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When Gerard Met Frank

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Frank arrives in all his glory!

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I set about the house, tidying random shit up and occasionally coming across something that had dried onto a surface and crusted. By the time I finished the place, it was fit for the fucking queen of England.
Mikey was no help, as usual he just sat on the sofa reading ‘catcher in the rye’ or something gay like that. It didn’t matter how many times I hit him over the head with a duster of rammed the vacuum into his legs, he still didn’t budge.
“Mikey, Crystals coming round in a bit with some guy who can apparently play guitar, could we at least make the house look decent.”
He looked at me as if I was a piece of dog shit on his shoe. “Dude, she’s my girlfriend. Why are you getting so worked up about impressing her?”
“I’m not!” I protested, tucking a stray piece of hair behind my ear. “I just think that the house in a disgusting state.”
The doorbell rang and I swore to myself, rushing around and trying to find a place to hide the vacuum-maybe then she’d think that the house was always this tidy, whilst Mikey went to answer the door.
I heard voices-two male and one female and I sighed in relief, the last thing I wanted was more sexual confusion.
Footsteps started and got louder and louder-I panicked, not knowing where to put myself and just jumped on top of the sofa, trying to look like I was comfortable.
Mikey came in first-I was used to seeing him.
Next up was Crystal, she looked pretty normal today with her brown hair tied up and a grey hoodie and black skinny jeans covered her entire body.
The next person to enter in was a guy-he was small, probably only about 5”4 and had short brown hair that was quaffed at the front. His eyes were a sparkly green colour and his skin was completely spot free-a very rare sight on a teenage boy. He was gorgeous.
I got up, not knowing what to do with myself-where to move. He walked over to me and held his hand out-I shook it.
“Hi, I’m Frank.” he said smoothly, in the most posh New Jersey accent I’d ever heard.
“I-I’m Gee-I-I mean Gerard.” I stuttered, speechless for the first time in a long time.
He smiled sweetly and looked down to the ground as if he fucking wanted to show me how perfect his straight little nose was.
“Do you guys want a drink?” asked Mikey-the host with the most. Crystal just shrugged but Frank asked for a red bull. Mikey went off to the kitchen to fetch some drinks, leaving me alone with Crystal and the divine Frank.
“So…uh…um.” I coughed. “How do you know Crystal.”
“We’re best friends. She went to my old school-the prep school just up the road.” He said in a slightly questioning tone.
It honestly didn’t surprise me that he went to a private school-with an accent like that he had to.
Mikey came back with two cans of red bull and a beer for me. I gripped onto it awkwardly as if it was about to run away.
“Why don’t you show us your guitar then Frank?” asked Crystal. “Franks amazing at the guitar.” she added.
He got up and grabbed the guitar out of the case I hadn’t even realised he had with him. He started strumming a few notes before going on to a really complex sounding solo. I couldn’t hear it that well-seeing as the guitar wasn’t even plugged in but he sounded bloody good.
After a while he stood up before thrashing himself violently around the room-singing along to an imaginary song. Crystal burst out laughing along with Mikey but I really didn’t know what to think. Here was this guy who I barely knew, throwing himself around my kitchen. He must’ve had a hell of a lot of self-confidence.
After a long time he stopped, completely out of breath and sweating slightly. Mikey clapped, then Crystal clapped and I joined in.
I new this sounded really stupid as I was a teenager-and I wasn’t supposed to get excited about things but I said. “I really can’t wait to see how we sound as a band.”
Shit! I mentally hit myself on the head-how un-cool did I sound in front of this sex god?
I smiled weakly as the others smiled back at me. Right now I was begging for a miracle to happen like a big hole in the ground to swallow me up or an explosion nearby or a-the telephone rang, making my eyes the size of the moon. I ran to pick it up before anyone else could and swallowed hard when I heard a familiar voice on the other sound of the phone.
“Hey Alec, how are you?”
Sorry this chapter was so crap-next one will be better, pinkie swear.
Also, I know that Frank doesn’t have a really posh accent-I just though I’d make one up.
Anyway, I hope you liked this chapter, thank you for reading please review!?!?!
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