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The World

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A fall out?

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Here I was, in the park on a Saturday morning, hanging out with my friends like a normal teenager. It was just me, Alex, Mikey, Crystal and Frank lounging on a big blanket, sipping on red bull. The sky was blue, the tree’s were green, the lake was a greyish-blue colour and I actually had friends.
Crystal and Frank were talking about some strange shit-I’d noticed how much of a close bond those two had, they were like fucking twins. I had my arm around Alexis and Mikey was sitting opposite us-looking quiet and contemplative. It was the perfect beginning to a hopefully perfect day-I had all the people I cared about around me except my dad. Sometimes I really missed him.
We were going to hang out in the park for a bit and write a song before going back to Franks house and practising for the first time as a proper band.

Frank gave his guitar one last tuneful pluck before giving me a nod and turning his amp up slightly. I looked round at Mikey-who already had his fingers positioned for the first note and then at Crystal. I gave her one last nod before she set off, banging on a symbol three times. Next it was Mikeys turn to play-he came in with a full and powerful chord that was slightly out of tune. Soon after Frank started-rocking out classic Frank style. Before long it was my turn to start singing. My voice was shaky at the start but I soon got warmed up-hitting the chorus and nearly being able to hear myself over Franks loud booms.
Before I knew it the song had ended and Alexis was sitting in front of me- clapping cutely.
“Whoa.” she said. “That was um… interesting.” There was something in her tone of voice that made me think she didn’t really like it.
“What did you mean it was /interesting?/” I asked defensively. She looked at me as if I’d just punched her in the face and began.
“I mean it wasn’t very good but… if you enjoy doing it then that’s fine.” she said, putting her hands up in the air as if she was surrendering.
“Oh my God. I can’t believe this. I can’t believe your not supporting me on this.” I shouted, mimicking her ‘defensive hand gesture’.
“Well what do you expect to say? That you’re the best band I’ve ever heard cause your definitely not Gee. I’m just trying to be honest-this band is not going to get anywhere.”
This was it. I couldn’t believe she was saying all this shit about my band. It was so embarrassing that I had to fight in front of all my friends like this-in front of Frank.
“Oh my God Gee!” She continued. “Why the hell are you being like this?”
“Why am I being like this?!” I screamed, blowing up in her face. “I’ll tell you why, cause you’re a rude whore who cheats on me with other guys and thinks it’s completely normal!”
She looked at me, her eyes full of hurt and disappointment-hopefully in herself. I’ve had it with her and he fine blonde hair and stick thin figure. I ran out of the garage and into the house-I had to get away from all these people, I had to cry in private.

There was a knock on my bedroom door and before I had a chance to say anything Crystal came in-an apologetic look on her face.
“I’m really sorry about what happened with you and Alexis.” she said, coming closer to me before sitting on my bed. She spotted the bottle of pills on my bed and picked them up-her big brown eyes looking at me questionably.
“How many have you taken?”
“A few. It helps me feel happy.” I said, excusing myself.
“Don’t you see what those pills are doing to you?” she asked-putting her hands up in the air the same way Alexis had done. “Their making you a different person. You can’t keep doing this to yourself-you can’t keep doing this to Mikey.”
I looked at her before looking down at my hands again. I just shrugged my shoulders. I didn’t care anymore-nothing mattered to me, not even Mikey.
“Forget what Alexis said.” Crystal said, getting up and dragging me with her. “Our band totally rocks and we’re gonna have fun with it. Over time we’ll get better-you’ll see.”
I nodded and she dragged me up the stairs where Mikey and Frank were sitting on the sofa eating popcorn and watching a horror movie. I smiled at the sight of them, sitting there, arguing over which horror film was the best before joining them and tucking into a fair share of the popcorn.
“You guys mean the world to me right now.” I whispered, putting my arms around Mikey and Crystals shoulders and joining in watching the movie.
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