and even though I knew that wasn’t true I’d believe her because I’m in love with her and that’s what love does to you-it makes you senseless. I was just about to look away-pretend none of this had happened, when the worst thing that could possibly happen did. He turned around and kissed her-and she kissed him back. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, my eyes must’ve been deceiving me. I blinked once or twice, barely noticing when a couple of tears fell out and dripped onto my cheeks.

I grabbed hold of the half-empty vodka bottle that was lying on the table and took a large swig before going in search of some pills.
I spotted Steve(O) in amongst the dancing masses and made my way towards him-trying to bump into as few people as possible-hell, I didn’t like the guy but I knew he’d have something on him strong enough to numb the pain.
The guys stank like sweat and piss but still I asked him loudly if he had anything.
“Do you have anything strong enough to cure a broken heart?” I screamed, just loud enough so he could hear me but not too loud.
“Nothing can do that mate.” he said in a fake British accent. “But try these.” he said, handing me a small plastic packet of pills. “I’ll give you a freebie as you’re a first time buyer.”
I thanked him reluctantly and found a dark corner to indulge myself in.
I took the pills out of the packet with a shaky hand and popped one after another in my mouth, swallowing with a quick sip of whatever was in the almost empty bottle on the floor.

It didn’t take long for the pills to take over my body and I already started to feel happy and energised straight away. I went into the middle of the room looking for Alexis, to show her what a bad boy I was. I didn’t see Alexis anywhere-the whore had probably gone down to my bedroom with that man whore- instead I spotted Crystal lurking in the corner, looking unsure of herself and playing with the straw in her bottle. I went over to her.
“Are you alright?” I asked her.
She nodded and I tugged on her arm, leading her out of the house, she followed faithfully.
I had no idea where I was taking her-just out of here-away from the noise and all the sweaty, booze fuelled pigs that were inside my house.
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