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Heroin Not Hero

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The title says it all.

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I woke up with something small and hard pressed against my face. Slowly I got up, noticing I was in the front room and took a look around me. The room was a mess-there were chip packets and beer bottles strewn all around the room, the place looked like a bomb had hit it. I had been lying on a bottle lid.
Suddenly, everything from last night hit me-like a led weight. I remembered watching Mikey and Crystal making out on the couch and being insanely jealous. I remembered making a move on Frank and him pushing me away. They went somewhere else-where, I couldn’t remember and I was left in the house all on my own with enough booze to sink a battleship.
I looked around the room some more before noticing a tall, skinny figure hanging over me. I jumped up in shock, hitting the small of my back on the couch and letting out a yelp before looking my spectator in the eye. Those small, familiar, dark brown eyes stared at me. There was no light in them-no spark. It was as if they belonged to a dead person or someone with no soul. They were the eyes of a person who was so worn down with life and all its trials and tribulations-not the eyes of an innocent fifteen year old.
“Where did you go last night?” I asked, scratching my head and looking over at the half empty bottles of pills.
“As if you care.” he muttered, all the while standing there, still looking at me with those vacant eyes of his.
I rolled my eyes and reached over to the bottle of pills, pouring some in the palm of my hand and dry swallowing them. I really didn’t have time to listen to Mikeys crap, all I wanted was to feel numb again.
“If you really want to know.” he said, still standing in that same position. “Frank went home and Crystal came with me- to see dad.”
I looked up at Mikey and swallowed hard. “How is he?” I asked.
“Oh, y’know. He’s great despite being in a coma.” he snapped sarcastically.
I laughed and leant back, the pills were starting to take charge of my brain, making me not care what anybody thought anymore.
I watched Mikey as he went around the room, clearing all my shit up. When I was on drugs-part of me still loved him to death but the other half couldn’t stand him, the evil half. The evil side of me thought he got in the way of my true love, namely, drugs.
All of a sudden I found myself not being able to contain my laughter. It wasn’t my normal laugh either, it was a shrill, childish, almost creepy laugh. A laugh that you could always imagine clowns doing.
Mikey looked at me, he was scared, I could tell but he didn’t say anything. He just stood there for a bit, watching me laugh my head off before carrying on with the cleaning.

I picked up the phone, not wanting to dial the numbers but I knew I had to. I typed the digits in quickly before putting the phone to my ear and biting nervously on my bottom lip.
“Hello?” A sweet voice on the end of the phone said.
“Hey…Alex…it’s me.” I hesitated.
“Oh…hey.” she said in an awkward voice that I’d never heard her use before.
“Hey I was just calling…you know… to see if you wanted to meet up or something.”
There was some awkward silence before I heard a sharp intake of breath before an answer.
“I’d like that.” she said simply.
We made plans, away from our homes-which meant away from Mikey and Bob.
I bounced down the stairs-suddenly all full of this un-explainable energy and threw on my favourite misfits t-shirt and a pair of skinny jeans. I messed my greasy hair up a little bit before running off to my destination-to see Alex.
There weren’t many people out on the streets save for a few old granny’s and some thug-like people. I didn’t take too much notice of them anyway. I was far too excited about getting some drugs in my system to take any notice of anyone else.
I walked round a corner and saw her standing there, her back towards me. I crawled up to her and put my hands round her back and kissing her neck. She turned round, a sly and evil smile on her face and kissed me back.
“What’ve you got?” I asked, hoping I didn’t sound too desperate.
“Come with me.” she said, pulling me along before banging hard on a plank of wood hidden in the alleyway and walking through the door it had been revealed to be.
She walked over to a small table and showed me an already loaded needle. I looked at it, my eyes welling up with tears. I had always been deathly afraid of needles-they honestly scared the shit out of me.
“I…you… we can’t.” I protested.
Alexis smiled at me again-her smile wasn’t sweet, it wasn’t happy. It was strange. It was a smile where no teeth were involved but it was still scary.
“Oh yeah we can.” she hissed.
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