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I'll be there for you

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An unlikely friendship.

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“Where are you taking me?” she asked sounding out of breath.
The fact was I had no idea where I was taking her. I was just going to take her to the nearest place I could find. I had no idea what we were going to do there or who we were going to see. All I knew was that I had to be with Crystal, I had to have her near me, have her hold me.
God knows why, I mean, I wasn’t in love with the girl-I didn’t even like her. I just felt like she was the one person right now who could make me feel better, help me to forget all my troubles.
I pulled into a little bench on a deserted sidewalk and sat down, dragging her down to sit right next to me. She pulled into me, obviously cold and I put my arm around her, rubbing my hand up and down her freezing cold arm. I would’ve been the perfect gentleman and offered her my coat but I wasn’t wearing one.
“Why are we here Gerard?” She asked in a sombre voice.
I didn’t answer for a while, I just pulled her closer to me and buried my head in her neck, the only warm part of her body.
“I…I just need someone to talk to.” I stuttered.
She made a sympathetic noise with her mouth before putting her arm around my shoulder and hugging me, as if she was holding on for dear life.
“About what?” she asked, pronouncing every consonant carefully.
“About my life.” I said, having no idea what I meant. “About who I am.”
There was silence for a bit, it was so silent I could hear the vermin in the bushes behind us.
“Well who do you think you are?” She said, sounding like my therapist or something.
“Are you going to be my therapist for tonight?” I asked, still pretty drunk.
“Yeah.” she laughed, digging her neck into my head. “If you want.”
“Well. I think I’m a horrible person who destroys everyone who ever gets close to him and is going to die all alone with no-one around him.” I moaned.
She sighed and then there was some more awkward silence. “I’ll be there for you if you want.” she said. I didn’t know whether she meant it or whether she was just trying to be nice.
“Will you love me though?” I asked, sucking my thumb like I did when I was a baby.
“If you want me to.”
I lifted my head up and studied her chubby-child like face. Her large brown eyes made her look vulnerable and her perfectly spot-free skin made her look even more like a little kid. I realised that I liked the way her nose turned up cutely at the edge, my very drunk mind made me think of someone skiing down it- a little person with goggles and a hat and stripy scarf. I giggled.
“What are you laughing at?” she asked, her pale lips turning up at the edges, tickling me under the chin.
Instead of saying something, I leaned in to kiss her. It was only a few seconds before she pulled away.
“M-maybe we could just be friends.” she said awkwardly.
I smiled and pulled away from her but she pulled me back. “Maybe we could be like each others brother and sister.” she hugged me.
“Okay.” I agreed. “But that would mean I would’ve seen my sister naked.” I giggled.
“Yeah, okay.” she agreed. “Lets just forget all that ever happened okay?”
I nodded and pulled into her even further, my arms fully wrapped around her petite frame.

Something touched the top of my head that made me open my eyes and look around.
It took me a while to register where the hell we were. I looked around at the trees and the grey concrete on the sidewalk before realizing I was where I had fallen asleep. On a bench with my head on Crystals lap. I got up, intending to tap her on the shoulder and wake her up but she looked so peaceful, lying there and I just didn’t want to wake her. I scooped her up in my arms, rag-doll-like, making sure to support her head and started carrying her back to my house.

“Where the hell have you two been?” he asked, jumping off the sofa like a fucking baby tiger.
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