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Why Did I Do That? - MAR 27

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Christa finds out about Liv, Mikey and Alicia talk and Liv questions her life

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Monica had just poured herself a cup of coffee when Christa arrived. She ushered her through the house and into the kitchen where she poured another cup and set it in front of her friend.
“You look like hell.” Christa said as Monica took a seat across the table from her. “What the fuck is going on?”
Monica wasn’t offended by her comment. She had thought the same thing earlier as she had stood looking at her reflection in the mirror. She was about to answer when Bert stumbled into the kitchen. “Coffees ready.” Monica said to him.
The look on Christa’s face was definite shock. Monica knew she needed to explain what was happening before Christa got the wrong idea. She saw Bert pour himself a cup and then pour another for Liv.
“Christa, Bert is here helping me take care of Liv.”
“What?” Christa sputtered. “I don’t understand.”
Bert nodded to them and left carefully carrying the two coffee mugs.
“Let me start at the beginning.” Monica said. She took a sip of her coffee first. “Liv never left for California. That was just a story she made up. I went to the apartment she and Elle had been living in and found her.”
“Why would she say she was leaving if she wasn’t really leaving?” Christa was struggling to understand.
Monica took a deep breath, “Because Liv has cancer. She’s dying. That is why she made me Elle guardian. She was planning to enter a hospice center.”
“Oh my God.” Christa set down the coffee mug she had raised to her lips. “And you brought her here.”
Monica nodded, “Yeah but I had to promise her that Gee wouldn’t find out. She doesn’t want to see him.”
“But she wanted to see Bert?”
“Actually no. She didn’t want to see anyone. I sent Kelly and Elle to stay with Donna. Kara has been helping me with Liv. Yesterday Bert showed up just to visit. Liv knew he was here and asked to see him.”
“And he stayed?’ Christa asked.
“He is staying. He wants to stay with her until the end.” Monica felt the now familiar tears start to form.
“Shit,” Christa whispered. “Ray told me he thought Bert loved Liv.”
“He has always loved her.” Monica confirmed, “I’m just hoping he’ll be able to make her see that she needs to talk to Gee.”
“Oh God. He’ll be so upset when he finds out.” She looked at Monica closely, “This has got to be just terrible for you.”
Monica smiled sadly, “All this is much harder now that I’ve gotten to know Liv better. She and I have more in common than just Gee. We both have some pretty wicked things in our pasts.”
Christa nodded, “Shit, I’m so sorry. Is there anything I can do to help?”
“Having Bert here is actually a Godsend. I can’t leave Liv alone and Kara can’t be here during the day because of school.”
“Monica, aren’t you afraid Gee is gonna find out?”
“Yeah, I am afraid about that. I made a promise to Liv and it’s important to me to keep it. But in my heart I know she needs to talk to him. They both need closure.”

“Hey Baby.” Alicia answered as she took a seat on the sofa. Before Mikey could answer their cats surrounded her
“Hey” he said ducking into an empty hallway. “Just wanted to call to see how you’re feeling.” He’d been worrying since the last time he spoke to her. Something in her voice had sounded off.
“I’m fine. I just finished a bowl of cereal and now I’m debating wither I should do laundry or watch TV. I’m leaning towards TV.”
Mikey laughed, “You know I kinda wish you were still staying with Jamia. I don’t like you staying alone.”
Alicia laughed, “Yeah, well since Frank’s home now I think I’d be kinda unwanted. I talked to her and she gets to go home today.”
“That’s good.” Mikey said, “I talked to Frank yesterday and he said he was pretty sure that she’d get to. Maybe you could stay with Monica.”
Alicia closed her eyes and reminded herself that he had no idea what was going on at Gee’s house. If Monica hadn’t called her this morning and told her she wasn’t needed to say with Liv that’s where she would be right now. “I’m not a baby. I don’t need to stay with anyone. Stop worrying.”
Mikey frowned, “I can’t help it. Besides Gee says Monica sounds kinda unhappy when he talks to her. Maybe you could cheer her up.”
“Michael, I’m not gonna go stay with Monica. I’m very happy at home.”
“And everything’s okay?” He asked softly, “Really?”
Alicia hated to lie, “I’m just fine. So what are you doing right now?” She wanted to get him onto another topic.
“Waiting in the hotel for my brother to show up. We’re gonna check out some sights before our first interview.”
“Oh and buy gifts?” Alicia teased.
Mikey laughed, “Yeah, maybe.” He looked up to see Gerard walking towards him. “Brother has appeared. I’ll call you later, okay?”
“Okay, Baby.” She thought they were finished talking but she heard Mikey say that Gee wanted to talk to her.
“Hello, Gee.” She answered. “What’s up?”
“Kinda hoping you could tell me. I was talking to Bob and he said he’s sure Kara is upset about something and I know Monica seems unhappy. Any idea what’s going on? Is Kell all right?”
Alicia made her voice sound sincere, “Kelly’s fine, Gee.”
“If you get a chance talk to Monica, okay?”
“I will, promise.” Alicia told him. “You and Mikey need to stop worrying.”
“Easier said than done.” Gee handed back to phone to Mikey.

“I’ll be back as soon as I can.” Monica put her hand on Bert’s arm. “You okay?” He looked like hell.
“We’ll be fine.” He answered.
Monica gave him a quick hug. “Try to get her to eat something.”
Bert nodded, “I will.”
She turned to leave but Bert’s voice stopped her. “I’m gonna talk to her about Gee.” The sadness in his voice was deep.
“Thanks” Monica said softly.
Bert waited until she closed the door then headed back upstairs. Liv appeared to be sleeping. He settled himself in the chair by the bed and closed his eyes.
“Must be boring watching someone die.”
He opened his eyes and looked at her, “Not boring, but fucking painful.”
“Bertie, you don’t have to stay. I’m sure you’ve got things you need to be doing. I might not die for weeks.”
“Please stop saying the word die.” He whispered.
Liv smiled, “Okay.” She closed her eyes again. “Remember that day you and me and Gee went to that huge comic book store that had the weird guys in Star Wars costumes walking around?”
Bert thought a minute. “That was in Houston wasn’t it?”
“Yeah, in Texas. That’s where I’m from.”
“Houston?” Bert asked. He was shocked she was telling him where she was from.
“No not Houston. Texas. I’m from a small town in Texas. I was thinking about the day last night. I’m sorry I was such a bitch to you in that store.”
His mind went back to the memory. He had been kidding with her about something and she’d snapped. Called him a fucking loser. “I still don’t know why you got so mad at me. I don’t know what I did.” He admitted.
“You didn’t do anything. I just hated to be in Texas. I just wanted the tour to move on.”
Bert wasn’t sure what to say. “We were half wasted anyway.”
“Yeah, we spent a lot of time wasted. That was the only way I could get through the day sometimes.”
“I’m sorry about that.” He said slowly.
“Me too.” Liv said, “Fucking sorry so much of my life went by like that. Bert, I fucked up my own life but I fucked up Gee’s life too. Why did I do that?”
Bert leaned over and stroked her cheek, “I don’t think you could help it. But Liv you can do something now. You can talk to him. Tell him what he needs to know.”
Liv opened her eyes and looked at him. “That’s hard for you to say, isn’t it?”
“Fucking hard. He’s my friend and I know you two need to talk. But I’m not gonna lie, part of me has always hated him because of you. Even now I know it’s him you need and not me.”
Liv closed her eyes again, “I’m gonna sleep. I can’t think about it right now.”
Bert got up and leaned down to kiss her cheek, “Sleep. I’ll be here when you wake up.”
“I know you will “ She whispered, “Thank you.” She didn’t see the tear that rolled down Bert’s cheek.
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