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Making The Band

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The start of a new beginning.

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I couldn’t believe I was finally back at school, sharing a hallway with other unwashed miscreants. I hadn’t been at school in ages and I have to say, I didn’t miss it.
It was strange, being back and just walking down the hallway as if nothing had happened, being completely ignored just as I had been before.
I wondered if Alexis would grace Belleville High with her presence today or whether she was with her new boyfriend, Avon or Mac or whatever he was called.
It wasn’t long before I was at my locker and collecting my books for first period, thrashing around inside the small hole I kept all my shit in. I was just grabbing the last book and stuffing it in my black bag when I felt a sharp poke on my shoulder. I turned around to see Alexis standing there, her petite frame silhouetted in a small, cream dress. She looked almost completely normal, if it weren’t for her mind-blowing beauty.
“Hey sexy.” she squirmed, digging her long, thin fingers into my rib cage, making me cringe.
“Hey.” I said, almost doubling over from the pain. I started walking off away from my locker and to my first class, trying to get away from her but she followed me.
“Why are you following me?” I asked, waving my hands in the air for some reason.
“Have you forgotten, I have the same class as you.” she smiled cutely.
We entered the small, already filled room and I sat down at a table, watching as she sat on the one next to me, right next to Laurie, the biggest nerd in the universe and the only teenager who still only had a bath once every two weeks. She made a funny face, scrunching up her nose, going cross eyed and pretending to faint. Normally this kind of behaviour would have me laughing all lesson but today I didn’t find it funny, I just found it incredibly annoying.
Mrs McManly walked into the classroom and, yes, we did have a teacher called Mrs McManly, and started banging on about Shakespeare or Charlotte Bronte or something. I had no idea because my mind was elsewhere. I was concentrating on Alexis. Was it so weird that I wasn’t really pissed with her, that I wanted to kiss her more than slap her? She could mess me around all she wanted and I would still follow her around like a faithful puppy.
The bell went for the next lesson and I scurried out along with all the other kids who looked like they wanted to shoot themselves and crossed the hallways to get to my next lesson-double science.

I walked slowly around the lunch hall, looking for a place to sit that was safe from all the jocks that were just longing to throw food in my long, recently washed hair. I considered sitting next to the science nerds but, for God’s sake, even I wasn’t that un-cool. I passed the Goth table and would’ve sat down if one of them hadn’t looked at me like they wanted to pull my balls out. Next up was a table, almost completely empty, save for one person who had their back to me. I decided to walk straight past as I saw a few skater dudes sit down a couple of tables away, they were good and seemed to like me cause I smoked pot.
“Hey, Gerard, come sit here.” I heard a small mousy voice shout. I turned around to see that it was Crystal who was sitting on her own, probably not for the first time. I glanced over at the skaters and then at the Goths before deciding it would’ve been way too rude not to sit there, even for me.
“Hey.” I smiled faintly, throwing my tray carelessly on the table.
“I was wondering what clique you fit into, seeing as I’ve never seen you around school yet.”
“Well I don’t fit into any clique really, I’m kind of a loner.”
She laughed. “Don’t worry, I’m exactly the same.” she said, touching my arm softly. “I’d absolutely love to be popular. I just think it would be so fun to have to choose which amazing party you went to or which boy you dated, don’t you?”
I smiled back at her again, not really want to hold a conversation with anyone right now.
“Well not really.” I said before looking down, hoping she’d get the hint.
“Well then, what clique would you like to be in?” she asked obliviously.
“Um… the drama/music geeks.” I said randomly, pointing at the group of people, three of which were doing a rendition of The Beach Boys, Barbara Ann.
“Really?” she said, scrunching her nose up cutely.
“Uh yeah.” I answered.
“What so your interested in music.” she asked, God woman, enough with the questions.
“I suppose.” I sighed, I mean, I loved the misfits and bands like that but I was not trying out for some embarrassingly over-acted musical.
“Would you be interested in starting a band?” She asked, her nose still scrunched up.
Suddenly, I was interested in what she had to say-maybe she wasn’t such a loser after all.
“Yeah.” I replied. “I’d love to be in a band.”
Was she for real?
“Oh My God, me too!” she screamed, clapping her hands as if we were the head cheerleaders talking about what guy we liked.
I looked around, embarrassed and hoping no-one had seen her.
“Cool.” I coughed, trying to get my act together and regain control over the situation. “Well, what instrument do you do?”
“I’m a drummer.” She replied. I guess I should have guessed, seeing as every part of her body was stick thin apart from her cutely muscled arms. “What about you?”
I thought for a second… well, more than a second. I had no idea what I played, I mean, I’d always wanted to be in a band and I played guitar but very poorly.
“I’m a singer.” I blurted out quickly, hoping it didn’t sound too ludicrous.
“Oh My God, we should start a band together.” she screeched, yet again I looked around the room, hoping people hadn’t seen her.
Mikey sat down at the table next to Crystal and kissed her on the cheek, she blushed and kissed him back lightly before looking at me again.
“Mikey, you can play bass can’t you?” I asked.
“Uh… I mean… I could try. Why?” He raised one eyebrow suspiciously.
“Me and Gerard are thinking of starting a band. What do you think? Are you in?” she asked, clasping her hands together and making her eyes look like fucking Bambi’s did when his mother died.
“Oh…um…ok?” he agreed before smiling at both of us weakly.
“Oh my God, this is going to be so cool, you’ll see!”
Thank you for reading. Next chapter there will be a surprise new character. I think you’ll like them.
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